The Technology In Gambling

It’s no surprise that these days everything is run by technology. From your local grocery store to your bank. The gambling scene is no exception to this. Actually, it may be even more dependant on technology since the house always wins.

What To Expect

Well, let’s say you go into a well-equipped casino. From the moment you set foot into the place, they know if you’re a new customer or a regular with the help of facial recognition technology. If you’re new there, the casino will “take” actions that will make you come again. For example, you will have discounts at the bar, discounts on your first deposit, etc. and they could do that even without asking your name.

Now you buy some chips, which are also littered with technology in order to prevent counterfeiting, but also to record your gambling habits. Let’s say you go to one of your favorite slot games like Book of Ra or Lord of the Ocean and you start playing. The next time you come, they might rearrange the machines/gambling games depending on your habits. If they see that after you are done with your slots, you go for a round of blackjack, they will move the slots or blackjack table closer together in order to provide you an optimal route for spending your money.

If they see that you were playing for some time already and that you’re not having a great time because you lost more money, they will send people to give you “free” stuff… on the house in order make you feel that you actually won something. And they can do all of this because of research on human behavior and technology.


Now imagine a casino that has artificial intelligence. They don’t even need to supervise the system. The system does it all and it does it well. It’s quite scary actually. A system like this could make people who never had a problem with gambling to lose all their money and become addicted. AI can be so efficient because with each iteration of it’s routine it will get better at doing what it needs to do. Every time the AI does something well, it gets rewarded, so it can do a simple thing very badly at the beginning, but with time, it would get to superhuman levels.


Now I don’t know about you, but this stuff is scary and next time you set foot into a casino, you should fully know now that every step you take is recorded and used “against” you. I guess the trick would be to be skeptical about everything there,  to not take rash decisions and to not let yourself go overboard. Or a simpler solution would be to just gamble online. Even though there are similar risks, at least you’re not physically there, so it’s easier to control your gambling habits.

Google Software

How to Record a Google Hangouts Call with Movavi Screen Recorder

By using Google Hangouts you can quickly place video or voice calls to your contacts. Despite the many features in this communication platform, however, there is one that it lacks: The ability to record and save calls so that they can be referred to later.


If you would like to record one of your Google Hangouts calls, you could easily do so with Movavi Screen Recorder. As a screen recorder, it will let you record the video footage of your call directly from your screen, and it will be able to capture the audio from your speakers and microphone as well.


Due to the intuitive user interface and simple controls of Movavi Screen Recorder, you should be able to figure out how to set it up to record a Google Hangouts call relatively quickly. The first step would be to open Google Hangouts and prepare to place the call, then launch Movavi Screen Recorder before doing so.


To configure the capture area so that it encompasses the Google Hangouts call, click and drag your mouse cursor to draw a frame. Another way to do so in Movavi Screen Recorder is to click anywhere so that the interface appears then select one of the presets in the ‘Capture Area’ list. Regardless of which method you use, you can then refine the frame by resizing and repositioning it so that it fits properly.


When you’re satisfied that the frame encompasses the Google Hangouts call as accurately as possible, check Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface to make sure both the ‘System Audio’ and ‘Microphone’ icons are highlighted, or click on them once otherwise. Once that has been done you can click ‘REC’ at any time to start recording and place the call.


It should be easy to control the recording process itself using the on-screen controls in Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface. When the call is finished you can then click ‘Stop’ and the video that you recorded will be automatically saved in MKV format. In the preview window that appears you can trim out any parts that you don’t need, and click ‘Save As’ to save the changes or select a different format.


If you’d like to learn more about Movavi Screen Recorder, you should experiment with its other features as well. It can automate the recording, capture keyboard and mouse actions set the frame rate, and much more.


As you can see it won’t take long to set up Movavi Screen Recorder and start recording a Google Hangouts call. The same applies for any other footage you’d like to capture from your screen, and undoubtedly you’ll find several other ways in which you can use it.


Everything you wanted to know about Online Bingo

This is a comprehensive guide about online Bingo games which has created a sensation in the Internet in recent time. It will be useful for first timer as well as veterans in the world of Online Bingo.


Let’s start with an introduction of Online Bingo.  It is a form of Bingo played via Internet with the help of Random number generator. The history of Online Bingo dates back to 1996 when the first Online Bingo game named Bingo Zone was launched. But with advancement in Web technology the Online Bingo game has evolved and now offer much more functionality like real-time chat and community support to have a feeling of playing in real world.

