The Technology In Gambling

It’s no surprise that these days everything is run by technology. From your local grocery store to your bank. The gambling scene is no exception to this. Actually, it may be even more dependant on technology since the house always wins.

What To Expect

Well, let’s say you go into a well-equipped casino. From the moment you set foot into the place, they know if you’re a new customer or a regular with the help of facial recognition technology. If you’re new there, the casino will “take” actions that will make you come again. For example, you will have discounts at the bar, discounts on your first deposit, etc. and they could do that even without asking your name.

Now you buy some chips, which are also littered with technology in order to prevent counterfeiting, but also to record your gambling habits. Let’s say you go to one of your favorite slot games like Book of Ra or Lord of the Ocean and you start playing. The next time you come, they might rearrange the machines/gambling games depending on your habits. If they see that after you are done with your slots, you go for a round of blackjack, they will move the slots or blackjack table closer together in order to provide you an optimal route for spending your money.

If they see that you were playing for some time already and that you’re not having a great time because you lost more money, they will send people to give you “free” stuff… on the house in order make you feel that you actually won something. And they can do all of this because of research on human behavior and technology.


Now imagine a casino that has artificial intelligence. They don’t even need to supervise the system. The system does it all and it does it well. It’s quite scary actually. A system like this could make people who never had a problem with gambling to lose all their money and become addicted. AI can be so efficient because with each iteration of it’s routine it will get better at doing what it needs to do. Every time the AI does something well, it gets rewarded, so it can do a simple thing very badly at the beginning, but with time, it would get to superhuman levels.


Now I don’t know about you, but this stuff is scary and next time you set foot into a casino, you should fully know now that every step you take is recorded and used “against” you. I guess the trick would be to be skeptical about everything there,  to not take rash decisions and to not let yourself go overboard. Or a simpler solution would be to just gamble online. Even though there are similar risks, at least you’re not physically there, so it’s easier to control your gambling habits.


Everything you wanted to know about Online Bingo

This is a comprehensive guide about online Bingo games which has created a sensation in the Internet in recent time. It will be useful for first timer as well as veterans in the world of Online Bingo.


Let’s start with an introduction of Online Bingo.  It is a form of Bingo played via Internet with the help of Random number generator. The history of Online Bingo dates back to 1996 when the first Online Bingo game named Bingo Zone was launched. But with advancement in Web technology the Online Bingo game has evolved and now offer much more functionality like real-time chat and community support to have a feeling of playing in real world.

As the popularity of Online Casino, Online Bingo etc has touched the peak level, mushrooming growth of such Internet portal has happened and thousands of sites now offer online Bingo playing. So Finding the best new bingo sites which offer an amazing experience and better return is the biggest challenge the players face.

Game Play

In order to play online Bingo game, you need to have a computer, Internet connection and a modern we browser installed. Most of the Bingo sites offer free as well as paid game play where players compete for prizes and cash. Many bingo sites provide signup bonus and other perks. Each player gets three cards per game, which appear in a special pop-up window with the bingo tote board and a chat area. In the upper right corner of the bingo window, the pattern which needs to be matched appear. The system then call numbers at random. As numbers are called, players “daub” their cards with a click of the mouse. When a player’s card matches the pattern, he or she hits the “Bingo” button.

When there are more than 1 winner, the stake money is divided among all the players.

In order to get maximum out of the game, various mechanisms like auto-daub and best card sorting/highlighting systems are used. This helps in little automation and raise the chances of winning.

Pitfalls of Online Bingo

As the popularity of online game play has reached very high, there are many new sites coming up every day. Some of these sites are created for the sole purpose of scamming players. So unless it is a top rated bingo site, do not make deposit. Reading review from other players helps a lot in finalizing the best sites. There are websites which aggregates and rank sites based on rating, review and overall experience.


Playing online bingo is economical and you can play from the comfort of your home. But if you are really adventurous and love the smoke and chitchat then it cant beat the environment of a real bingo hall. Especially if you are a new player you need to be cautious while choosing the bingo sites as many have emerged just for the sake of scamming. While choosing your bingo site it is of utmost importance to select site with good review and rating. One should not get influenced by looking at the high payout and nifty looking sites.


