Top Casino Games for your tablet

Tablets are almost everybody’s favoured platform for playing casino games whether they are playing at home or playing on the go. Most casino games can be played on the iPad, the Microsoft Surface and Android tablets, but some that still require Adobe Flash are not available for the iPad.
The top tablet casino games are still the traditional ones. Slots are particularly popular for playing on the go probably because it the most accessible of all casino games. You can simply log in to your favourite mobile casino, have a few spins, and then leave; alternatively you can play for as long as you wish.
Roulette is still hugely popular. There is something quite mystic about roulette which the game retains even when played on a tablet rather than at a real casino. It is one of the oldest casino games, which makes it even more remarkable that it is now one of the most popular tablet casino games of all.
Blackjack is the most popular casino type card game for the tablet. It is very accessible, it is reasonably challenging, the better you get at it the more likely you are to win, and it is a mobile casino game with one of the smallest house edges.
Although baccarat is often thought of as being mainly for high stake players, mobile casino baccarat can be played for very modest stakes. High roller games are also available though if that is what you prefer.
You can also use your tablet to play live live casino games at what many consider as the best iPad casinos at Here the experience is somewhat different as there are real dealers who spin the roulette wheel and shuffle and deal the cards. You can also interact with other players and converse directly with the croupiers if you have a question regarding any particular game. Sadly for iPad owners, while you can play at live casinos on your Android and Surface tablets, the lack of Adobe flash means that they are not available (yet) for the iPad.


The best video conferencing gadgets in market

Video conferencing is becoming a massive trend in numerous areas of communications at an explosive rate. Whether we’re talking about University learning environments, corporate settings or small business conferencing with freelancers and telecommuters; in all of these cases, a growing list of video calling options is presenting itself at extremely reasonable prices and easy to arrange set up times.

That said, with all the options available, it’s easy to overlook the essentials and the best gadgets or brands that represent these vital core tools for video conferencing. In order to make things a bit simpler, take a look through the following list to find out exactly what will work best at fulfilling your professional quality video calling needs without making things overly complicated or pricey.

1. High End Tablet

While video conferencing is something that many of us normally associate with desktop PCs or laptops, doing it on the go with a high quality mobile device is becoming more and more common. The iPad With Retina Display or another high level brand such as the Galaxy Note 2 are all great examples of tablets that make the grade for some seriously good video conferencing and calling capacity.
In both cases you get awesome video rendering, crystal clear display technology (especially in the iPads case thanks to Retina) and the capacity to download numerous powerful video calling apps for one-on-one or multiway calls.

2. HD Video Camera

For those of you that plan on holding your conference calls from desktop machines, an HD camera is an absolute must-have gadget that delivers the kind of results you need for optimal video (depending on how strong your web connection is). Instead of enduring pixelated low quality calls with built in computer cams, go for much clearer quality with a separate video cam brand. A couple of good examples are the Logitech TV Cam HD, which works only with HD TVs, and the Logitech HD Pro Webcam, which can be used for computers and laptops.

3. Headset

Without a high quality headset, no video conferencing conversation is quite as clear as it could be, and tabletop or computer microphones are no substitute. However, any headset you buy should not only be comfortable but also as unobtrusive as possible. You don’t want something clunky surrounding your cranium as you talk to clients or business partners.
An excellent choice is the Plantronics Blackwire C320 USB Headset, which easily connects to your computer, is made with a solid, reliable frame and offers optimal audio quality with a comfortable fit.

4. Video Conferencing Screen

Holding your calls on a clear high definition monitor or screen is vital to easy communication and viewing between you and those you’re talking to. Because of this, you shouldn’t shirk on quality by settling for something cheap or with low resolution. Instead, go for what will provide the best image quality you can reasonably afford and make your video conferences truly professional.
One option is an HD TV, for which you can use the Logitech TV Cam HD mentioned above to create truly wide angle, high definition video calls. Or, you can also try a product such as the Samsung VC240 23.6″ widescreen LCD display monitor, which is completely designed and built for high level, professional video conferences.

5. Web Conferencing Software

No web conference is professionally complete without software that lets you integrate the whole meeting together, set up webinars or conferences and share data easily between yourself and just one or numerous other conference call attendees.
There are numerous all-in-one services like this available on the market but one particularly well priced option is Adobe Connect (current edition: 9) With Adobe you can do all of the above and at the same time create a calling environment in which everyone can communicate across numerous different devices, share information and make high quality recordings of all conference materials.