As the popularity of Online Casino, Online Bingo etc has touched the peak level, mushrooming growth of such Internet portal has happened and thousands of sites now offer online Bingo playing. So Finding the best new bingo sites which offer an amazing experience and better return is the biggest challenge the players face.

Game Play

In order to play online Bingo game, you need to have a computer, Internet connection and a modern we browser installed. Most of the Bingo sites offer free as well as paid game play where players compete for prizes and cash. Many bingo sites provide signup bonus and other perks. Each player gets three cards per game, which appear in a special pop-up window with the bingo tote board and a chat area. In the upper right corner of the bingo window, the pattern which needs to be matched appear. The system then call numbers at random. As numbers are called, players “daub” their cards with a click of the mouse. When a player’s card matches the pattern, he or she hits the “Bingo” button.

When there are more than 1 winner, the stake money is divided among all the players.

In order to get maximum out of the game, various mechanisms like auto-daub and best card sorting/highlighting systems are used. This helps in little automation and raise the chances of winning.

Pitfalls of Online Bingo

As the popularity of online game play has reached very high, there are many new sites coming up every day. Some of these sites are created for the sole purpose of scamming players. So unless it is a top rated bingo site, do not make deposit. Reading review from other players helps a lot in finalizing the best sites. There are websites which aggregates and rank sites based on rating, review and overall experience.


Playing online bingo is economical and you can play from the comfort of your home. But if you are really adventurous and love the smoke and chitchat then it cant beat the environment of a real bingo hall. Especially if you are a new player you need to be cautious while choosing the bingo sites as many have emerged just for the sake of scamming. While choosing your bingo site it is of utmost importance to select site with good review and rating. One should not get influenced by looking at the high payout and nifty looking sites.

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Fix for SIM 2 not working issue with LeEco Le 2 Phone

LeEco Le 2 superphone has created a lot of interest among smartphone users because of the affordable price with impeccable specs. Being a gadget freak myself, I was able to get hold of the Le 2 phone on the first ever flash sales on 28th June 2016. I received my phone on 1st July via Flipkart and ever since I opened the phone I am in love with it. This is a real beauty and certainly will give orgasms to many gadget lovers. The beauty of this phone is certainly negated by the pathetic LeEco support team. They have the lame support I have ever seen from a tech/product company. Anyway this post is not about ranting about my bitter experience with their support team but about the fix for the issue “SIM 2 stop functioning after the latest EUI 5.8.015s OTA update for Le 2“.


The story So far

LeEco started the OTA update from 4th July for Le 2 phones. The update changes the EUi version to 5.8.015s from the existing 5.6 version. This new update brings lot of new features to the phone like VoLTE, App Lock via finger print, Phone Manager, Data Usage checker and removed 2 beautiful features Voice command for camera and Call recording feature. As soon as I got the notification about the OTA update, I was happy to try out as I badly wanted the full VoLTE support like ability to make video call over VoLTE via JIO4G sim. So I started downloading the OTA update of around 430 MB. The update went smoothly and phone rebooted. That’s when my problem started. After the OTA update I noticed that the SIM2 slot in my phone was greyed out and it was not detecting my BSNL SIM. I thought it was a network issue so tried the following:

  • Rebooted the phone (Did not fix)
  • Put the phone into and out of aeroplane mode (Did not fix)
  • Swapped the BSNL SIM with Airtel and Vodafone (Did not fix)
  • Swapped the SIM with my JIO 4G sim which was on slot 1 and got tower on BSNL which was now on slot 2 and JIO 4G loose tower. (Did not fix)
  • Tried searching network manually and it said error in searching (Did not fix)
  • Tried a factory restore (Did not fix)

At this time I was so mad that I was literally cursing LeEco. I called up their Tech Support via the toll free number 180030101838 (Toll free/Available 24/7). The guy named Shivam took my call and talked nicely using a scripted verse. He was unaware of this issue when half of the users were crying about it in their support forum. He assured me a call back in 24-48 hours and told issue will be fixed (So scripted). I asked for a service ticket number and he told they don’t have such a ticket number (Seems like they do not use a CRM). Asked to transfer the call to his Supervisor (somebody by the name Rishab/Roshan) and he told he cant transfer the call. This shows how lame their support is. (Oops I am still cribbing about it).