Newswire hacking case is a reminder that organisations need to mitigate the threat of SQL injection attacks


In a recent press release published by the FBI, details have emerged of the scale of the attacks against international newswire services such as PR Newswire and Business Wire. Between 2010 and 2015, Ukrainian hackers Oleksandr Ieremenko and Ivan Turchynov gained unauthorised access to various computer systems, enabling them to steal “yet to be published” press releases that had been scheduled by major financial organisations. Containing financial reporting and other sensitive data, the hackers sold on the information and facilitated an estimated $30 million in illegal trading profits.

Nine people have now been charged in connection with this case which involved the theft of over 150,000 press releases. The hackers used sophisticated methods of attack including malware and phishing, SQL injection and brute force. SQL injection is used to attack data-driven applications and involves inserting malicious SQL statements into an entry field for execution (enabling, for example, exfiltration of the database). This latest high profile case highlights the need for organisations to be aware of and resilient to this line of attack.

Mitigating the threat of SQL injection

Senior business managers may have read about this story and be wondering how they can better protect their organisation against this kind of threat. There are numerous steps that can be taken but perhaps one of the most fundamental preventative measures is to ensure that you regularly monitor and carry out checks on all of your network’s private and closed applications. Having adequate security procedures in place to protect your applications will significantly hinder attackers from being able to carry out this sort of attack in the first place.

However, to further reduce the threat of SQL injection, there are numerous steps that can be taken on a coding level to mitigate this form of attack. The priority steps include:

1. Using ‘parameterised’ SQL statements – putting clear parameters into SQL instruction.
2. Validating each parameter ID. For example, the ID parameter must be a number, or is restricted to certain terms.
3. Using ‘escape’ parameters before insertion to the SQL statement. This ensures the commands inserted by the hacker are treated as a variable rather than a command. So instead of comparing the id with ‘XX’ and then executing ‘truncate table news’, the id is compared with ‘XX; truncate table news’ which is not a legitimate id and is rejected.

In addition to the steps above, and dependant upon the framework used, the following should also be considered:

4. Performing validation on data being read from a database (as in points 1-3), in addition to data being inserted into it. This prevents second order injection. In short, trust no source of input.
5. Setting the permissions on the database so it’s limited to only the data it’s required to read. This won’t stop injection, but it might limit the impact.
It should be noted that using escape parameters as in point 3 is the least desirable method compared to 1 & 3 as there are many ways for an attacker to encode data.

Finally, don’t forget the basics. Change the passwords of application accounts into the database regularly. Update and patch all applications and databases as early as you possibly can.

About the Author

Mike James is part of the technical team at Redscan – a managed threat detection and security services company.


The World of Online Casino and Gaming

Since we publish our last articles, we have received many request from our users to enlighten them about Online Casino, Pokers and betting. So we have finally decided to dedicate this article to acknowledge their request.

With advent of Internet and Web technologies the Online Casinos are quite popular now a days and there is a very thin line of difference between Online and Offline casinos. The Online Casinos also known as Virtual Casinos are online versions of traditional casinos which enable the players to play via the Internet from the comfort of their home.

History of Online Casino

The online Casino has started barely 20 years ago and now has a market of 35 Billion USD. Considering the fact that the offline version started 200 years back and took so much time to popularize the online version is at par with it in just a span of 20 years. It all started when in 1994 Caribbean nations passed law to allow offering online gambling license.

The infographic below explain in detail about the history and evolution of online gambling.


Even though the technology for online casinos was present since the beginning of the internet, the actual gambling started in the year 1994. The first legally established online casinos Gaming Club and Inter Casino opened in the year ‘95 and ‘96.

Microgaming developed the first software for online gambling and Cryptologic developed the encrypted communication technology.

Gradually the software and user experience saw a tremendous growth and interest of many software firms which gave rise to booming of many online casinos. The Virtual reality has added ore fun and joy to online game playing now.

Type of Online Casino Games

Theer are various sites offering various types of online casinos and some of them like netbetcasino offer combination of all. The popular online casino games available as of now are

Slot Game

Here you place a bet and pull a virtual lever and then the drums start spinning, when they come to rest the images are lined up and based on the image configuration various prizes are paid. The progressive jackpots keep on increasing as the game progresses.

