Everything you wanted to know about Online Bingo

This is a comprehensive guide about online Bingo games which has created a sensation in the Internet in recent time. It will be useful for first timer as well as veterans in the world of Online Bingo.


Let’s start with an introduction of Online Bingo.  It is a form of Bingo played via Internet with the help of Random number generator. The history of Online Bingo dates back to 1996 when the first Online Bingo game named Bingo Zone was launched. But with advancement in Web technology the Online Bingo game has evolved and now offer much more functionality like real-time chat and community support to have a feeling of playing in real world.

As the popularity of Online Casino, Online Bingo etc has touched the peak level, mushrooming growth of such Internet portal has happened and thousands of sites now offer online Bingo playing. So Finding the best new bingo sites which offer an amazing experience and better return is the biggest challenge the players face.

Game Play

In order to play online Bingo game, you need to have a computer, Internet connection and a modern we browser installed. Most of the Bingo sites offer free as well as paid game play where players compete for prizes and cash. Many bingo sites provide signup bonus and other perks. Each player gets three cards per game, which appear in a special pop-up window with the bingo tote board and a chat area. In the upper right corner of the bingo window, the pattern which needs to be matched appear. The system then call numbers at random. As numbers are called, players “daub” their cards with a click of the mouse. When a player’s card matches the pattern, he or she hits the “Bingo” button.

When there are more than 1 winner, the stake money is divided among all the players.

In order to get maximum out of the game, various mechanisms like auto-daub and best card sorting/highlighting systems are used. This helps in little automation and raise the chances of winning.

Pitfalls of Online Bingo

As the popularity of online game play has reached very high, there are many new sites coming up every day. Some of these sites are created for the sole purpose of scamming players. So unless it is a top rated bingo site, do not make deposit. Reading review from other players helps a lot in finalizing the best sites. There are websites which aggregates and rank sites based on rating, review and overall experience.


Playing online bingo is economical and you can play from the comfort of your home. But if you are really adventurous and love the smoke and chitchat then it cant beat the environment of a real bingo hall. Especially if you are a new player you need to be cautious while choosing the bingo sites as many have emerged just for the sake of scamming. While choosing your bingo site it is of utmost importance to select site with good review and rating. One should not get influenced by looking at the high payout and nifty looking sites.