I thought buying the phone was a mistake, but I loved the phone. So at this point it seems if we want to use this phone we are on our own and it is of no use to expect support from LeEco. I even contacted Flipkart and initiated a refund request which they happily agreed. But as I mentioned earlier, I loved this phone and I was trying various methods to fix the issue as I was sure the SIM2 not working was not a hardware fault but has caused by the Update. So I did try fixing it myself and finally now I am able to use both the SIMs, yes you got it right I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO FIX THE SIM 2 NOT WORKING ISSUE with the Le 2.

What I Did to fix the issue:

The OTA update released by LeEco had bugs as if they were in a hurry to push out to users to create more user interest to buy Le 2 phone. So I thought of downloading the whole massive 1.7GB of offline update.

I downloaded the whole EUI 5.8.01s update and installed it via Updater app. Once my system got updated and phone rebooted wow both SIMs were working fine.

If you do not know how to do manual offline update, you can read further. But if you are aware of the manual update just do it and enjoy your Le 2 super phone.

Steps for manual offline update:

  1. Download the complete package from official LeEco repository by clicking the below link

EUI 5.8.01s file for Le 2

  1. Connect your Le 2 phone to PC using the supplied cable.
  2. In Le 2 phone connect it as MTP and it will be shown as Le X526 in your PC Explore. Click on that and it will show you the storage drive.
  3. Copy the downloaded file from your PC to the root folder of the storage drive.
  4. Rename the just copied file to
  5. Open the System Update app in your phone.
  6. At the top right, click on the 3 vertical dots and select Local Update.

It will now automatically detect the update file on the storage and start the update process. Just relax and let the system do it’s task automatically. Once the system reboots after applying update you will get both the SIM slots working.

Please let us know if this worked for you. If you want more tutorials on Le 2, please write in comment.

Android Mobile Reviews

Jio Play Android App: First Impression

This is the second in the series of post related to Jio Apps. The first one covered about Jio Mags app, which is an Android App for reading magazines on the go.

Jio Play is the app offering from Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited for watching Live TV. With high speed Internet offering via 4G, watching TV on the Go is a breeze. And to complement the high speed Internet service Jio has launched many entertainment app to take advantage of 4G network. Recent entry of Netflix in India has intensified the competition of streaming service. But if we talk about competition, Jio Play remains at the top in terms of content and quality. So lets have a look at what is in store for us.

Download and Installation

Jio Play is not yet launched for Public (available as limited beta via Play Store) so can not be directly downloaded via Play store. However you can install it by getting the .apk file from someone else and installation will continue without any hassle. Like all other Jio Apps, Jio Play needs a Jio ID and password to be usable.

Channel List

Jio Play has the highest number of channel availability. Currently there are 301 channel available in Jio Play and Hotstar too is available inside Jio Play. Out of the 301 channels , 27 are HD channels but only 24 HD channels as mentioned below are operational in Jio Play.



Quality and User Experience

Jio Play is having a very clean and intuitive user Interface and offers a very immersive TV watching experience. During our usage most of the time the default video quality appeared in HD and channels played without any lag. But if the bandwidth availability is low the player automatically switch the video quality to offer a non stop viewing experience. The sound quality is also quite good.

The most beneficial aspect of Jio Play is you can use it to stream the Live TV to your capable HD TV set and watch all your favorite channels on the TV. (For this to work you need to have wireless display capability on your phone and Wi-fi on the TV. )

Another nice feature of Jio Play is Catch Up TV function. So if you have missed your favorite TV program from yesterday or from last week, you can watch those by dragging the slider to that particular date and time. And yes, you can even pause the Live TV if you have an important call to attend or finish your cooking in the evening.

Jio Play Screens

As of now with trial offers, all the Jio apps subscription are free and in future we expect either a very economical tariff plan or free offer with certain recharge plans for Jio Play. So this will be the best choice to watch TV on the go while using your mobile to stream live TV on your TV when you are at home. With as much as 25 HD TV channels in the offering it is quite good option to have a HD TV viewing experience.

Jio Play offers a blissful TV viewing experience and you can watch your favorite program at your own comfort and schedule.