About the author: Steven Chalmers works closely with tech companies to provide expert quality content and freelance tech articles. When he’s not writing, you can find him covering Intercall’s web conferencing services.


Highlights of the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show

An important message of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show (CES) of 2013 is that gaming is going mobile. With the absence of anything new in terms gaming consoles such as the Xbox and Play Station (although it is rumoured that the next generation of games consoles is being developed by both Sony and Microsoft) mobile gaming was in the forefront.

What is apparent is that the boundaries between mobile gaming such as playing games at a mobile luckynugget online casino and playing console type games while on the go are merging. Today’s smartphones are becoming as powerful as yesterdays game consoles, and there is no shortage of developers who are seeking to exploit all that power in for using immersive games. Who would have thought that the gaming platform of tomorrow is likely to be Android?

The approach is to take a smartphone or a tablet, add a few handles and controllers, and there you have it; a powerful games console with a quad core processor. Play mobile casino games or call of Duty, and switch seamlessly between the two.

While it was games consoles that at one time were the inspiration behind the development of new computer technologies, today smartphones are tablets are performing a similar role, with big semiconductor companies such as Intel, AMD, ARM and Nvidia doing battle to develop the fastest, most powerful and least power hungry chips. And it seems that they are getting there very quickly. Already we are seeing smartphones with quad core processors and eight core processors are on the drawing board.

Another area where these devices are also improving is in their display technologies. Displays are not only getting larger, five inch displays seem to be just standard nowadays, they are also improving in definition and using less power.

What are really needed though are better batteries. Although there are mobile batteries in the lab which can be charged in just a minute, they are still some way from being commercialized  Long battery lives of several days or even weeks would be a great advance for mobile gaming.


Top 5 TV based online games

Every home has one, and for most of us, it’s a great source of information and entertainment. Where would we be without a TV? We all have our favourite shows, but what if you could play games based on them? Thanks to sites like Ladbrokes, have plenty of games with a theme based on a popular TV show and you can play them online at their website. The games include, Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and X Factor.

Whether you’re a fan of quiz shows, soap operas, dramas, sitcoms or even the news, there’s something you’re bound to enjoy, but what are the best around? We’ve managed to find five of the best TV-based online games available on the web today. Here are the pick of the bunch:


1. Deal or No Deal Instant Win

Based on the hugely popular box-based guessing game, Deal Or No Deal Instant Win works in much the same way as a scratchcard. As with the TV show, you have 22 numbered boxes to work with, each containing different amounts of prize money.

However, the twist here is that some boxes contain the same amount, so, for example, if you want to win the top £25,000 prize, you have to open five boxes with that amount inside. The grey boxes show you how many boxes in a row you need to win.

2. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

A huge hit on TV screens around the world, this is one of the greatest shows of its genre ever. The online game pretty much follows the same format, with the same chance to test your knowledge and win a big cash prize if you get all your questions correct. If you play who wants to be a millionaire, you get to play at a much quicker pace but with the same level of tension and skill.

3. Star Trek

You wouldn’t think that this classic sci-fi series would spawn a game, but it has! To play the online Star Trek game, you have 30 win lines to work with. After clicking the ‘Line Bet’ button and ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to alter the size of your stake, you’re ready to start. There’s also an Autospin option.

4. News Time

A game based on a news programme might sound strange, but it’s there and it’s a lot of fun to play. Basically, it works like a general knowledge quiz, with progressive prizes for each correct answer. However, you have to beat the clock to win.

5. The Weakest Link

The weakest Link game is based on the stern general knowledge quiz hosted by so-called ‘Queen of Mean’ Anne Robinson. It rewards knowledge and comes with added tension as with each round, your time to answer each question becomes shorter.

Social Media

How social Media Helps Small Business Succeed

It’s not easy to get your business noticed online, and it’s definitely a difficult task to make a connection to a potential customer that will last long enough for them to convert. If you’re trying to market a business as green this can be twice as hard, since people can be quite skeptical around your green credentials.


This has been made all the more difficult thanks to more savvy online buyers – due to the amount of time we collectively spend on the internet, even those who would once have been considered less than computer literate are easily capable of filtering out poor quality advertising images and copy floating around their Facebook sidebars; instead going for what the business and marketing types might call higher quality, more sharable articles.

