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Jio Play Android App: First Impression

This is the second in the series of post related to Jio Apps. The first one covered about Jio Mags app, which is an Android App for reading magazines on the go.

Jio Play is the app offering from Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited for watching Live TV. With high speed Internet offering via 4G, watching TV on the Go is a breeze. And to complement the high speed Internet service Jio has launched many entertainment app to take advantage of 4G network. Recent entry of Netflix in India has intensified the competition of streaming service. But if we talk about competition, Jio Play remains at the top in terms of content and quality. So lets have a look at what is in store for us.

Download and Installation

Jio Play is not yet launched for Public (available as limited beta via Play Store) so can not be directly downloaded via Play store. However you can install it by getting the .apk file from someone else and installation will continue without any hassle. Like all other Jio Apps, Jio Play needs a Jio ID and password to be usable.

Channel List

Jio Play has the highest number of channel availability. Currently there are 301 channel available in Jio Play and Hotstar too is available inside Jio Play. Out of the 301 channels , 27 are HD channels but only 24 HD channels as mentioned below are operational in Jio Play.



Quality and User Experience

Jio Play is having a very clean and intuitive user Interface and offers a very immersive TV watching experience. During our usage most of the time the default video quality appeared in HD and channels played without any lag. But if the bandwidth availability is low the player automatically switch the video quality to offer a non stop viewing experience. The sound quality is also quite good.

The most beneficial aspect of Jio Play is you can use it to stream the Live TV to your capable HD TV set and watch all your favorite channels on the TV. (For this to work you need to have wireless display capability on your phone and Wi-fi on the TV. )

Another nice feature of Jio Play is Catch Up TV function. So if you have missed your favorite TV program from yesterday or from last week, you can watch those by dragging the slider to that particular date and time. And yes, you can even pause the Live TV if you have an important call to attend or finish your cooking in the evening.

Jio Play Screens

As of now with trial offers, all the Jio apps subscription are free and in future we expect either a very economical tariff plan or free offer with certain recharge plans for Jio Play. So this will be the best choice to watch TV on the go while using your mobile to stream live TV on your TV when you are at home. With as much as 25 HD TV channels in the offering it is quite good option to have a HD TV viewing experience.

Jio Play offers a blissful TV viewing experience and you can watch your favorite program at your own comfort and schedule.


Hands-on review of Host1Plus

If you want to take your business online or you want to come up with a personal website, whatever is the case you need to have a solid web hosting provider, as web hosting is the foundation for the success of your website. There are a plethora of web hosting providers in the market and every day a number of new providers are coming up. It is quite difficult to select your web hosting provider. We recently came across Host1Plus while searching for our next web host and we decided to try out their services, after 3 months of using their services we can proudly say they are the best. Since we are satisfied with their services we are writing this review so that our readers will be benefited and can easily select their next web host without wandering here and there.

A brief introduction of Host1Plus

Host1Plus was started in the year 2008 with their first data center in London, UK and since then they have been adding new data centers and have been on a continuous growth path. They have their data centers spread across the globe via London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Chicago and Los Angeles. After some time they started adding new services like cloud hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

Currently Host1Plus offer shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. Apart from that you can register a domain via them as well as purchase SSL certificates.

Plans and Pricing

Shared Hosting:



Host1 Plus offers 4 types of Shared hosting e.g. Starter, Personal, Business and Business Pro. The plans are customized in such a way that any kind of requirement will be easily fitted into one of these. The cheapest Shared hosting plan starts at just USD 0.83 per month if you sign up for a year. But this plan is as good as nothing. It has bare minimum specs and can host only a static website as it does not offer any database.

However if you are looking for a decent hosting experience and have an important site you can either opt for their Business or Business Pro plan. The Business Pro plan at $14.99 per month is though at a higher side for a shared hosting plan you will get value for every penny spent and you will pat yourself for the right decision. You will get dedicated physical memory of 512MB and dedicated IP as well as unlimited domains can be hosted.

VPS Hosting:

VPS hosting

If you are an agency or a developer, sometimes your requirements are high and that is when you need to go for a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Me, being a developer, I have to host websites of my clients which helps me with easier maintenance, so I signed up for a VPS plan with them. Their Bronze VPS plan at USD 2.5 per month is priced lower than a normal shared hosting plan though the specs are too bad at just 0.5 CPU cores and 256 MB RAM. I would suggest signing up for a shared hosting rather than this Bronze VPS, if you do not know how to control your server. If you want a server entirely for yourself then go for VPS Bronze plan.