Video Poker

Video poker is a casino game based on five-card draw poker. It is played on a computerized console similar in size to a slot machine. The aim is to assemble the most powerful poker hand and get paid.


This is also known as twenty one and it is most widely played online casino game. It is played between player and dealer, a player can not compete against other player.


The internet acts as the life source of online casinos without which they cannot exist. The broadband technology has brought in users from different parts of the globe. Players can play real time poker with lively and exotic settings, they can chat with one another while they are playing, view game statistics of the various games available on the internet and they can do just about anything and everything they would do in a land-based casino.


Playing Online Casino for real money


Have you ever wished to visit a casino to shell out few bucks or probably try your luck at earning few bucks in gambling? But hardly get any time because of your busy schedule. Now you can play casino online and that too earn real money playing online casino. Isn’t that surprising? Yeah, the technology has enabled us to play casino from the comfort of our home and the web has developed so much that you will get a real feel while playing web based casinos and slots.

There are various website/companies offering online game play to satisfy your desire for gambling. Some of them are trusted and some are completely untrustworthy. You as a user need to have proper knowledge and awareness before you choose to play. You can read gamespot review of online slots to get a  clear picture of what to choose and which type to avoid.

Types of Online Casino

Web Based Online casino: These are generally flash based casino games which can be played through a browser.

Software based online casino: These kind of games are bit sophisticated and need users to download a piece of software to play casino.

App based casino: Tablet/Mobile need apps to be installed for native play. Now casinos are being offerred as apps to be installed on a mobile/tablet

Live casino: In a live casino game, a human dealer runs the game in real time from a casino gaming table, which can be seen via a live streaming video link. Players can make betting decisions via a console on their computer screen, and can communicate with the dealer using text chat.

Benefits of Online casino over brick and mortar casino

1. You do not need to waste time in getting ready and go to a local casino thus you can save time.

2. You can play at any time you feel comfortable.

3. You can play from computer or tablet or through your mobile.

4. You can get real money via online play.

5. For web based online casinos you do not even need to download any software.

How to choose your Online casino?

An important question is how to decide which among the hundreds of online casino is the best and will be value for money. There are 2 important factors to consider while choosing:

1. Find out if the casino has the type of game you want to play or you are a master of.

2. Check if it is safe and is secured and the website has proper security certificate. Look out for reliability banking and cashout option.

Online casinos though enable users to play and wager on casino games and offer lot of advantages over offline counterpart, there are always challenges involve. Like we said earlier if you fall prey to a untrustworthy provider you may get looted. So think wisely before you decide to choose.


A quick overview of online gaming Scenario

Ever since it became possible to game online, the demographic of gamers has been evolving. Gaming is no longer the preserve of single men and teenage boys (if it ever truly was). As more and more people have access to the internet at home and via their smartphones, the range of people who game online extends ever wider.

There are not only more men gaming, but a lot more women as well. And the age of gamers is steadily on the rise. Whether that’s due to the generation who were teenagers or younger when video games first came on the market still making the most out of gaming, or because more of us have access to online games now and so are coming to it later in life, is not really certain. However, the Entertainment Software Association 2014 report that came out towards the end of last year highlighted a 36% increase in the women over the age of 50 who were gaming between 2012 and 2013.

The sheer variety of gaming you can do online has to explain the fact that almost anyone can be termed a gamer now. Whether it’s your mum or aunty playing Words with Friends, your teenage son playing Assassin’s Creed or you making the most of being able to play casino and bingo games online, gaming has definitely become a universal pursuit. Even the games that were around long before video games existed have been adapted to work as online games. Take bingo as just one example. The number of bingo sites such as Costa and Coral Bingo seems to be ever growing. And while few of the sites retain the tradition of using the rhyming bingo calls, there’s still the feel of a community game when you play because of the bingo chat rooms. You can also find out lots about the history of bingo on the sites, about bingo balls and how the different calls came about. All this makes bingo one of the most popular online games around – with over 100 million players registered on different online sites around the world.

According to Dutch research and marketing firm Newzoo, the mobile gaming industry is where we’ll see significant growth this year, with players making full use of the possibility of gaming on handheld and mobile devices. The company forecast that the mobile gaming revenues for 2015 will be $30.3 billion worldwide, and that mobile gaming will eclipse console gaming revenues for the first time. Now that gamers have four screens to choose from when playing – the TV, PC, tablet or handheld and the phone – it is predicted that in the coming years, there will be a gradual evening out of where people spend money on games, so that eventually there will be an even spend split over the four screens.

