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Sell your Old Mobile Phones through SellMyMobile

Things whose charm never goes off are the mobile phones. It’s true that we buy one and the other model glitters in the advertisement. Quiet often it is the case that the cell phones that we trusted for years run out and then there is a need to recycle them. All you have to do is you just need to be sure you pick the right recycling centre. You just need to remove your SIM card and as long as data is cleared completely including any saved files you had on the computer or mobile phone, it will be totally ok to recycle it.

It is in fact preferred if the device does not work whenever it goes to the recycling center, but if you really want to get your value out of the old electronic, it is better to sell a working electronic device.

What is SellMyMobile?

Sell My Mobile is the official UK’s no. 1 mobile phone price comparison website for recycling purpose. Established years ago, they are a highly trusted brand. You can sell your mobile at a cost that you find is appropriate and much greater than the cost provided by the owners. What SellMyMobile really do is take your old cell phone recycles it and then resells it.

The process behind recycling is: – They take out the memory or hard disk that stored everything and then set your phone for factory settings that remove all your stored passwords and codes created by you. Factory settings bring the phone back to the form
which it was when you bought it.

Advantages :

1. They compare more phone buyers than any other website and that too in seconds reducing your tedious task. Hence, it becomes a lot easier to use SellMyMobile to sell your cell phone at the rate you want.

2. There is a minimum quality standard required by each buyer to fulfil it. If the buyer is unable to maintain such standards then he/she is removed from the site.

3. The prices that are offered to the buyers are unbiased and you have a guaranteed best price offer from the website.

4. The recycling of your cell phones requires the recycling company agree to take it.

Most of the recycling partners are exclusive to the type of comparison browsed on.

Type of Phone it Accepts :

Below are the mentioned criteria which must be fulfilled by your phone to get accepted as a working phone: –

● Be able to turn on and off otherwise it really is considered as non-working.

● There are no problems if your phone contain scratches, it is normal as in every phone tends to have it due to everyday use.

● The cell phone must have a battery as well as the screen should be in the working mode.

● You shouldn’t send the SIM card and the memory cards along with your phones as it would be thrown out anyway.

● The phone should never be crushed nor had a dip in water.

The prices available for the working as well as non-working cell phones differ and the comparisons are done under different categories. The prices quoted will be valid only for 14 days.

The Payment Method :

Different payment options are available. The most common are cheque, bank transfer, PayPal, Pay Offline, Postal Order, same day payment and shopping vouchers. Any of the suggested methods that suit you can be opted. To see which methods each phone buyer offers enter the make and model of your phone into the search box at and then click GO.

Ways to Send your Phones :

You can send as many phones as you want. If you are sending more than 10 some of the phone buyers offer a free courier service. Click through to their websites and see their sites for more details. Though one company won’t always offer the best price for every single
phone: it is advisable to use the mobile phone price comparison service and check who is offering the best price for each separate phone in your collection: that way you won’t miss out any excellent offer from one company for a specific phone.

General Internet

Web and Video conferencing and their benefits

Today technology has evolved so much that there is no need to be present physically at a location to take part in a meeting or to take classes. Everyone prefers to live in a virtual world and so do they want to work virtually. The technology that powers this kind of virtual communication is called Web conferencing.

Web conferencing is a service that allows real conference to happen virtually. People present at different locations can take part in a conference and present things as if they are physically present in the conference room. The web conference is made possible through Internet Technology with the help of TCP/IP protocols. The web conferencing technology helps in transmission of voice, text as well as video through the network across geographically distributed locations.

Video conference is another similar technology but with few limitations e.g in Video conferencing only picture and voice can be transmitted in real-time but it does not offer desktop sharing. So it is not the preferred choice in corporate conferencing. However video conferencing is used while transmitting a live event with an added advantage of 2 way communication.

In most if the situations, web conferencing combined with video conferencing gives the optimum result as it offers the best of both the technologies. For this reason many service providers like Powwownow are offering both web conferencing as well as video conferencing solutions.

Features of Powwownow video conferencing:

The video conferencing solution provided by Powwownow is customized for both desktop and mobile. It provides HD video quality with no delays and dropped calls. Main benefit of this is it does not require any additional hardware as you can use your existing PC with a microphone and web camera.