On the other hand, the rest VPS plans like Silver, Gold and Platinum are quite competitively priced. As I run many WordPress based sites and WordPress Multisite is quite resource hogging, I decided to go with Platinum plan. In Platinum plan just for $40 you will get 4 CPU cores, 4 Gigs of RAM and 70GB Storage. All the specs offered in this plan meet my requirements fully and trust me this is a value for money plan.

You have loads of option to customize any VPS plan you select in the checkout process via a very intuitive interface. You can select server location, add/reduce permissible hardware, add application and server module etc. I have never seen such an offering with any other VPS provider and I give a plus 1 to Host1Plus for that.


Once you are done with the Payment, your VPS will be ready in no time and you will get the login details. They accept Paypal, Skrill, Web money as well as CC payment.


If you are going for a VPS with Host1Plus and you are quite not sure about how a server works and not a webmaster yourself, always go for Cpanel and Extra Care support which are chargeable. At least it will let you concentrate on your business and let you do what you are good at while the support team will take care of the server.

Pros and Cons of Host1Plus:


1. 24X7 Live chat support

2. Competitive pricing for an amazing specs

3. Various payment option

4. Very friendly staff

5. Globally located Data center


They charge slightly higher price if you add cPanel and Extra Care support.

I am quite happy at my decision to choose Host1Plus as my hosting partner and recommend them if you want to be tension free and have a sound sleep without worrying about your server.


Play Poker without any deposit

Playing pokies is tons of fun with the entertainment factor and winnings. More and more casinos are adding incentives everyday that draw visitors to their site. The biggest one is the no deposit pokies. This strategy gives players a chance to try out the software and brand. While going to brick and mortar casinos has its own appeal, online pokies offer the convenience of play anytime and anywhere.

Regardless of how you find your action, you can be a winner using the no deposit feature. With a little research, you will find a plethora of casinos to visit on a regular basis. Look for these different types of options when searching for casinos that give away no deposit bonuses.

What Is a No Deposit Pokies Bonus?

Just like the name implies, players can gamble without making any deposits of their own money. They will receive a specific amount of the casino’s money in the form of credits or spins. The no-risk feature of the bonus is the most compelling. In addition, redeeming this bonus across the entire mobile platform and personal computers or Macs is also attractive.

The practice is so commonplace that a slew of variety is available. Although, you can find these bonuses with instant play, most brands want you to be a regular patron and push for account creation. They make this stipulation easy for online pokies by allowing customers to use Facebook accounts. The bonuses are usually well displayed on the home page for visitors to take advantage of.

Free Credits or Free Spins

To claim free credits, spins or both, there will be steps that each player will need to take. Some include entering a code, contacting customer support, or they are automatically deposited into a player’s account. Examples of the bonus include receiving 20 or more free spins after the software download or with instant play. Or, try on bonuses with a small amount of credits for less than $10 to well into the thousand dollar neighborhood. Additionally, some offers provide multipliers of one hundred percent or more times the initial deposit of players. While this is a free incentive, there may be additional restrictions that apply.

What Do the Restrictions Look Like?

Most of casinos have some strings attached with the no deposit pokies. The first is the account may need to be set-up with a player’s real money account. Next, the money may or may not be withdrawn as a regular winning. However, most casinos use this last example based on the amount of the original bonus. In addition, customers will have to complete the banking information required by law before any withdrawals are made.

The other examples include visitors may have to play a specific game, or play on a certain day. The restrictions are clearly explained on each website. Customers can also contact support with additional questions or when problems arise during the redemption process.

Online pokies are all the rage because of convenience and the myriad of bonuses being offered to lure them to play. They can expect this bonus to take on a new look with them being given away at random times outside of the first visit. Because of this, players are finding their favorite casinos to return to again and again. The bottom line is the no-risk aspect of this feature makes it well worth the try.


Virtual Reality – Getting Real

vr by vanity

Virtual reality isn’t virtual any more: VR has arrived. Facebook’s $2 billion purchase of VR developer Oculus VR – producers of Oculus Rift – last year signalled a tectonic shift in the VR sector. With that sort of cash injection VR now has the impetus it needs to make serious headway (no pun intended) in the mainstream.

