Online gaming between tablets vs mobile phones

According to Games Industry International it appears that 80% of tablet and mobile phone users use their devices for playing games. Other surveys more or less concur, with reported figures of between 65% and 80%. Around 20% of owners of both mobile phones and tablets say that they prefer to play online games on their tablets.

The obvious trade off between online gaming on phones and tablets is the quality and size of the display versus the convenience and ease of handling. The gaming experience is better on large tablets, but smartphones are easier to carry around. What is happening though is that tablets are getting smaller with the 7 inch tablet beginning to dominate the market, while phones are getting larger. Already there are phones available with 6 inch displays.

There are also other ways in which phones and tablets are merging. Some of the latest tablets have HSPA connectivity and they are effectively mobile phones. You wouldn’t want to hold them to your head to make a call, but with Bluetooth and speakerphone functionality there is no need to. Examples of these tablet phones include the Asus FonePad and the seven inch Galaxy Tab where playing online is made easy.

It also depends on the kinds of games you play on your mobile device. If you enjoy playing online casino games such as blackjack and roulette or even a little poker then you can get by with your mobile phone, be sure to check out the best iPhone casinos at!. After all, you are not playing these games for the immersive quality of their graphics, you are playing to hopefully win some money. If you are a serious gamer and enjoy playing massive multiplayer online games such as the World of WarCraft you are going to need something larger, preferably a good deal larger. You can play the game on your mobile if you are streaming from the cloud, but it is not really recommended.


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