Usage of Powwownow video conferencing:

The video conferencing solutions from Powwownow can be used to deliver effective training without the need for the trainees to be physically present. It can be used to give presentation to customers and clients without you leaving your office. You can even conduct virtual interview using this.

Features of Powwownow Web conferencing:

The Powwownow web conferencing solutions is a featured packed solutions offering all the functionality offered by paid web conferencing solutions. This is absolutely free and too easy to use and set up. It offers desktop sharing so that you can have a guided tour on your computer sitting at your office and clients sitting at various different locations. Another great feature is, with Powwownow web conferencing, only the host has to download and install the software in his/her system, the viewers do not need to download anything. They just need a web browser with Internet connection.

Usage of Powwownow video conferencing:

You can use this web conferencing solutions to facilitate group training for employees situated at various office locations. You can have interactive presentations with your team members. You can use this to present company updates.

The kind of new technologies like web and video conferencing system are making our life so easy. Now executives and trainers do not need to travel places to discuss and give training to their clients and students. This can help in saving travelling time as well as money. Even people can opt for working from home and use this facility to interact with their team members. Such kind of technological improvements are boon to the society.



How to Use Internet Technology to increase Business Profits

The internet is a massive resource for businesses looking to increase market share and maximize profit margins. The best advantage of the internet is that it offers an equal opportunity of growth to all businesses regardless of their market share, size or capital. This may at times even give relatively new businesses an edge over bigger market players. The manifold benefits of the internet have been realized by businesses on both global as well as local level. Here are some reasons why many businesses believe that internet technology can help them realize higher profits:


Where some businesses owners are only too keen to blame computers for encouraging laziness in the workplace, statistics clearly stands against such opinions. Computers open new frontiers of trade and new windows of opportunity for businesses. For businesses that have integrated internet technology into their system, it is much easier to forge relationships on a global level. With a host of new vendors at the businesses threshold, businesses can grow in leaps and bounds in a seemingly shorter amount of time than it world otherwise take them.


It is hard to fathom how businesses would communicate with a global audience effectively if it were not for the internet. With the advent of internet technology, marketing strategies and advertising campaigns have gone online allowing businesses easier access to international markets. This has enabled even smaller businesses with limited resources to cater to a global audience. Internet technology has also accelerated sales processes by blessing businesses with higher efficiency levels and quicker processing time.

Cost Effectiveness

It wouldn’t be controversial to say that the biggest benefit that internet technology has offered businesses is that of economy. Businesses with massive operations spread across many countries require huge investment of money and a lot of meticulous planning and yet most businesses are only able to generate small profits. This is because marketing campaigns and other costs related to business operations can have an adverse effect on the financial budget of a business. Internet technology can be of tremendous help to businesses at such a time as it allows easier and quicker communication, greater market penetration, and allows them to interact with a larger audience. This reduces costs while also stretching profit margins.

Marketing and Advertising

Simply by establishing their very own online presence, a business can greatly boost its prospects of targeting a larger market share. A website provides businesses with the opportunity to market their products to a larger audience without having to worry about operational and monetary hassles related with conventional marketing campaigns. Businesses can save costs associated with various marketing material such as print media (fliers, mailings or newspaper ads). Online means of marketing and advertising are also more focused on their approach as they can be easily customized to appeal to a specific market. Most businesses have different sections on their websites for different markets and this allows them greater flexibility in their dealings with different niches.

Larger Customer Base

Internet technology has greatly assisted businesses in their endeavors to expand their customer base. Smaller businesses have a tough time making ends meet when they are operating in a market predominantly ruled by big market players. In such a scenario, internet technology offers them a greater chance of success. A small business having its own website stands a better chance of stretching its profits beyond projected margins.

Other Advantages

Most small businesses that are newly established take the online route to evade the crippling taxes that reduce profit margins. Internet technology helps businesses reduce their tax liabilities considerably as they can benefit from tax deductions. Apart from these considerations, businesses can also save on regular traveling expenses related to product marketing and launches in new markets.


Considering the manifold benefits that internet technology offers businesses today, it is of little wonder why many businesses have integrated it into their business model. Internet technology offers a quick, cheap and highly effective way of promoting products and services. Now, smaller businesses with limited resources have an equal chance of appealing to a target market as bigger market players. In addition to this, already established businesses can put internet technology to effective use to maximize profits.