It is the sort of war chest that allows developers not only to develop their ideas but also to market and publicise them as well. In today’s trend-sensitive space, that is an important step forwards. Around the time of the aformentioned £2 billion deal, Facebook owner mark Zuckerberg explained it as a long term project: “At this point we feel we’re in a position where we can start focusing on what platforms will come next to enable even more useful, entertaining and personal experiences,” he explained in an extensive status update.

That ‘what comes next’ imponderable is maybe not as far off as many imagine. 2015 looks like being the year when VR really takes off. First of all this is because Oculus is not the only game in town. For example, the week before the Facebook announcement Sony introduced its spookily titled Project Morpheus to the waiting world. Launched as a prototype matched to the Playstation 4, the Morpheus launch may have been as much about PR as VR – at least in the short term – but it was nonetheless another signal that the industry is now fully behind the idea of VR as a viable commercial proposition.


Following the crowdfunding model laid down by Oculus VR Irish start-up Immersive VR Education is seeking €30,000 (£22,000) on the Kickstarter website to generate the means to realise its plans to bring its educational Apollo 11 re-enactment app. The package uses original footage and audio from the 1969 moon landing as part of an immersive educational package that places the user/learner at the heart of the moon landing process. There is already a prototype demo on the Oculus Rift VR headset. If the funding appeal is successful Immersive VR Education intend to expand the prototype into a full app with more detailed models, animated avatars and additional interactive features. These will include interviews with members of the original Apollo crew.

The educational tack explored in this idea is one removed from the bulk of investment aimed at VR which has tended to be geared more towards the existing leisure and entertainment sectors. Plans to commercially exploit VR’s immersive potential largely focus on bridging the divide between gaming and cinema.

There is obvious appeal for the immersive potential that VR can bring to both of these areas. Indeed, Oculus has been quick to use its new found wealth to establish a new division geared specifically towards the production of animated film. The new venture goes under the title of Story Studio.

The company has already rolled out its first production – a four minute short entitled Lost – which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival last year and with staff drafted in from Pixar, Industrial Light and Magic, they are energetically pressing ahead with further scripts.

Oculus were by no means the only VR pioneers at the Sundance Festival where flight simulators, monster movies and documentaries were amongst the represented genres. In fact 11 of the 14 projects that were presented in the festival’s New Frontier Showcase involved use of VR.

It may be in its early stages but VR’s relationship with film-making may be on the point of a radical shift. For years the potential of 3D has been largely unfulfilled. 3D is still looked at askance by many in the film business as no more than a gimmick to drum up business for plots that are otherwise somehow indifferent. But the potential of VR to go that one step further towards a fully immersive experience is beginning to look like a game changer.

A sporting chance

To date the potential of the technology for sports fans has not been explored. But given the immense reach of sporting events it is surely only a matter of time before broadcasters seek to augment their 2D coverage with a more wraparound offering. In this sense it may be the augmented reality, rather than VR, where the technology finds its niche. For example, there is clearly a potential use of the technology for bookmakers and/or punters to extrapolate the statistical significance of sporting action as it unfolds. If a horse’s performance mid-race is out of step with its previous form, an instant alert to that effect will have an immediate impact – for example on bet in-play markets.

The simple experience of a more immersive coverage is also likely to be of tremendous value to broadcasters and supporters alike. Currently the trend is for sports participants – notably officials – to wear cameras and microphones as an enhancement to the broadcast product. It is only a short step from this ‘close up’ coverage to a three dimensional immersive offering.

In this way the cleavage that has tended to separate the worlds of sport, cinema and gaming – which all nonetheless overlap in terms of their infrastructures as well as their audiences – are likely to converge. The blurring of the lines between traditional competitive sport and competitive gaming derived from those sports – such as the FIFA interactive world cup – is already well underway. How such a hybridised space may develop is an open question. But such indeterminacy is all part and parcel of the VR environment currently.

A second life for Second Life?

One intriguing initiative that appears to have what it takes to keep VR moving forwards in the public imagination is the possibility that the once ubiquitous Second Life could be resurrected in VR format. The potential to animate 3D avatars in an entirely virtual space is less of a technological leap than some of those that have been imagined. Given that there are still technical issues to overcome in terms of the live action events we have considered – and that there will always be a heavy reliance on the writing aspect of any scripted production – throwing open the technology to user generated material looks to be perhaps one of the more viable ways to use what is still a developing technology.