Jio Mags Android app: The first impression

Reliance Jio is all set to launch 4G Services across India. As Internet speed over 4G network is high, it will facilitate entertainment on the go. To complement their 4G services they are also going to launch many apps to let the users glue to the device. As the 4G service is already launched for the employees and Channel Partners and I am being a Channel Partner of Reliance Jio, I got access to many Apps like Jio Mags, which are still not released to mainstream users (though many apps are already in stable build). Following are the list of Android apps by reliance Jio which I have been using and I will cover each app in a separate post.

Note: As Jio Chat and Jo Money are launched I am not going to cover those.

  1. Jio Mags (App for reading magazine on the go)
  2. Jio Play (App for watching TV on the go)
  3. Jio Beats (App for streaming music on the go)
  4. Jio On-Demand (App for watching on demand content)
  5. Jio ExpressNews (News reading app)
  6. My Jio (One stop app for managing your Jio services, recharge and bill pay)

So here we go with our first look of Jio Mags Android app.

Download & Installation:

Jio Mags like all other Android Apps from Reliance Jio is not available to download directly from Play store. As the availability is limited to Employees and Channel partners, one need to be signed up as a beta tester to get hold of the download via Play Store. For this a Jio ID is required.

All the Jio apps are login protected, so if you get hold of the apk and can install the apps, as of now you might not be able to use it unless you get a Jio ID.

After the Jio Mags app is installed via playstore and opened, you will see the login screen where it will ask for Jio ID and Password. There is an option to Signup as a new user, which takes to Employee portal and ask for RIL domain ID. The main thing to notice is that, without a JIO ID, you will not be able to use the service.

Jio Mags screens

Jio Mags has virtually all the Indian magazines and many international magazines available in digital format. You can view and search the magazines based on category and language. You can even set language preference to show only those language magazines which you understand.

You can even select magazines to put into favorites. You can download any magazines to the device and can access that offline. All the downloaded magazines can be accessed from My library section. In order to read full magazines, you need to have an active subscription to Jio Mags, without which you can only see the preview.

As of now I am totally glued to Jio Mags and it is proving a real money saver for me as I read lots of magazines. One thing I noticed that with a bigger screen like 5.5 inches the Jio Mags will have a better experience as compared to my 4.8 inch screen. As I need to do a little zoom which brings scrolling.

Overall Jio Mags is a nice app and it is almost bug free and ready for public launch.


Similar but Very Different – a HDD vs. SSD Hard Drive Quick Comparison

The technology used with computers nowadays is advancing rapidly and spitting out new tech-related products the public has no time to test thoroughly. Even though SSDs have been around for quite some time now, they still have not reached their prime, and it is merely a matter of time when they will take HDDs over completely. Thanks to their design and build, they offer greater durability, faster writing and reading of data, and give you a massive boost to your overall performance. No matter how you look at it, owning such a hard drive will help your computing massively.


Speed, Do You Have It?

Hard drives need to be able to perform well in order to be popularized by the public, and unless they can deliver, it will be hard to opt for them. On the bonus side, for SSDs it is a major bonus that they are constructed as an average RAM block would be. Meaning that they can perform faster, without having to use more resources. Moreover, they will produce less heat as well, which will be a welcomed feature for those who work on laptops. Ultimately, a simple upgrade as such will revitalize even an older computer. The noticeable boost is not only for show, but you will experience the improvement.

Storage Limitations Are Soon Going to Be Forgotten

One of the biggest problems all modern SSD drives face on a daily basis is their storage capacities. Unfortunately, you can choose between the 120 and 240 GB models, which have been tested and are reliable for use. Though, not all of it is as grim, because plans are already unfolding and the industry is working on introducing larger capacities as well. Nonetheless, accessing and storing files has never been easier, because in essence you are using a giant USB stick which you do not have to safely remove all the time. Disregard the rumours that SSDs have a shorter lifespan, as with average use you will still get a lot.

Does It Really Use Less Energy?

A substantial improvement over regular hard drives for the SSD technology is that they consume considerably less energy. However, it is not a giant leap, but you will notice it, especially if you are working on a laptop. In either case, newer SSDs will be powered by a technology that will save up on energy even more. In the long run, your computer rig will eat up less power, and it will be able to push for extensive periods of time, without damaging any of the internal parts. Bear in mind that because there are no moving parts at all, it will help the drive be useful for a longer time.