Just because gamers are choosing to play on their mobiles – a survey by the Internet Advertising Bureau in the UK reported that 54% of respondents cited their mobile as their gaming platform of choice – it doesn’t mean that everyone playing mobile games is doing so on the move. A survey by comScore reported that of the 20m mobile gamers in the UK, over two-thirds played in the living room, and another 23% in the bathroom. This highlights that it’s about the convenience of playing on a mobile more than the desire to play while away from the home.
While the number of older gamers is increasing, there’s also more evidence from the Entertainment Software Association report that gaming is now more of a family activity than it used to be. Of those parents surveyed 58% said they played video games with their children once a month or more, and 42% said they did so once a week or more.

Whatever stats you look at, it’s clear that the gaming demographic is becoming more and more all-inclusive, with people of all ages and both sexes enjoying the option of video gaming when and where they can.

Google Internet

Extensive List of Google Now Voice Commands and Tricks

In our last post on Google Now we explained What is Google Voice and How it is so amazing and a game changing feature added by Google. The most exciting feature of Google Now is the Voice search. This voice search can perform an endless list of tasks for you only if you are familiar with the related commands. Most people who are unfamiliar with these commands are not utilizing their Android Phones to the fullest capacity. To help you get started, here we are providing an extensive list of Voice commands that can be used with Google Now to find information.

General CommandsExamples
– “Search for ”“Search for Google Doodles ”
– “What is ”“Meaning of Android”
– “Who invented ”“Synonyms of visages”
– “What is the meaning of ”“Show stocks for Samsung electronic ”
– “Who is married to”“How old is Larry Page”
– “Capacity of ”“Population of Bangalore”
– “Show me the stocks for ”“Who is the CEO of Samsung”
– “Author of ”“How tall is Kobe Bryant”
– “How old is ”
Time & Date CommandsExamples
– “What time is it in ”“When is the father’s day in 2013”
– “When is the day in ”“Show me the time and date”
– “When is the sunset in ”“When does sun set in Chennai”
– “What is the time zone of ”“What time is it in Sydney”
– “Time at home”
Weather CommandsExamples
– “Weather”“Is it raining in New York”
– “Is it going to rain tomorrow”“Will it snow today”
– “Do I need an umbrella”“What’s the weather in Colombo”
– “Should i bring a Jacket today”“Is it raining outside”
– “Will it snow this week”“Is there any rain expected for Friday”
– “What’s the weather in ”“Weather forecast for Wednesday”
– “How’s the weather on going to be”
Maps & Navigation CommandsExamples
– “Map of ”“Where is the statue of liberty situated”
– “Show me the nearby on map”“Show all hotels near me”
– “Where is situated”“Bookstores in New York”
– “ in ”“Take me to the convention center on foot”
– “Navigate to on car”“Coffee bars in Madrid”
– “How far is from ”“How far is the motorway from my current location”
“When does the next train arrive”
Calculations & Conversions CommandsExamples
– “How much is times ”
– “What is percent of ”“How much is 57 point 78 minus 22”
– “Square root of ”“65 plus 135 into 20 minus 18 equals”
– “ ….. equals”“Convert 36 degrees Celsius into Fahrenheit”
– “What is the numerical value of Pi”“How many gallons in 1 kiloliter”
– “Convert into ”“Convert 100 hours into minutes”
– “Temperature of the sun”“What is the 75 percent of 1 point 5 million”
Sports CommandsExamples
– “ points table”
– “Who won the last match between and ”“Did the real madrid win last night”
– “ scorecard”“Scorecard of last Real Madrid match”
– “schedule of games”“La Liga table”
– “”“KaKa”
Web Navigation CommandsExamples
– “Go to ”
– “Open ”“Open”
– “Show me ”“Show me”
– “Browse to ”“Take me to”
Entertainment CommandsExamples
– “Listen to ”“Play YouTube Smosh FOOD BATTLE 2012”
– “Play ”“the cast of The Avengers”
– “YouTube ”“Movies of Leonardo Di Caprio”
– “When was the first episode of ”“Who produced The departed”
– “ movies”
– “Who acted in ”
– “Who is the producer of ”
– “When was released”
– “Runtime of ”
Notes & Reminders CommandsExamples
– “Remind me to at ”“Water the plants in one hour”
– “Wake me up in ”“Set an alarm for 2 hours from now”
– “ at ”“Remind me to call Bill in 45 minutes”
– “Self note to ”“Pick up kids from school at 3 P M”
– “Set alarm for ”“Note to self ”
Contact & Communication CommandsExamples
– “Call ”“Send email to Ian, Subject, post fix, Message, BLAH,BLAH”
– “Send to ”“Send SMS to dad mobile please call me A S A P”
– “” (shows the contact card)“Call help center”
– “Call in ”“Send I cannot come right now to Erin via text”
– “Email to , B C C , Subject , message ”
Image Search CommandsExamples
– “Images/photos/pictures of ”“Photos of mars”
– “Photos of at sunset”“Images of the Earth from moon”
– “Images of ”“Pictures of Eiffel Tower at sunrise”
– “Show me the photos of at ”
– “Logo of ”
Flight Schedules & Status CommandsExamples
– “Flight Status of ”“Status of B A 215”
– “Has landed/departed”“When Is Emirates 230 going to depart”
– “When will land”“Air Canada 760”