A spokesperson for Make It Cheaper, one of the UK’s leading energy comparison sites, said: “High quality content and social media marketing has been gaining prominence as the way forward for web traffic generation in recent years. It is rewarded by search engine algorithms and word-of-mouth both online and offline. By creating and regularly updating informative website blog content and building customer engagement on social media, businesses can not only have their website re-indexed by search engines but also generate trust and establish authority on relevant topics. It’s easy to see that the business landscape is becoming more transparent because the internet allows fast access to company information and customer reviews.”

It no longer matters what industry a business operates in – high quality content is essential to ensure that potential customers engage with the brand. A business gas comparison expert from Make it Cheaper spokesperson continued:
“As a result, it is equally important to practice ethical business management and to provide quality products that perform according to expectations. Informed and cost-conscious customers base their purchasing decisions on value and convenience for time and money. For this reason, we at Make It Cheaper offer our customers free, fast, friendly and impartial advice on business cost reduction over the phone. Our savings experts help to dramatically reduce business gas, electricity, telecommunications, and chip and PIN bills by comparing market prices, and we can even help you appeal your business rates and source new insurance policies and premiums without charging a consultation fee.”

General Reviews

Benefits of Video Conferencing for your business

Businesses of all sizes looking to drive down their communication costs might be forgiven for thinking it would be impossible to hold meetings without forking out hundreds for a business trip that could have no positive conclusion at the end. However, thanks to Powwow now Video Conferencing, it’s possible to arrange a meeting with a client from the other side of the world without having to spend a small fortune on getting to their office, but how can it benefit your business?

In terms of saving money, Web Conferencing from companies can reduce the need to spend money on travelling long distances to and from an office of a potential client or investor. Also, it’s far cheaper to use than making a hugely expensive phone call, which is something a lot of business owners are concerned about. In many ways, relying on video conferencing could reduce the need to use phones, therefore reducing phone bills considerably.
Video conferencing can also save businesses plenty of time. One way in which that works is that travelling to meetings can take upwards of a couple of hours, and that time could be saved by arranging a video conference call instead, leaving your business extra time to do something more valuable than sit on a train waiting to get to your venue. It will also save remote employees time, as they won’t have to wait for a bus or drive to the office, and can start work at home on time if they need to talk to you.
Another benefit that video conferencing can bring to your company is the fact that it’s easy to use. In a few minutes, you can start a video conference call with whoever you invite to get involved and can get down to business. Also, it makes collaboration easy, as you can invite a number of people to the same conference call if you need to arrange a staff meeting promptly.

Android Mobile

Review of Huawei Honor 2

In this never ending Smartphone market, Chinese phone maker Huawei has unveiled its high end Android handset, “Huawei Honor 2”. This smartphone is going to hit the retail stores pretty soon. Here, we will give you a brief-up of the features of this Chinese gizmo which is a low cost alternative to other expensive android phones. Pre-orders for this phone started off in China. Mobile Phone Prices vary usually from city to city within the country and this smart phone is available in all the metros across India.

Huawei Honor 2 Salient Features

> Huawei Honor 2 is a 4.5 inches phone with IPS-LCD capacitive multi-touch screen, with Touch-sensitive controls, along with the resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels (16M colours & pixel density of 326 ppi ).
> While talking about physical dimensions, this phone has 134mm of height with 67.5mm of width and barely 10.5 mm thick.
> Honor 2 weighs barely 145 gms, making it one of the lightest phone hybrids in the Android market.
> This smartphone is powered by company’s in-house K3V2 – 1.4 GHz quad-core processor along with 2GB of RAM.
> Honor 2 boasts off 8 megapixel touch to focus (autofocus) rear side camera (with the resolution of 3264×2448 pixels), complemented by other features such as HD Video recording, audio/video playback, Geo-tagging and face detection.
> Those who are expecting, this smartphone to be installment with Android till date, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean OS), will be little
disappointed, as this device feature only the Android 4.0 i.e. Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System.