Making the switch from a HDD to an SSD will be the best decision you can make for your computer, and as you will notice the improvement right away, you will fall in love with those drives. Nevertheless, due to storage limitations, it is better to combine various drives to get the most out of them. However, look forward to the near future, as you will have the opportunity to upgrade your rig and improve performance drastically. Considering the price range for SSDs, it will not take a long time for people to start buying in bulk.

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.


Newswire hacking case is a reminder that organisations need to mitigate the threat of SQL injection attacks


In a recent press release published by the FBI, details have emerged of the scale of the attacks against international newswire services such as PR Newswire and Business Wire. Between 2010 and 2015, Ukrainian hackers Oleksandr Ieremenko and Ivan Turchynov gained unauthorised access to various computer systems, enabling them to steal “yet to be published” press releases that had been scheduled by major financial organisations. Containing financial reporting and other sensitive data, the hackers sold on the information and facilitated an estimated $30 million in illegal trading profits.

Nine people have now been charged in connection with this case which involved the theft of over 150,000 press releases. The hackers used sophisticated methods of attack including malware and phishing, SQL injection and brute force. SQL injection is used to attack data-driven applications and involves inserting malicious SQL statements into an entry field for execution (enabling, for example, exfiltration of the database). This latest high profile case highlights the need for organisations to be aware of and resilient to this line of attack.

Mitigating the threat of SQL injection

Senior business managers may have read about this story and be wondering how they can better protect their organisation against this kind of threat. There are numerous steps that can be taken but perhaps one of the most fundamental preventative measures is to ensure that you regularly monitor and carry out checks on all of your network’s private and closed applications. Having adequate security procedures in place to protect your applications will significantly hinder attackers from being able to carry out this sort of attack in the first place.

However, to further reduce the threat of SQL injection, there are numerous steps that can be taken on a coding level to mitigate this form of attack. The priority steps include:

1. Using ‘parameterised’ SQL statements – putting clear parameters into SQL instruction.
2. Validating each parameter ID. For example, the ID parameter must be a number, or is restricted to certain terms.
3. Using ‘escape’ parameters before insertion to the SQL statement. This ensures the commands inserted by the hacker are treated as a variable rather than a command. So instead of comparing the id with ‘XX’ and then executing ‘truncate table news’, the id is compared with ‘XX; truncate table news’ which is not a legitimate id and is rejected.

In addition to the steps above, and dependant upon the framework used, the following should also be considered:

4. Performing validation on data being read from a database (as in points 1-3), in addition to data being inserted into it. This prevents second order injection. In short, trust no source of input.
5. Setting the permissions on the database so it’s limited to only the data it’s required to read. This won’t stop injection, but it might limit the impact.
It should be noted that using escape parameters as in point 3 is the least desirable method compared to 1 & 3 as there are many ways for an attacker to encode data.

Finally, don’t forget the basics. Change the passwords of application accounts into the database regularly. Update and patch all applications and databases as early as you possibly can.

About the Author

Mike James is part of the technical team at Redscan – a managed threat detection and security services company.


Hands-on review of Host1Plus

If you want to take your business online or you want to come up with a personal website, whatever is the case you need to have a solid web hosting provider, as web hosting is the foundation for the success of your website. There are a plethora of web hosting providers in the market and every day a number of new providers are coming up. It is quite difficult to select your web hosting provider. We recently came across Host1Plus while searching for our next web host and we decided to try out their services, after 3 months of using their services we can proudly say they are the best. Since we are satisfied with their services we are writing this review so that our readers will be benefited and can easily select their next web host without wandering here and there.

A brief introduction of Host1Plus

Host1Plus was started in the year 2008 with their first data center in London, UK and since then they have been adding new data centers and have been on a continuous growth path. They have their data centers spread across the globe via London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Chicago and Los Angeles. After some time they started adding new services like cloud hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

Currently Host1Plus offer shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. Apart from that you can register a domain via them as well as purchase SSL certificates.

Plans and Pricing

Shared Hosting:



Host1 Plus offers 4 types of Shared hosting e.g. Starter, Personal, Business and Business Pro. The plans are customized in such a way that any kind of requirement will be easily fitted into one of these. The cheapest Shared hosting plan starts at just USD 0.83 per month if you sign up for a year. But this plan is as good as nothing. It has bare minimum specs and can host only a static website as it does not offer any database.