The following video will give you a better idea about the unlimited potential of Google Now.

Tips and Tricks of Google Now

Change Default Voice for Better Voice Recognition

The default language in Google Voice is English (US). If you are a Non-American, Google Voice will have a hard time understanding few phrases. So if you have difficulty, you can change the default language  to your choice.

– Open Google Search Aplication and Go to Settings

– Tap on Voice And then on language

– Select the language of your choice and now you can have a better recognition

Do a Barrel Roll

The popular barrel roll easter egg also works in Google Now. To test it, open the application and say “Do a barrel Roll” and see for yourself what happens on your phone screen.

Using Google Now without tapping the speaker icon

If you are using Android Jelly Bean, you can use a phrase ‘Ok Google” to wake up the Voice Search and let it perform tasks for you. So you do not need to tap on the speaker icon every time you want to run a search or find information.


Why Adding GPS Is More Than a Luxury

Vehicle tracking services like GPS can assist with improving performance and cutting costs regardless of the type of industry you serve. Whether you are looking to manage employee time or control inventory, or you are a dispatcher searching for a simple, easy way to incorporate a vehicle-tracking system, adding GPS has become a necessity in today’s automotive industries. Whether your company is maintaining surveillance of shipped cargo or monitoring staff, GPS vehicle tracking can make a big difference.

Why adding GPS is more than Luxury

Time Is Money. Each moment that your vehicle is out on the road, there are expenses involved. Your company must pay a salary to the driver and your vehicles require fuel. If a loading crew is on standby, there is cost for that redundant time. GPS vehicle tracking is a perfect means of managing the time of your convoy, right down to every single vehicle. If you’re able to maintain awareness of the goings and comings on company time, you can reorganize and make vital changes to improve efficiencies.

• GPS tracking keeps staff trustworthy. If they are being tracked with GPS technology, they will not make inappropriate stops or waste company time.

• GPS is an efficient means of creating more effective routes, saving money and time.

• Fuel costs a lot, especially today. Whenever vehicles are sitting in traffic or at specific stops, the gas gauge is going down. Decrease fuel expenditures by keeping drivers on the road and not loafing or idling vehicles at unneeded stops.

Your Company’s Standing Is at Stake

If you own a company that utilizes vehicles as part of its service, your customers and suppliers are observing the character of your company. They can identify lapses in performance, and with the Internet, can quickly size you up against your competitors. It is in the best interest of your company to maintain a “tight ship.”

• Regardless if providing onsite services or deliver goods, the clientele and businesses you assist will expect acceptable arrival times. GPS tracking allows you to improve coordination of your services.

• Assume that your customers are using the Internet, smartphones, and other gadgets to keep tabs on what they pay for. If a customer calls to ask you about their delivery, you will be equipped with a precise answer.

Better Efficiency Means More Business

The more efficiently you use your time, the more business and more revenue you will generate.