Huawei Honor 2 Technical Specifications

> Mobile Networks:2G and 3G
> Micro SIM Card: Yes
> Physical size details: 134mm(H) x 67.5mm(W) x 10.5mm(TH)
> Weight: 145 grams
> Screen: 4.5” IPS-LCD capacitive multi- touch screen, touch-sensitive controls
> Resolution: 720 x 1280 px (pixel density:326 ppi)
> Rear camera: 8 megapixels, touch-to-focus function (autofocus)
> Videography: HD video rec. with 1080p at 30 frames per second
> LED Flash, face detection. Also includes Geo-tagging and HDR.
> Front Camera: 1.3 megapixel
> Front Camera VideoGraphy: HD video rec. with 720p at 30 frames per second
> Processor: 1.4 GHz, (Quad-core)
> Chipset: Huawei K3V2
> RAM: 2GB
> Internal Memory: 8GB MicroSD Card (expandable upto 32 GB)
> Speed: 21 Mbps on HSDPA, 5.76 Mbps on HSUPA
> Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, DLNA, Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP
> Wi-Fi specific features: Wi-Fi hotspot
> Connectivity: MicroUSB v2.0, 3.5mm headphone jack
> Mobile OS: Android version 4.0 [Ice Cream Sandwich]
> Mobile Internet: HTML5 mobile browser
> Voice quality: Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic
> A/V: Supports all major audio/video formats
> Voice controls: Voice memo commands
> Battery: Li-Ion[2230 mAh], (Stand-by) Up to 541 hours, (Talk time) Up to 13 hours
> Radio/FM: Comes with stereo FM radio
> Navigation: GPS/A-GPS(supports GLONASS), Digital compass
> Sensors: Proximity, accelerometer, gyro sensors
> Colour option: Black, White
> Other features: Multi-touch input, SNS integration

Huawei Honor 2 Final Review

This smartphone has a sleek & smart design drenched in black color (also available in white). It has a rock-like screen bracketed in plastic made case. With its such extraordinary features at a low budget, it is a highly opinionated smartphone amongst the latest Android devices. General availability of Honor 2 is not yet announced, but China might start pre-order soon. The expected price is approximately 1888 Yuan or close to US$300. The expected price in India is approximately INR 17,000-20,000.


Effective online testing tools for PHP

Generally, we see that many PHP programmers find it quite annoying to upload their PHP script on the web hosting space for having a performance test as they don’t have an apache server. Moreover, it has also been noticed that programmers only have to insert their PHP code in IDE for checking output like various errors or recommendations to fix those errors. To make these tasks easier, all they require is a PHP code online testing tool. It will not only make the job easier, but will improve their performance. Here we have made a list of various helpful testing tools of PHP that will help programmers to enhance their work functionality and will eradicate all such hassle working for sure.

CodeRun Studio: This tool is enriched of all the IDE programming features and gives support to .Net, PHP, C#, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Thus, users can work on various files and projects at the same time. Moreover, by this tool, users can also upload and edit online their current projects. It provides a link to share project online to users.

Codepad: It is a simple and plain tool that supports around 13 languages that include Perl, C, C++, Ruby and many more. When a user pastes a code in it, he or she gets a URL that is purely unique and this URL is allowed to share with others. Thus, with this tool, users can have results immediately. Moreover, for this, registration is not required.

Amock: It is an object mock library and in PHP five. It is said that Amock is influenced by EasyMock. For better interface, mock objects have made of source code.

Enhance PHP tool: it is another unit of testing PHP framework and is made of stubs and mocks. It is a single file of PHP which can be added into a PHP project. In this tool, you can check your PHP classes or functions.

Assertion PHP unit Framework: It is a testing framework which is about assertions to help developer or programmers of PHP to test PHP code. The reports of failing assertions can be traced by IE5, Netscape 6+, Mozilla.

PHPUnit: Basically, it is a part of the PEAR packages. These PEAR packages support especially object oriented apps development of PHP by using Agile software and concept methods, Core programming, Contract development, Development driven of Testing and more. Thus, it provides strong, elegant framework development and execution of test units.

SimpleTest Tools: It is used as unit testing, testing for framework of PHP mock objects, web testing and so forth. It has other features that include server stub generation, PHPUnit integration, PEAR testing, online documentations and tutorials.

PHP CheckStyle Spike: It is open source PHP testing tool that allows programmers in conventions of certain coding. It examines PHP input source code and also provides coding convention reports.

PHP Coverage Spike: it is another PHP open source testing tool that measures codes and makes reports of code coverage that offers suit for PHP application. On runtime, this tool can work and make PHP script report of coverage line updates.

This guest post has been written by Ajay Nehra who recommends as the best service for selling used cell phones and suggests looking at a Pacebutler review before opting for their services.