The next version of Second Life is currently being developed and it is scheduled for an unveiling in beta form later this year with a commercial application to follow in 2016. Speaking in 2014 Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg told TheNextWeb: “With technology, market interest, hardware and software available, now is the time to give it another big shot. We have the experience to do it more than anyone else.”  It will be fascinating to see what the take up of Altberg’s prediction will be. It does, apart from anything else, chime entirely with an aspiration for Facebook aired by Mark Zuckerberg in 2013 for a less abstract means of interacting.


In the meantime, sports fans are notoriously hard to please. The sports market is not the place for an untested and under-refined product. In the same vein, however technologically developed a filmic presentation may be, it will always sink or swim on audience reactions to characters and plots. Hitching a technological project to such an unpredictable vehicle will always be a long shot – however much of Zuckerberg’s money is thrown at it. In contrast, as Altberg stresses, there is an accumulated know-how behind Second Life that suggest its entirely user-generated fictional world may be the ideal means with which to exploit the developing potential of VR.

History repeating

In many respects the current status of VR mirrors that of the world wide web in the 1990s. At that point there was no doubting the potential of the web to transform contemporary communications and commerce. But at the same time the means to transact online and equally importantly – the public faith in that ability – had not yet been established. There were innumerable ‘big ideas’ that attracted venture funding, but as the dot com crash of 2000 demonstrated, market optimism was out of step with developers’ ability to actually get their ideas to market.

Fifteen years later and the huge amounts invested in VR are, for the time being at least, vulnerable to a similar case of what used to be called the parable of the ‘Emperor’s new clothes’. Of course, thanks in no small part to the successful delivery of those IT solutions, there is now a weight of money behind the VR revolution that puts it on a very different scale of vulnerability to those early dot coms. The world may have moved on but the economic fundamentals remain – as yet – unsatisfied. VR is yet to achieve a mainstream impact.

Taking a rounded view

Mark Zuckerberg is better placed than most to imagine what the practical potentials of the next wave of VR technology might bring. He has been there and bought the t-shirt. When he talks of the transformative potential of being able to consult face to face with your doctor at a distance, to experience a courtside seat at a ball game or to study in a virtual classroom of students and teachers all around the world, we should take his enthusiasm seriously.

But at the same time, we should bear in mind that this is a man with skin in the game. Zuckerberg is bound to say what he does about VR: it’s his money on the line. At the same time, it is worth noting that Zuckerberg’s business model for Facebook has been all about growth and consolidation of the Facebook service. Everything else is secondary to that promotion of growth. On that basis, it is perhaps worth noting that at the point where the Oculus deal went through Zuckerberg went out of his way to stress that generating profit direct from VR was not the prime motivator behind the deal.

There is little doubt that within the community that celebrates technology for its own sake, every step forward in the roll out of VR will be enthusiastically welcomed. But this is not the key market. If the millions of dollars that are currently being invested in VR projects are to deliver significant returns the technology has to find a place in the mainstream.

It is not hard to imagine numerous scenarios where such applications can have some utility – learning to drive, fly or operate any piece of static machinery that requires mental processing and co-ordinated actions. But the key hurdle that needs to be resolved is the public’s – to date – unfamiliarity with the concept of headsets and the consequent sense of personal dislocation they entail. Whilst the immersive potential of such technologies is hardly in doubt, the way in which – for example, they may reduce the sense of membership of a collective cinema audience is an issue. It is perhaps telling that, so far, VR has proved to be especially well-suited to audiences of the horror genre.  It is hard to see how enjoying a comedy, for instance, would be quite the same if one is shut off from the person in the next seat.

Zuckerberg is amongst those who see VR as a game changer in all senses of the expression. He has likened it to the smartphone revolution, suggesting that in only a small matter of years VR headsets and immersive technologies will be as ever-present and as universal as our familiar hand-helds. There is no doubt that new refinements to the delivery of VR are taking place all the time, and that the means to deliver Zuckerberg’s vision are becoming ever more affordable in the process. But at the same time history should warn us that there were plenty of other great ideas which looked like world-beaters in prospect, only to either be quickly discarded as fashions of the day or left trailing in the wake of alternative technologies. Whether VR turns out to be as solid a reality as Zuckerberg wants us to believe – irrespective of the millions invested and the mountains of hype that is generated – or whether it suffers the long and drawn out gestation of the electric car, or whether it goes the way of the humble horse and cart and the ill-fated steam lorry, only time will tell.