However if you are looking for a decent hosting experience and have an important site you can either opt for their Business or Business Pro plan. The Business Pro plan at $14.99 per month is though at a higher side for a shared hosting plan you will get value for every penny spent and you will pat yourself for the right decision. You will get dedicated physical memory of 512MB and dedicated IP as well as unlimited domains can be hosted.

VPS Hosting:

VPS hosting

If you are an agency or a developer, sometimes your requirements are high and that is when you need to go for a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Me, being a developer, I have to host websites of my clients which helps me with easier maintenance, so I signed up for a VPS plan with them. Their Bronze VPS plan at USD 2.5 per month is priced lower than a normal shared hosting plan though the specs are too bad at just 0.5 CPU cores and 256 MB RAM. I would suggest signing up for a shared hosting rather than this Bronze VPS, if you do not know how to control your server. If you want a server entirely for yourself then go for VPS Bronze plan.

On the other hand, the rest VPS plans like Silver, Gold and Platinum are quite competitively priced. As I run many WordPress based sites and WordPress Multisite is quite resource hogging, I decided to go with Platinum plan. In Platinum plan just for $40 you will get 4 CPU cores, 4 Gigs of RAM and 70GB Storage. All the specs offered in this plan meet my requirements fully and trust me this is a value for money plan.

You have loads of option to customize any VPS plan you select in the checkout process via a very intuitive interface. You can select server location, add/reduce permissible hardware, add application and server module etc. I have never seen such an offering with any other VPS provider and I give a plus 1 to Host1Plus for that.


Once you are done with the Payment, your VPS will be ready in no time and you will get the login details. They accept Paypal, Skrill, Web money as well as CC payment.


If you are going for a VPS with Host1Plus and you are quite not sure about how a server works and not a webmaster yourself, always go for Cpanel and Extra Care support which are chargeable. At least it will let you concentrate on your business and let you do what you are good at while the support team will take care of the server.

Pros and Cons of Host1Plus:


1. 24X7 Live chat support

2. Competitive pricing for an amazing specs

3. Various payment option

4. Very friendly staff

5. Globally located Data center


They charge slightly higher price if you add cPanel and Extra Care support.

I am quite happy at my decision to choose Host1Plus as my hosting partner and recommend them if you want to be tension free and have a sound sleep without worrying about your server.


The World of Online Casino and Gaming

Since we publish our last articles, we have received many request from our users to enlighten them about Online Casino, Pokers and betting. So we have finally decided to dedicate this article to acknowledge their request.

With advent of Internet and Web technologies the Online Casinos are quite popular now a days and there is a very thin line of difference between Online and Offline casinos. The Online Casinos also known as Virtual Casinos are online versions of traditional casinos which enable the players to play via the Internet from the comfort of their home.

History of Online Casino

The online Casino has started barely 20 years ago and now has a market of 35 Billion USD. Considering the fact that the offline version started 200 years back and took so much time to popularize the online version is at par with it in just a span of 20 years. It all started when in 1994 Caribbean nations passed law to allow offering online gambling license.

The infographic below explain in detail about the history and evolution of online gambling.


Even though the technology for online casinos was present since the beginning of the internet, the actual gambling started in the year 1994. The first legally established online casinos Gaming Club and Inter Casino opened in the year ‘95 and ‘96.

Microgaming developed the first software for online gambling and Cryptologic developed the encrypted communication technology.

Gradually the software and user experience saw a tremendous growth and interest of many software firms which gave rise to booming of many online casinos. The Virtual reality has added ore fun and joy to online game playing now.

Type of Online Casino Games

Theer are various sites offering various types of online casinos and some of them like netbetcasino offer combination of all. The popular online casino games available as of now are

Slot Game

Here you place a bet and pull a virtual lever and then the drums start spinning, when they come to rest the images are lined up and based on the image configuration various prizes are paid. The progressive jackpots keep on increasing as the game progresses.

Video Poker

Video poker is a casino game based on five-card draw poker. It is played on a computerized console similar in size to a slot machine. The aim is to assemble the most powerful poker hand and get paid.


This is also known as twenty one and it is most widely played online casino game. It is played between player and dealer, a player can not compete against other player.


The internet acts as the life source of online casinos without which they cannot exist. The broadband technology has brought in users from different parts of the globe. Players can play real time poker with lively and exotic settings, they can chat with one another while they are playing, view game statistics of the various games available on the internet and they can do just about anything and everything they would do in a land-based casino.