Author Bio:

Erika Jonathon is a freelance writer by profession. She has worked with internet service providers for years and is the best person to consult when it comes to any information regarding internet service providers.

Internet Social Media

5 reasons you need a social inbox

Getting involved in social media and networking can seem like a daunting task for any business or individual. Multiple networks, multiple accounts and worst of all, everything you want or need is spread out and in separate places. But not to panic, MarketMeSuite is an end to end social media management tool which helps you condense and orgainze your work into a “Social Inbox”.

This article looks at why you need to be using a Social Inbox and why you’ll wonder how you lived without one.

It’s A Familiar Concept

Everyone has and uses email. Whether it be Gmail, AOL, Mac Mail, what ever, the lay out and interfaces are all very similar. You have an “Inbox” of emails ready to be read, replied to, filtered or forwarded. You have options down the side to view your sent emails, your archived mail, important and starred mail. MarketMeSuite’s Inbox works the same way! You have your data all in one place, it’s then up to you to create your own Inboxes and filters to pull in the content you need and want. The concept is exactly the same. You have your unread tweets, Facebook updates, @mentions, DM’s, wall posts all ready to be organised and filtered however you please.

Archive And Search

Just like with email, your Social Inbox allows you to have access to Archived data. This means if someone sends you a message, you can rest easy knowing that it is stored safely away for X number of days. This means that you can rest easy knowing that important social media content is safe and easily accessible in case you need it to act upon at a later date.

Search goes hand in hand with archived data. These days, with so many tweets, Facebook updates, LinkedIn messages, it is impossibly slow to find and locate one particular piece of information. MarketMeSuite allows you to search through all content, whether it was sent by you or others in one easy step! Just use the “Search Inbox” option by writing in your chosen word or phrase with quotations, and you get all the results you need. You can also do searches outside the inbox with “Real-time” search, which has geo-targeted capabilities and is a must-have for anyone with a local business.

No Social Bias

Your Social Inbox does not favour any particular social network. Many clients (including some of MarketMeSuite’s previous versions) were built for Twitter with an after thought of Facebook and LinkedIn, but the Social Inbox simply has every feed and network in one stream which then allows you to filter for particular accounts. A good business needs to be on as many social networks as possible to ensure maximum exposure and engagement.

Goodbye Panes Hello Smart Inboxes!

A long time ago, at the beginning of  social dashboards, it was decided that vertical panes were the best way to disseminate social information. And for Twitter, it worked. But who out there has experienced the endless horizontal scroll where you need a 57 inch screen to view everything all at once.  Not anymore.

Your Social Inbox allows you to have one normal sixed screen with options to change what you are looking at by one click of a mouse button. By having inbox options down the left hand side, you simply have to click on “@mentions” or “Facebook News feed” to get that data. And, you can create smart ways to filter that data. Facebook notifications and @mentions for 2 Twitter accounts your priority? Make a “Smart Inbox” for just that. No more scrolling left and right trying to frantically locate it in a pane.

Curation and Leads

When you have so many accounts and pages to manage, it’s essential that you have a way of organizing it all and knowing what’s been replied to, which content is a worth flagging, assigning, or marking as lead. That’s powerful. Imagine you see an update you believe could get you a new customer or is of importance, you can tag it as a “Lead” so you can track that update,make sure it’s been replied to, and convert that follower or fan into a customer.

Key Take Away

A Social Inbox is an intuitive and natural progression for social media organization. It’s a interface you are used to, easy to understand and incredibly simple! It’s time to move beyond the “classic” dashboard. Set up a Social Inbox for your business today.

Apple Mobile

Use your iPhone to get car insurance

How do you usually buy car insurance? On the phone? On car insurance comparison sites like Moneysupermarket?

Well, now the UK’s leading price comparison site has made it even easier to get cheap cover, especially if you own an iPhone.

The Moneysupermarket car insurance app is the first car insurance comparison app to be launched in the UK. Although it has initially been released for iPhone users only, it’s expected to be made available for Android phones over the next few months.

The free app could help cash-strapped motorists make average car insurance savings of £375 and is remarkably easy to use. Insert all your relevant details and then trawl through the vast array of quotes generated in just a few seconds. Make use of the ‘click to call’ function if you want to talk to a particular insurer and do it over for the phone. Alternatively, though, complete the transaction there and then without needing to go through all the hassle of having to talk to anybody.