Highlights of the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show

An important message of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show (CES) of 2013 is that gaming is going mobile. With the absence of anything new in terms gaming consoles such as the Xbox and Play Station (although it is rumoured that the next generation of games consoles is being developed by both Sony and Microsoft) mobile gaming was in the forefront.

What is apparent is that the boundaries between mobile gaming such as playing games at a mobile luckynugget online casino and playing console type games while on the go are merging. Today’s smartphones are becoming as powerful as yesterdays game consoles, and there is no shortage of developers who are seeking to exploit all that power in for using immersive games. Who would have thought that the gaming platform of tomorrow is likely to be Android?

The approach is to take a smartphone or a tablet, add a few handles and controllers, and there you have it; a powerful games console with a quad core processor. Play mobile casino games or call of Duty, and switch seamlessly between the two.

While it was games consoles that at one time were the inspiration behind the development of new computer technologies, today smartphones are tablets are performing a similar role, with big semiconductor companies such as Intel, AMD, ARM and Nvidia doing battle to develop the fastest, most powerful and least power hungry chips. And it seems that they are getting there very quickly. Already we are seeing smartphones with quad core processors and eight core processors are on the drawing board.

Another area where these devices are also improving is in their display technologies. Displays are not only getting larger, five inch displays seem to be just standard nowadays, they are also improving in definition and using less power.

What are really needed though are better batteries. Although there are mobile batteries in the lab which can be charged in just a minute, they are still some way from being commercialized  Long battery lives of several days or even weeks would be a great advance for mobile gaming.

General Reviews

Benefits of Video Conferencing for your business

Businesses of all sizes looking to drive down their communication costs might be forgiven for thinking it would be impossible to hold meetings without forking out hundreds for a business trip that could have no positive conclusion at the end. However, thanks to Powwow now Video Conferencing, it’s possible to arrange a meeting with a client from the other side of the world without having to spend a small fortune on getting to their office, but how can it benefit your business?

In terms of saving money, Web Conferencing from companies can reduce the need to spend money on travelling long distances to and from an office of a potential client or investor. Also, it’s far cheaper to use than making a hugely expensive phone call, which is something a lot of business owners are concerned about. In many ways, relying on video conferencing could reduce the need to use phones, therefore reducing phone bills considerably.
Video conferencing can also save businesses plenty of time. One way in which that works is that travelling to meetings can take upwards of a couple of hours, and that time could be saved by arranging a video conference call instead, leaving your business extra time to do something more valuable than sit on a train waiting to get to your venue. It will also save remote employees time, as they won’t have to wait for a bus or drive to the office, and can start work at home on time if they need to talk to you.
Another benefit that video conferencing can bring to your company is the fact that it’s easy to use. In a few minutes, you can start a video conference call with whoever you invite to get involved and can get down to business. Also, it makes collaboration easy, as you can invite a number of people to the same conference call if you need to arrange a staff meeting promptly.


Effective online testing tools for PHP

Generally, we see that many PHP programmers find it quite annoying to upload their PHP script on the web hosting space for having a performance test as they don’t have an apache server. Moreover, it has also been noticed that programmers only have to insert their PHP code in IDE for checking output like various errors or recommendations to fix those errors. To make these tasks easier, all they require is a PHP code online testing tool. It will not only make the job easier, but will improve their performance. Here we have made a list of various helpful testing tools of PHP that will help programmers to enhance their work functionality and will eradicate all such hassle working for sure.

CodeRun Studio: This tool is enriched of all the IDE programming features and gives support to .Net, PHP, C#, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Thus, users can work on various files and projects at the same time. Moreover, by this tool, users can also upload and edit online their current projects. It provides a link to share project online to users.

Codepad: It is a simple and plain tool that supports around 13 languages that include Perl, C, C++, Ruby and many more. When a user pastes a code in it, he or she gets a URL that is purely unique and this URL is allowed to share with others. Thus, with this tool, users can have results immediately. Moreover, for this, registration is not required.

Amock: It is an object mock library and in PHP five. It is said that Amock is influenced by EasyMock. For better interface, mock objects have made of source code.