• GPS has the possibility to decrease the time required for your vehicle to get from one locale to another. You will be able to add more engagements in one day, or make additional deliveries in less time. If you are in the transportation business and your customers are satisfied, you will attract more content patrons; word of mouth works wonders.

• Impressions are important. Quick, well thought out service will keep your present customers pleased, and they will vouch for you as well. Utilize GPS tracking to decrease wait times, and develop more business for your company.


GPS tracking is not only convenient, it is practical, and a financially wise move for businesses with vehicles. With the modern world’s desire to know more about what they are getting, where it comes from, and when, GPS has become more than a luxury tool it has become a necessity.

This is a guest post by Robert J. Hall who is president of Track Your Truck, a leading provider of vehicle tracking solutions and software for small and midsized companies.


Online gaming between tablets vs mobile phones

According to Games Industry International it appears that 80% of tablet and mobile phone users use their devices for playing games. Other surveys more or less concur, with reported figures of between 65% and 80%. Around 20% of owners of both mobile phones and tablets say that they prefer to play online games on their tablets.

The obvious trade off between online gaming on phones and tablets is the quality and size of the display versus the convenience and ease of handling. The gaming experience is better on large tablets, but smartphones are easier to carry around. What is happening though is that tablets are getting smaller with the 7 inch tablet beginning to dominate the market, while phones are getting larger. Already there are phones available with 6 inch displays.

There are also other ways in which phones and tablets are merging. Some of the latest tablets have HSPA connectivity and they are effectively mobile phones. You wouldn’t want to hold them to your head to make a call, but with Bluetooth and speakerphone functionality there is no need to. Examples of these tablet phones include the Asus FonePad and the seven inch Galaxy Tab where playing online is made easy.

It also depends on the kinds of games you play on your mobile device. If you enjoy playing online casino games such as blackjack and roulette or even a little poker then you can get by with your mobile phone, be sure to check out the best iPhone casinos at!. After all, you are not playing these games for the immersive quality of their graphics, you are playing to hopefully win some money. If you are a serious gamer and enjoy playing massive multiplayer online games such as the World of WarCraft you are going to need something larger, preferably a good deal larger. You can play the game on your mobile if you are streaming from the cloud, but it is not really recommended.


Top 5 TV based online games

Every home has one, and for most of us, it’s a great source of information and entertainment. Where would we be without a TV? We all have our favourite shows, but what if you could play games based on them? Thanks to sites like Ladbrokes, have plenty of games with a theme based on a popular TV show and you can play them online at their website. The games include, Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and X Factor.

Whether you’re a fan of quiz shows, soap operas, dramas, sitcoms or even the news, there’s something you’re bound to enjoy, but what are the best around? We’ve managed to find five of the best TV-based online games available on the web today. Here are the pick of the bunch:


1. Deal or No Deal Instant Win

Based on the hugely popular box-based guessing game, Deal Or No Deal Instant Win works in much the same way as a scratchcard. As with the TV show, you have 22 numbered boxes to work with, each containing different amounts of prize money.

However, the twist here is that some boxes contain the same amount, so, for example, if you want to win the top £25,000 prize, you have to open five boxes with that amount inside. The grey boxes show you how many boxes in a row you need to win.

2. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

A huge hit on TV screens around the world, this is one of the greatest shows of its genre ever. The online game pretty much follows the same format, with the same chance to test your knowledge and win a big cash prize if you get all your questions correct. If you play who wants to be a millionaire, you get to play at a much quicker pace but with the same level of tension and skill.

3. Star Trek

You wouldn’t think that this classic sci-fi series would spawn a game, but it has! To play the online Star Trek game, you have 30 win lines to work with. After clicking the ‘Line Bet’ button and ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to alter the size of your stake, you’re ready to start. There’s also an Autospin option.

4. News Time

A game based on a news programme might sound strange, but it’s there and it’s a lot of fun to play. Basically, it works like a general knowledge quiz, with progressive prizes for each correct answer. However, you have to beat the clock to win.

5. The Weakest Link

The weakest Link game is based on the stern general knowledge quiz hosted by so-called ‘Queen of Mean’ Anne Robinson. It rewards knowledge and comes with added tension as with each round, your time to answer each question becomes shorter.