Julie Fisher, from Moneysupermarket, commented: “The cost of running a car has been increasing markedly over the last few years, with petrol prices on the up and car insurance a yearly necessity for all drivers.

“People are naturally keen to take action, and shop around to switch to the best possible car insurance deal.

“The launch of the Moneysupermarket car insurance app has made it even easier for people to find the right car cover for the best possible price – allowing people to compare a huge range of quotes quickly and easily – anytime, anywhere. It’s another example of how Moneysupermarket is helping people to make the most of their money.”

Mac Software

Features of Mac OS X Lion

Apple Inc. have again grabbed media attention with launch of new version of Mac; Mac OS X Lion. The launch must have left computer users across the globe in bemused condition; the ones with Mac must be thinking about upgrade and the ones with Windows must be thinking about switching camps. This post will give you a walk through of some of the exciting features of MAC OS X Lion and help you in making the final decision.


This feline Mac version is loaded with more than 200 new features as confirmed by officials. Here are some of the features that one can fall in love at first sight.

Multi-Touch Gesture

Many Apple users are in an impression that sooner all Apple devices will be touch-friendly. New multi-touch gesture of Mac OS X Lion backs up their credo. This feature allows users to scroll webpage up and down by running off fingers in required direction on touchpad. Zooming in is possible by tapping twice on touch pad or using older method of pinch-and-zoom. It even allows three-finger gesture to quickly swipe between open applications.


As soon as you boot Mac OS X Lion, one can clearly see a dock where all the available applications are arranged in array. This array consists of unique application called Mission Control. Clicking on that icon will introduce you with all the applications or documents that are currently open. It provides you sophisticated view of open applications and prevents user from using keyboard combination of Ctrl + Tab; which however still accessible.

Mission Control

Multiple Desktops

Very few people must be unaware of multiple home screens available on Smartphones today; especially one that runs Android. In similar way, Mac OS X Lion users can create multiple desktops that can be personalized as one’s taste. For example, you can have one desktop dedicated to office work and one for your hobbies and so on. Desktop switching is available through Mission Control.


Remember how all available applications are displayed on iPad or iPhone? The LaunchPad works in similar way by grouping available applications in an array. It can be considered as a sincere attempt to combine features of iOS with that of Mac.


Full-Screen Applications

Mac has always been complete operating system available for computers. The only complaint that its regular users had was incompatibility of its applications to full screen mode. Mac OS X Lion has fixed the issue providing users with full screen access for applications. When you run app full screen, it shadows off background desktop and other running tools.

Auto Save and Versions

Are you familiar with the situation where you usually save work you are working on and close computer accidentally? Mac has made provision to help avoid regret after passing through such situations, thanks to the new Auto Save feature. It also creates new version of the document each time user opens it. One can easily review earlier version for comparison.


Reviewing its astonishing features, upgrading to the newer Mac will surely be beneficial for current Mac users. If Windows users are tired of using Windows 7 and have no hopes from upcoming Windows 8, then switching to Mac OS X Lion can be good alternative. However, Lion is not available on disk but one who is willing to get it must download it from official website for $29.99. USB stick version of Mac OS X Lion is soon expected in market.

Android Mobile

Hands on review of Google Nexus S

Whole of last week I was in a dilemma to choose the best Android phone for me. I zeroed in on HTC Desire S, Samsung Galaxy S and Google (Samsung) Nexus S. These 3 phones were short-listed as they were perfectly fitting in my budget and had all the features I wanted. So the final visit to my regular shop in MG Road, Bangalore let me go for Google Nexus S. And today I am quite happy about making the best choice to own the Nexus S phone. When I paid the money (that’s when I actually owned the phone 🙂 ) and got my hands first time on Google Nexus S, the experience was amazing. I am constantly glued to it after that and have examined it quite closely. I came across very good results offered by Nexus S. Here are some of the features of this incredible Smartphone.

Google Nexus S


When I first unpacked Nexus S, first I noted its similitude with that of Galaxy S. However, little detailed look introduced me with the slightest curve that Smartphone features, which is believed to be optimized for better grip. Though device is as light as 4.5 ounce, I felt it solid and comfortable to handle but my fingers left their marks on back.


Scrutinizing it introduced me with power button on right side and volume controller on left side. It doesn’t feature camera launch key. Headphone jack and microUSB are present at the bottom, which I believe is a work of design creativity.


