10 Google Products everyone should know about

The name Google needs no introduction; it is one of the biggest American multinational corporation which has witnessed a great development in the past few years. Google has been providing its service to its consumers worldwide; millions of people are associated with this corporation directly or indirectly. Google being one of the best firms in international technology industry and thus in this highly competitive industry it provides one of the best products in the industry. Google has brought a revolutionary change through its wide range of products in the field of technology. The following 10 products from Google has changed how we use Internet.


Google Search

This product needs no introduction, the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word Google is its search engine. This is the mother product of Google and is free so is the most widely used product. It is said to be the best search engine and provides its users with the most relevant and updated search results. It provides great amount of information and without it the life would have been really difficult.


Released in 2004, it was made available to users in 2007, it has than kept on improving and thus became one of the best mail service product available. It has simply brought a revolution and changed the perspective of seeing and sending emails. Till last year it had 350 million users and still counting, this represents the quality and use of this product. It has been a tough competitor to Yahoo mail and is one of the best products by Google.


Regarded as one of the best products by Google, YouTube needs no special introduction. A very widely used product and said to be one of the best video search engine, it offers a large database of videos on one platform. It offers billion of videos to its users and also holds a record of streaming 4 billion online videos every day. It is made a place for entertainment by its video sharing and its thousands of law suits.

Google Maps

Released in 2005, this product instantly grabbed attention and became popular among people all over the world. You will never get lost if you have Google Maps, it provides Maps of almost every corner of the world and thus it also allows exploring the world even simply sitting at your home. You can get the feeling of walking down the streets as if u are actually there, by the more personal Street view.

Google Chrome

Launched in 2008 Google Chrome is now the most widely used internet browsers and it earned fame in the past few years. Google chrome is simple and speedy , it also enables you to stay logged in to your Google account. It is an free web browser which has became the backbone of Google, which integrates many Google products such as Gmail and Google+. Google Chrome is now the most widely used web browser with almost 33% of the market share. It is now one of the best browsers in the market and is really speedy and easy to use.

Google Advertising

One of the peculiar feature of Google has always been advertising; it has been a great tool for their users to promote their brand. As a huge amount of people visit Google everyday it provides the traffic needed for the advertisements. The Google advertising is not only beneficial to its producers but also to its buyers. Google’s ads are really useful as when you search for a product you will only find an ad related to it, which makes the Google advertising a great use for the needful and also it earns most of its revenue from this.

Google Docs

Google Docs is very popular and it has earned this popularity due to the very different services it provides. New ideas were brought out as Google Docs took the productivity tools online. It has solved lot of the problems that were faced by the people before the introduction of this product, this product largely help the users to back up their work online. All this services are for free and that’s what makes Google Docs stand out from others.


Android is a operating system based on Linux software and gives a very great and different ways of handling their mobile phone. When launched in 2007 it was seen as a healthy competitor to the Apple’s iPhone and was proved to be a very widely used and one of the most popular operating system. As of 2012 there are around 331 million users of Android and roughly 934,000 activations per day. A very healthy competitor of Apple’s operating system; Android provides a good and compatible system with good, easy to use and fast interface.

Google Translate

Google Translate as the name suggests is a translator made available by Google to millions of users who have their interests in different languages. The Google Translate helps you to translate not only simple words or sentences but also big documents. The Google translate helps you to translate anything into 64 different languages. Google translate thus helps millions of people to defy the language barrier and interact with each other.


Blogger is a product that helps millions of users to polish their skills of writing or manage their position in market; it is one of the best products by Google to access your own skills. The blogger is very helpful for all those who want to publish their work or polish their skills at the start of their career. Very large number of people now can express their ideas and thoughts as Blogger is currently available in 20 different languages.

Tech News

New limitations in Google Apps free edition

Google Apps is undoubtedly one of the best cloud computing application. Since the time Google has launched the Google Apps, it has been embraced by millions of businesses ranging from a partnership firm to big Enterprise. This Google Apps has undergone various changes in terms of features as well as versions and editions. Currently Google Apps is available in various flavors like Google Apps Standard Edition, Google Apps Business, Google Apps Education editions, Google Apps Government editions and Google Apps non-profit editions.

All the versions mentioned above have their features and limitations and not all the versions are available to any one who wants to deploy Google Apps. Out of the 5 flavors of Google Apps, the Google Apps Standard or Free edition is available to all for free and Business edition can only be obtained through subscription.

The following image below gives a comparative overview of the features available in both the primary flavors of Google Apps:

The free version of Google Apps is available to any one for free without much restriction, however it has certain limitations as indicated in the above image. Initially when Google Apps was launched the free edition was available with a user limit of 50 while sign up and later on if you needed more number of users you can easily increase the limit by sending a request with a valid reason to Google. But this was the time when only the free edition was in the market.

Looking at the popularity, Google decided to monetize the opportunity and the business edition was launched. So on 14th January 2009, Google made an announcement to fix the maximum number of users for free edition at 50. That means after the announcement, even if you had a valid reason, you will not be able to increase the number of users beyond 50. Instead Google directed businesses with more than 50 users to the Business edition. Google being a philanthropic company, did not let existing users of free editions down by allowing them to operate with more than 50 users if they had.

Now Google has made another announcement today saying the limitation of 50 users will further be reduced to 10 users starting 10th May 2011. But like earlier announcement the existing users with limitations of 50 users will continue to enjoy the service. So this will only be applicable to users who signs up for a new Google Apps account after 10th may 2011. This the complete mail from Google.


We recently announced upcoming changes to the maximum number of users for Google Apps. We want to let you know that, as a current customer, the changes will not affect you.

As of May 10, any organisation that signs up for a new account will be required to use the paid Google Apps for Business product in order to create more than 10 users. We honor our commitment to all existing customers and will allow you to add more than 10 users to your account for at no additional charge, based on the limit in place when you joined us.


The Google Apps Team

In my opinion this is a best move by Google as any business which needs more than 10 users must be making a good money and need to pay some amount to Google for such a  nice service. But Google should also re-consider about the pricing of Business edition with an altogether different pricing model to suit the small business owners who may need just 15 or 20 users. Please share your opinion on this.

Tech News

Google Calling all Junior Scientists Huge scholarship on Offer

The almighty Google is looking for the brightest and the best young scientist around the world to take part in one of it’s kind of a science fair called Google Science Fair. Every student in the age group of 13-18 yrs are eligible to participate either as an individual contestant or as a group.

How to Enter

The application process is rather simple.

– You need to have a google account. If you do not have one, Create a Google Account.

– Complete the Google Science Fair sign up form. After you submit the form, you will see an important link on the confirmation page. This link will create the Google project submission site where you will post your science fair project details.

– If you have signed up but can’t find the link,  Click here to create your Google project submission site.

– Plan your science project, conduct your experiment, and write up your results. – Complete all of the sections of your Google project submission site (see sample project submission site).

– Create either a two-minute video or 20-slide presentation giving an overview of your project and embed it on the Summary page of your project submission. A video or presentation is required to enter. – When your project site is done, make sure to submit it via this form by 4 April 2011.

Notes: * The last date for submission is 4th April 2011.

* The entries must be submitted only in English.

* There are huge amount of scholarship, national geographic expedition as well as gadgets and goodies for the winner.