Enhance PHP tool: it is another unit of testing PHP framework and is made of stubs and mocks. It is a single file of PHP which can be added into a PHP project. In this tool, you can check your PHP classes or functions.

Assertion PHP unit Framework: It is a testing framework which is about assertions to help developer or programmers of PHP to test PHP code. The reports of failing assertions can be traced by IE5, Netscape 6+, Mozilla.

PHPUnit: Basically, it is a part of the PEAR packages. These PEAR packages support especially object oriented apps development of PHP by using Agile software and concept methods, Core programming, Contract development, Development driven of Testing and more. Thus, it provides strong, elegant framework development and execution of test units.

SimpleTest Tools: It is used as unit testing, testing for framework of PHP mock objects, web testing and so forth. It has other features that include server stub generation, PHPUnit integration, PEAR testing, online documentations and tutorials.

PHP CheckStyle Spike: It is open source PHP testing tool that allows programmers in conventions of certain coding. It examines PHP input source code and also provides coding convention reports.

PHP Coverage Spike: it is another PHP open source testing tool that measures codes and makes reports of code coverage that offers suit for PHP application. On runtime, this tool can work and make PHP script report of coverage line updates.

This guest post has been written by Ajay Nehra who recommends as the best service for selling used cell phones and suggests looking at a Pacebutler review before opting for their services.

General Reviews

Review of Sell Cell: A site to sell your old mobiles

Mobile phones are now an indispensable part of our lives. Studies suggest that an average mobile phone user uses his mobile phone for around 20% time of the day. The wear and tear caused by this high usage is the primary reason why people change their mobile phones very frequently. The worst part about buying a new mobile phone is to think what to do with the old one.

The answer to this question is Sell Cell. is a website which provides you option to sell your old mobile phones online at the highest prices possible. It guarantees to provide you deals for selling your old mobile phone at highest price online. It is ranked USA’s No. 1 cell phone recycling price comparison site.

What’s Good:

• Provides an eco-friendly way to dispose or recycle your old cell phone. Moreover, you get paid for it.

• The procedure to sell mobile phones is very simple.

• Searching for your mobile phone is also very easy.

What’s Not Good:

• If your phone is not in the list you may find it tougher to sell

• Shipping is not always free.

• Works only in the US.

There are a lot of websites on the internet which allow people to sell their old mobile phone. These websites, in turn, sell these phones to mobile recycling companies or the mobile phone manufacturers who dispose or recycle these old mobile phones. SellCell doesn’t buy the mobile phone itself but instead it searches these (vendor) sites for the mobile model specified and then provides you with the maximum price at which that model can be sold.

These comparison websites include Totem, Simple Sellular, Bikair, BuyBack, CellTrade, Recellular and lots of other websites. After providing you with a deal, it redirects you to the sites where you can actually sell your cell phone.

Selling your mobile through SellCell is a four step procedure. Firstly you have to search for you mobile model on the website and then it will present you deals to sell your phone. Secondly, you have to select the best deal for selling your phone. After selecting the deal, you just have to fill a few details and you will be provided the instruction on how to parcel them your old mobile phone (shipping will be free in most cases). Once the cell phone reaches the company and they have checked it, you will receive your payment via cash or vouchers.


SellCell provides a very easy and a simple method to get rid of your old phone for some cash in exchange. So I guess it’s a win-win situation for the user. Head on to SellCell and get rid of your old mobile phone now.

General Reviews

Sell your Old Mobile Phones through SellMyMobile

Things whose charm never goes off are the mobile phones. It’s true that we buy one and the other model glitters in the advertisement. Quiet often it is the case that the cell phones that we trusted for years run out and then there is a need to recycle them. All you have to do is you just need to be sure you pick the right recycling centre. You just need to remove your SIM card and as long as data is cleared completely including any saved files you had on the computer or mobile phone, it will be totally ok to recycle it.

It is in fact preferred if the device does not work whenever it goes to the recycling center, but if you really want to get your value out of the old electronic, it is better to sell a working electronic device.

What is SellMyMobile?

Sell My Mobile is the official UK’s no. 1 mobile phone price comparison website for recycling purpose. Established years ago, they are a highly trusted brand. You can sell your mobile at a cost that you find is appropriate and much greater than the cost provided by the owners. What SellMyMobile really do is take your old cell phone recycles it and then resells it.

The process behind recycling is: – They take out the memory or hard disk that stored everything and then set your phone for factory settings that remove all your stored passwords and codes created by you. Factory settings bring the phone back to the form
which it was when you bought it.