4” Super AMOLED display has 4 touch buttons located at the bottom viz back, menu, search and home when looked from left to right. Display offers quite brilliant experience that hardly let users go for those keys and same happened with me! Device is loaded with two cameras- 5 megapixels with LED flash located at the back and VGA camera right beside ear piece for video calling.

Features Offered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Being a pure Google phone, Nexus S is the first device to introduce Android 2.3 Gingerbread. And it has the purest form of Gingerbread if you ever wish to experience it.  Others like HTC and Samsung use modified ROMs with their own interface. I was totally excited to check out features offered by this new OS and believe me; it was not at all disappointing. Gingerbread has some tiny features that are quite interesting. For example, it suggests end of list in particular menu by glowing orange colored bar. Also, connectivity indicator turned green only when I synchronized my Google Account with it.

I don’t have enough words to describe incredible interface of Android 2.3. Black notification bars consume less power and also provide regal look to gadget. I just had to keep menu key pressed to check out which applications were still running and eating valuable battery life. For sake of some detailed knowledge, I used battery tool to find out which apps are eating up more energy and turned them off!


Customizable home screens, and that too 5 of them, is what fascinated me most. All 5 home screens can be familiarized with numerous widgets as per your taste. One of them on mine features many exciting games from Android Market.

Most attractive update of Android Gingerbread is sophisticated keyboard. Wider space and multi touch approach helped me type faster than that of other high-end Smartphones in market. I hardly turned device in landscape mode; so you can understand how spacious it was! Typing special characters and numbers is not at all cumbersome as tasks can be easily done by pressing respective key a little longer.


Web Browsing, Hot Spot and Apps

Being fond of sports, first I opened ESPN official website to check out updates and it took around 9 seconds for site to load fully, which is same as that of many Android devices in market. Though device can be used as Wi-Fi hot spot, I didn’t find any dedicated app for it. Sadly, I had to go into wireless settings each time I tried to use it Wi-Fi hot spot.

When it comes to apps, device is undoubtedly the king. I was delighted to see Google Apps, which includes Maps, Google Earth and much more, were preloaded in the gadget. Nexus S also automatically install apps that you download.

Camera and Multimedia

What made me feel depressing is that 5 megapixels camera of Nexus S couldn’t record 720p videos. It can be considered as severe drawback of the device. While taking still pictures, camera worked really well both outdoor and indoor but when I used flash, it took considerable time to process image and save it on memory. Front facing VGA camera is meant for services like Skype or Google Talk but it lacks clarity.


Music experience offered by Nexus S was quite brilliant. Though there is no software like iTunes in case of Android, listening to the songs from Amazon or Pandora was quite delighting experience. Super AMOLED display did its task while playing videos where colors looked more vivid.

Technical Specifications of Google Nexus S

  • Processor: 1 GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird Processor
  • Operating System: Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Internal Memory: 16 GB
  • Camera: Primary 5 megapixels with LED flash, secondary VGA front facing camera
  • Display: 4” Super AMOLED display (480 x 800)
  • Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
  • Ports: 3.5 mm Audio jack and microUSB
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 4.8 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 Ounce



If you are going to buy gadget that looks trendy, user friendly interface, long battery life and experience the power of Android Gingerbread in it’s truest form, go for Google Nexus S. You will always praise yourself for making a wise decision.

Android Mobile

Top 10 most popular and useful Android Applications

Today Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in market. According to the survey, over 50% Smartphones in market feature Android as their operating system. Thousands of developers across the globe have been fascinated by this Linux Kernel-based mobile OS, which has ultimately resulted into richness of Android Application Market. Let us take a look at 10 of the most popular and useful Android applications.

1.  Layar

Imagine a situation where you are roaming in completely unknown city but curious to know about inch about the city. Layar is best application for you in such conditions. This application provides 3D view of the surrounding through your phone while providing vital information like Wikipedia information or tweets related certain things and much more. With increasing power of processors and camera, the application is set to hit the summit of popularity in near future.

layar for android

2. Google Maps

Human beings love to travel and Google has decided to help you in situations where you crave for tourist guides. With android version of Google Maps installed one can easily track down route to destination. This app supports voice recognition GPS that makes things even easier. It also tells latitudes and locations of your friends eliminating fear of losing them while exploring dense forests.