Apple Mobile

10 most popular games for your iOS device

An iOS device without games is like a computer without software. With release of iPod touch the demand for music has been suppressed by the demand for Games. Thanks to high quality 3D games in App Store.  There are scores of new games being launched everyday with some big brands battling on the app store. If you consider yourself an avid gamer and you are lucky to posses an iDevice, you can’t ignore the following games from App Store. Get ready to experience the iOS gaming pleasure.

Epic Astro Story

App Store user rating: 4.5
Developer: Kairosoft

The Epic Astro Story is a simulation game from the Japanese mobile games publisher Kairosoft. The game is set in space and the idea is to construct a flourishing colony in an untamed planet by building houses and roads while sending members of the team away to conquer new planets. The battle with cosmic creatures heats up the challenge. A sure buy for the strategy fans!

Beat Sneak Bandit

App Store user rating: 4.5
Develop: Simogo

Coming from the magic hat that has already created two of the most uniquely warm and compelling iOS games, Beat Sneak Bandit is a rhythm-action stealth puzzler. Your goal is to stealthily enter the mansion of Duke Clockface, the wicked clock thief, and give back the world all the timepieces he has stolen. On your way, you must dodge enemy guards and objects. Planning, working out puzzles, and predicting hazards will help you win the game. The smart design and Looney tune visuals are a definite plus.

Beat Hazard Ultra

App Store user rating: 5
Developer: Cold Beam Games

Beat Hazard Ultra is a fast arcade-style, music generated shooter game. The intense visuals and beat detection in the game are outstanding. The soundtrack in the game is based on the user’s iTunes playlist. Each track represents one stage and the arrangement of enemies depends on the song. As the intensity of the music goes up, the foes get faster and furious. If you are aching to get your hands on a pair of virtual sticks and let the bullets fly, Beat hazard Ultra is the game for you.

Pizza vs. Skeletons

App Store user rating: 4.5

Developer: Riverman Media

What can a custom-made giant pizza do? A lot of things, as you will in find out in Pizza vs. Skeletons. The three common elements for making a pizza – rolling, jumping, and pounding the ground are done by tilting your device, tapping the screen and hitting the deck by tapping again. These are also the moves that crush the skeletons and dodge their spears. The game includes a mighty 100 levels. A weird yet ridiculously entertaining game!

Spin Up

App Store user rating: 4.5
Developer: Nenad Katic

Spin Up is creative high score game that brims with brilliant graphics, plot, and music. The game is based on a clever gameplay mechanic where the user has to spin the outside rings of a rapidly deteriorating space elevator to guide their astronaut avatar climb out to safety. Adding to the fluidity and challenge, the elevator is filled with vicious, man-eating office supplies, broken ladders, and hostile machines. Spin Up joins the line of endlessly addictive games.

Bee Leader

App Store user rating: 4.5
Developer: Fightless Limited

Bee Leader is a relatively peaceful game that is simplistic and highly polished. In this game, you take up the role of an over-sized bee responsible for collecting nectar and honey for the hive. You navigate through a circular landscape and search flowers, honey pots, and even honey barrels. Filling the hive with honey will earn you points and move you up to the next level. It is humor combined with simple facts that makes the game interesting and different.

The King of Fighters – i 2012

App Store user rating: 5
Developer: SNK Playmore

The King of Fighters – i 2012, yet another fighting game on the app store, comes with some interesting enhancements over its previous version. The content-rich single player mode offers hours of never-ending gaming experience. New characters join the 2012 team and your player ranking changes depending on the number of victories and losses. With 32 playable characters, gamers can battle against the strongest players across the Wi-Fi network.


App Store user rating: 5
Developer: Touch Foo

Swordigo is an appealing side-scrolling action-RPG that includes iCloud support as a novel feature. Recalling the basic elements of established console games, Swordigo is set around genuine yet familiar characters and conventions across challenging forest, cave, and dungeon environments. Bad creatures return to cause havoc. The player takes up the sword and sets on a journey to recover powerful weapons to defeat the creatures while slashing eerie bats, crawling spiders, horned monsters, and dangerous forces on the way.

Chaos Rings II

App Store user rating: 5
Developer: Square Enix

Chaos Rings II can easily be called one of the best JRPGs available on iOS. An apocalyptic force that is threatening the world into doom pushes Darwin into the role of a nominator. Darwin’s job is to complete the Rite of Resealing task to seal away the destroyer and save the world. With an expanded battle system and amazing environment, the game is robust enough to justify its slightly high price tag.

