Why Adding GPS Is More Than a Luxury

Vehicle tracking services like GPS can assist with improving performance and cutting costs regardless of the type of industry you serve. Whether you are looking to manage employee time or control inventory, or you are a dispatcher searching for a simple, easy way to incorporate a vehicle-tracking system, adding GPS has become a necessity in today’s automotive industries. Whether your company is maintaining surveillance of shipped cargo or monitoring staff, GPS vehicle tracking can make a big difference.

Why adding GPS is more than Luxury

Time Is Money. Each moment that your vehicle is out on the road, there are expenses involved. Your company must pay a salary to the driver and your vehicles require fuel. If a loading crew is on standby, there is cost for that redundant time. GPS vehicle tracking is a perfect means of managing the time of your convoy, right down to every single vehicle. If you’re able to maintain awareness of the goings and comings on company time, you can reorganize and make vital changes to improve efficiencies.

• GPS tracking keeps staff trustworthy. If they are being tracked with GPS technology, they will not make inappropriate stops or waste company time.

• GPS is an efficient means of creating more effective routes, saving money and time.

• Fuel costs a lot, especially today. Whenever vehicles are sitting in traffic or at specific stops, the gas gauge is going down. Decrease fuel expenditures by keeping drivers on the road and not loafing or idling vehicles at unneeded stops.

Your Company’s Standing Is at Stake

If you own a company that utilizes vehicles as part of its service, your customers and suppliers are observing the character of your company. They can identify lapses in performance, and with the Internet, can quickly size you up against your competitors. It is in the best interest of your company to maintain a “tight ship.”

• Regardless if providing onsite services or deliver goods, the clientele and businesses you assist will expect acceptable arrival times. GPS tracking allows you to improve coordination of your services.

• Assume that your customers are using the Internet, smartphones, and other gadgets to keep tabs on what they pay for. If a customer calls to ask you about their delivery, you will be equipped with a precise answer.

Better Efficiency Means More Business

The more efficiently you use your time, the more business and more revenue you will generate.

• GPS has the possibility to decrease the time required for your vehicle to get from one locale to another. You will be able to add more engagements in one day, or make additional deliveries in less time. If you are in the transportation business and your customers are satisfied, you will attract more content patrons; word of mouth works wonders.

• Impressions are important. Quick, well thought out service will keep your present customers pleased, and they will vouch for you as well. Utilize GPS tracking to decrease wait times, and develop more business for your company.


GPS tracking is not only convenient, it is practical, and a financially wise move for businesses with vehicles. With the modern world’s desire to know more about what they are getting, where it comes from, and when, GPS has become more than a luxury tool it has become a necessity.

This is a guest post by Robert J. Hall who is president of Track Your Truck, a leading provider of vehicle tracking solutions and software for small and midsized companies.