Google Maps

3. SwiftKey

Everyone is not comfortable with typing on touchscreen Smartphones. But no more, thanks to SwiftKey. A revolutionary version of Android on-screen keyboard; SwiftKey adds smartness to your device. This app is loaded with loads of features that also include text prediction facility. It not only predicts current word one is typing but also guesses next one. Scrutinizing your writing style, app predicts words more accurately as time passes.


4. Smart Battery Monitor

Though Android comes with in-built battery indicator, the facility fails to show in-detail report of battery life. Smart Battery Monitor is very important application for such scenario. The app shows details like Battery level, its status, battery type and technology and most importantly battery temperature. All the data is represented in percentage format.

Smart Battery Monitor

5.     K-9 Mail

If you find Android Email client boring, as most of do, you might want to check out this fully customizable app; k-9 mail. This app provides you all the functionality as that is provided by Android email client. In addition, it allows full customization including changes in appearance of the browser. One can also change gesture and view options as per own taste.


6. SlideScreen

One uses Smartphone more for checking out emails, status updates, tweets and likes rather than editing files. SlideScreen is an application that creates several rows on your home screen, which provide you with recent updates on the websites you choose. Scrolling up and down through stack of rows reveals more updates and sliding particular message row to right marks that update “as read” preventing it from appearing again on your screen.


7. Yoo Ninja Plus

Yoo Ninja Plus is one of the best time-killers available in Android Market. You have to perform very simple task of taking player to the next level dodging darts and jumping over the holes.    This gravity based game comes with a story mode making things more interesting and fun!

Yoo Ninja Plus

8. Nimbuzz

This all-in-one chat client was expected to make to the list of top 10 android applications. Considered as only cross platform chat client loaded with enormous features is must have app for chat loving Android users. Nimbuzz supports services like GTalk, Facebook, Skype and much more.


9. Evernote

Evernote application is useful for all the students using Android. This app works excellent as reminder tool allowing you to store images, recorded voices and notes. One can apply different sorting criteria like date to arrange notes accordingly. Sharing feature makes this application even more useful as one can share his/her important notes with fellow classmates. Users are provided with storage of 500 MB and that’s too ads free!


10. Hi-Q MP3 Recorder

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder has turned out to be very useful for teachers. It allows user to record audio for ten minutes. Quality of recorded version is much better than default recorder offered by Android. Gain settings allow user to change intensity of the sound while recording.

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder

It ends us with the list of Top 10 Android applications. Apart from these 10, there are many other applications in Android market that one can find useful and possessing similarity to his/her taste. So what is your list of Top 10?

Gadgets Laptop

HP Pavilion dv6t- Review, Specifications and Pricing

If you are looking to buy a decent laptop today, you have enormous amount of options now. Thanks to the competition among the manufacturers. In the fray, HP has decided to satiate user’s multimedia desires with their new addition to Pavilion series; the dv6t. The dv6t notebook is housed with Intel’s Core i series processor and excellent multimedia offerings. Let us take a look at the technical specifications and notable features of HP Pavilion dv6t.

Catchy Design and Comfortable Keyboard

Sporty look of dv6t pulls users towards it. Brushed aluminum lid with glassy finish makes the notebook look regal. Dark umber finished lid and the thin silver speaker panel sits nicely between the aluminum hinges. Considerable spacing between keys and wide palm rest allow users to type rapidly avoiding silly spelling mistakes.  Another considerable improvement is the function keys for adjusting volume, brightness etc are now the Direct action keys, that means you do not need to keep holding the Fn key.  The touchpad, which allows multi-touch gestures, is comfortable to roll fingers on.

Fingerprint Reader – Unique Feature by HP

If you find typing passwords for logging into sites that you frequently use is boring task, HP has offered you solution with its Fingerprint reader. Though this feature is not alien to world, to have it in multimedia notebook is unique. One can log into sites like Facebook with swipe of finger. The notebook features HP SimplePass that permit users to generate one time passwords for financial sites like PayPal.

Display and Audio – Primary Muscles of dv6t

HP Pavilion dv6t is made for excellent multimedia experience. Thanks to vivid LED display and Beats Audio, notebook stands strong on all expectations. 15.6” LED display with 120 degree viewing angle offers ultimate viewing experience. Beats audio adds to the excitement of watching action packed thrillers by allowing users to hear hidden background sounds in the playback.