Advantages :

1. They compare more phone buyers than any other website and that too in seconds reducing your tedious task. Hence, it becomes a lot easier to use SellMyMobile to sell your cell phone at the rate you want.

2. There is a minimum quality standard required by each buyer to fulfil it. If the buyer is unable to maintain such standards then he/she is removed from the site.

3. The prices that are offered to the buyers are unbiased and you have a guaranteed best price offer from the website.

4. The recycling of your cell phones requires the recycling company agree to take it.

Most of the recycling partners are exclusive to the type of comparison browsed on.

Type of Phone it Accepts :

Below are the mentioned criteria which must be fulfilled by your phone to get accepted as a working phone: –

● Be able to turn on and off otherwise it really is considered as non-working.

● There are no problems if your phone contain scratches, it is normal as in every phone tends to have it due to everyday use.

● The cell phone must have a battery as well as the screen should be in the working mode.

● You shouldn’t send the SIM card and the memory cards along with your phones as it would be thrown out anyway.

● The phone should never be crushed nor had a dip in water.

The prices available for the working as well as non-working cell phones differ and the comparisons are done under different categories. The prices quoted will be valid only for 14 days.

The Payment Method :

Different payment options are available. The most common are cheque, bank transfer, PayPal, Pay Offline, Postal Order, same day payment and shopping vouchers. Any of the suggested methods that suit you can be opted. To see which methods each phone buyer offers enter the make and model of your phone into the search box at and then click GO.

Ways to Send your Phones :

You can send as many phones as you want. If you are sending more than 10 some of the phone buyers offer a free courier service. Click through to their websites and see their sites for more details. Though one company won’t always offer the best price for every single
phone: it is advisable to use the mobile phone price comparison service and check who is offering the best price for each separate phone in your collection: that way you won’t miss out any excellent offer from one company for a specific phone.

General Internet

Web and Video conferencing and their benefits

Today technology has evolved so much that there is no need to be present physically at a location to take part in a meeting or to take classes. Everyone prefers to live in a virtual world and so do they want to work virtually. The technology that powers this kind of virtual communication is called Web conferencing.

Web conferencing is a service that allows real conference to happen virtually. People present at different locations can take part in a conference and present things as if they are physically present in the conference room. The web conference is made possible through Internet Technology with the help of TCP/IP protocols. The web conferencing technology helps in transmission of voice, text as well as video through the network across geographically distributed locations.

Video conference is another similar technology but with few limitations e.g in Video conferencing only picture and voice can be transmitted in real-time but it does not offer desktop sharing. So it is not the preferred choice in corporate conferencing. However video conferencing is used while transmitting a live event with an added advantage of 2 way communication.

In most if the situations, web conferencing combined with video conferencing gives the optimum result as it offers the best of both the technologies. For this reason many service providers like Powwownow are offering both web conferencing as well as video conferencing solutions.

Features of Powwownow video conferencing:

The video conferencing solution provided by Powwownow is customized for both desktop and mobile. It provides HD video quality with no delays and dropped calls. Main benefit of this is it does not require any additional hardware as you can use your existing PC with a microphone and web camera.

Usage of Powwownow video conferencing:

The video conferencing solutions from Powwownow can be used to deliver effective training without the need for the trainees to be physically present. It can be used to give presentation to customers and clients without you leaving your office. You can even conduct virtual interview using this.

Features of Powwownow Web conferencing:

The Powwownow web conferencing solutions is a featured packed solutions offering all the functionality offered by paid web conferencing solutions. This is absolutely free and too easy to use and set up. It offers desktop sharing so that you can have a guided tour on your computer sitting at your office and clients sitting at various different locations. Another great feature is, with Powwownow web conferencing, only the host has to download and install the software in his/her system, the viewers do not need to download anything. They just need a web browser with Internet connection.

Usage of Powwownow video conferencing:

You can use this web conferencing solutions to facilitate group training for employees situated at various office locations. You can have interactive presentations with your team members. You can use this to present company updates.

The kind of new technologies like web and video conferencing system are making our life so easy. Now executives and trainers do not need to travel places to discuss and give training to their clients and students. This can help in saving travelling time as well as money. Even people can opt for working from home and use this facility to interact with their team members. Such kind of technological improvements are boon to the society.