Kitten Sanctuary

App Store user rating: 5
Developer: Clockwork Pixels

With Kitten Sanctuary, Clockwork Pixels seem to have taken a slightly new route differing from the conventional bare bone approach that most iOS puzzlers are based on. The plot of the game revolves around rescuing 50 kittens kidnapped by aliens. Progressing through a series of levels, you must play the match three game to accomplish the rescue task. The items that you will match are resources that you will collect. The well-crafted layout and attention to detail makes Kitten Sanctuary an interesting play.

Sindhuja Sandeep is a blogger who writes on mobile phone, computers and other technical stuff. Also she is keen in updating about latest technology. At present she blogs for convergence catalyst, a Telecom consulting firm offering Indian telecom market forecast & operational strategies across entire Telecom value chain

Gadgets Tablet PC

Best Android tablets for kids

The advent of the latest technology has had a deep impact on almost every aspect of our daily lives. Tablet PCs are considered the latest innovation in the computer industry and they have been designed keeping in mind the needs of people from all walks of life and of all age groups. These days, doing business, watching movies and listening to music while travelling has all become ridiculously easy and all credit goes to tablet PCs. In addition, parents even prefer using the aid of the latest technology to educate their children, as a tablet PC can potentially act as the gateway for heaps of infotainment for your kids. This has been combined with the power of Open Source Android and availability of tons of amazing free and paid apps from Google Play Store.

For all parents looking to gift an age-appropriate tablet PC to their young one, here are the top android tablets for kids:

Intel StudyBook

Widely acclaimed by reviewers for its brilliant features, affordability and educative value, Intel StudyBook can be the perfect birthday gift for your little one. This 7-incher is compatible with both Windows and Android Honeycomb 3.0 OS and is highly energy efficient as it is equipped with single-core Intel Atom Z650 chipset. The best part is that Intel StudyBook offers all the right features to educate your kindergartener as well as your kid in the sixth grade. The device is also accompanied with Intel Learning Series Software Suite that offers an amazing learning experience for young kids. Hailed by educators around the globe for its brilliant features, the Intel StudyBook is up for grabs for less than $200.


Developed by the non-profit organization, ‘One Laptop per Child’, the XO-3 is an amazing educational device that uses the muscle of the latest technological advancements to make it work in different environments. Priced at a staggering $100, this amazing tablet PC offers amazing specs that will fulfill the needs of your little one. Powered by Linux OS and Marvel ARMADA PXA618 processor, the XO-3 offers half gigabyte RAM and crystal clear display quality on an 8-inch screen. Although, currently OLPC XO-3 is not available at ordinary retail stores as it is being primarily used as part of education programs in third world countries, still it is only a matter of time before you can buy it for your kids.

Lexibook Kids Tablet

Offering the perfect mix of education and entertainment, the Lexibook Kids Tablet will put an end to your problems with respect to helping your kids in easy learning. Lexibook Kids Tablet offers an easy-to-understand interface, loads of built-in games, built-in Wi-Fi support, pre-loaded songs, educational tests and 53 discovery activities. Parents can hand this amazing device into the hands of their young ones without any apprehension as all the e-books, songs and educational material found in this tablet PC has been selected by the makers after a careful review of the learning needs of kids.

Fuhu Nabi 2

Built to help your children learn and grow into healthy and educated adults, Nabi 2 tablet PC by Fuhu allows you to educate your young kids by blending information and fun together. Featuring NVIDIA Tegra 3.0 1.3 GHz processor and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, this 7-incher offers the best learning system for your kids with instructional sound learning, educational games, age-appropriate song collection and brilliant strategy games such as Treasure Box. Parents can even use Nabi’s online N-SITE to analyze your kid’s progress.

Micromax FunBook

If you are in India, Funbook is worth a buy for your kid as it has an impeccable specs to fall for. At approximately USD 120 or INR 6000 this is indeed the best buy for your kid. Micromax FunBook sports a 7 inch Capacitive touch screen with 800X480 resolution. It comes with 1.2GHZ Cortex A8 processor and Dual Mali-400MP graphics processor. The 512MB RAM is not much impressive though (There is a choice of a pro model with few extra bucks with 1Gb RAM). It is powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and comes pre-loaded with many educational apps and videos. Moreove Micromax has an appstore from where you can download apps apart from the regular Google play store.

You might come across many other tablets at the price range mentioned here or below this price, but those are not good. We have compiled this list by observing these models of tablets closely and looking at their popularity and performance.