Power Packed Performer                          

HP Pavilion dv6t features one of the best configurations possible these days. Notebook is excellent performer in its class thanks to second generation core i processors from Intel. Thanks to the memory capacity of gadget, one can run different applications at a time with all of them running smoothly as of butter.

Pavilion dv6t features switchable graphics that are primarily used to maintain power consumption while device is not plugged in to direct supply. In addition, these graphic cards make wonders for gamers running high graphic demanding games without any hiccups. With moderate frame rate on different resolutions, dv6t performs best in its class.


HP pavilion dv6t is available for $769 with company configuration. However, economical version of the device is also available in market that houses Intel Core i3, 500 GB hard disk, 4 GB RAM and Intel HD 3000 Graphics. Latter one doesn’t come with switchable graphic card facility. Let us take a look at technical specifications of the gadget.

Technical Specifications of HP Pavilion dv6t

> Processor: 2.4 GHz 2nd Generation Intel® Core i5-2410m
> Operating System: Windows® 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
> Display: 15.6” LED HD anti-glare display (1920 x 1080)
> Graphics: Intel HD 3000 Graphics Card, AMD Radeon HD 6490m
> Memory: 6 GB DDR3 RAM (expandable up to 16 GB)
> Storage: 640 GB SATA clocked at 7,200 rpm
> Multimedia: High end Beats Audio, 4 speakers, HP TrueVision HD Webcam
> Communication: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
> I/O Ports: 4 USB ports (2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0), HDMI, RJ-45, VGA port
> Input Devices: keyboard, Touchpad and Fingerprint Reader
> Security: HP Recover Manager, HP CloudDrive
> Power: 65 W AC for Intel and 90 W AC for Radeon (approximately 5 hours)
> Design: Plastic body with glossy finish
> Dimensions: 14.8 x 9.7 x 1.2 inches
> Weight: 5.8 pounds

The dv6t notebook from HP is certainly a “beast” when it comes to multimedia usage. With its incredible power and graphics capability, it is hard to say no to it. So if you are looking to buy a multimedia notebook, just grab it without a second thought.


Technology goes waterproof to protect beach-going gadget heads

Waterproof mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras and Bluetooth headsets are appearing at beaches all over the country this summer after technology retailer Expansys launched its Expansys Summer Essentials range.

While the gadget market has exploded in recent years with the launch of popular devices such as smartphones, sophisticated MP3 players and tablet computers, users have often run into difficulties in summer time when trying to use their new toys by the beach, at the poolside or at music festivals and in parks.

Water damage has claimed the lives of many an expensive gadget in the past, but a new selection of waterproof devices launched by UK retailer Expansys promises to make drowning gadgets a thing of the past.

Anthony Catterson from Expansys said: “Our new Summer Essentials range answers the call from the many thousands of gadget lovers who want to be able to relax with their favourite gadgets in the outdoors this summer, without the worry of water, sand or weather damage. Many people in the UK own technology that has become an indispensable part of their lives, so why should they have to stop using it when summer rolls around?

“The new range includes a number of waterproof gadgets that will survive being dropped in the pool, soaked by a spilt cocktail and even thrown into the sea!”

Leading the range is the Lavod AquaCube LFA-296s waterproof MP3 player, which is fully functional in up to three metres of water, making it the ideal music player to take with you when you go for a swim in the pool or head out for a surf. Both player and accompanying headphones are fully waterproof up to three metres and, with 4GB of memory, there’s room for your entire music collection on there.

Amongst the most popular items in the new Expansys range is the Waterproof Smartphone Case. With smartphones playing such a fundamental role in the organisation and enjoyment of day-to-day life for so many people, the risk of water damage on a summer holiday simply isn’t worth the risk. The Expansys Waterproof Case protects smartphones in up to six metres of water, as well as protecting against dirt and dust, and comes in black, pink and yellow designs with 16 individual sealing points.

Waterproof camera cases and Bluetooth headsets are also available, as well as a full range of ultra-portable versions of popular household gadgets, such as computer hard drives, video cameras, wireless routers and battery packs.

Mr Catterson added: “We’ve got everything that a British holidaymaker needs for the summer, from satellite navigation systems for car journeys and travelling on foot, to portable hard drives, flip cameras, and even mobile cinema systems.”

This is a Press release from Expansys.