Evolution of Techie Zone

Techie Zone is not a new name in the Internet but dates back to a couple of years and now the address has changed. Once upon a time this name was so popular among computer users because of the tips it was providing that it made us to switch the site to a dedicated server. However due to some unavoidable circumstances the fame did not last much and due to some mistake by me (as I was still learning) it lost it’s identity and was buried inside the vast repository of the World Wide Web.


Hello World…Welcome to the re-incarnated version of Techie Zone. Now this erstwhile popular blog has not only a completely revamped design but also it is sitting on a new location. The original version of Techie Zone is still living in the Internet at it’s old location. Many of you must be thinking why I kept the old name Techie Zone where I could have simply switched to a new name and started everything fresh. I could have done that, in fact at some point in time, I had decided to sell my erstwhile popular website the original Techie Zone. But I did not do that instead wished to keep the name and do a complete revamp.

To answer Why I did that, let me start from the beginning. I got the taste of blogging and started working on Internet in the year 2006. Initially in my learning phase I started with blogger platform like majority of newbie bloggers do. I posted my first post on 27th July 2006. After sticking with blogger for sometime, I learned about and started exploring that. By this time I was getting a good grip on both blogger and and started exploring money making option from Internet. I came across a website called MyLot and made my first earning from Internet in the year 2006. As I had money with me earned through MyLot, I decided to buy a domain and bought TechieZone on 9th Sep 2006. But I did not know how to create a website the easiest way on my own domain. That is when I learned about the self hosted version of WordPress. I could not have dreamt of any better option than that. The flexibility it offered and support of millions of users/theme and plugin developers made me fall in LOVE with WordPress. Finally in the year 2007, I switched over completely to self hosted version of WordPress and my first self developed website Techie Zone was borned. Switching to a self hosted version of WordPress was never an easy task and I had to learned a lot of things and I am still learning. During it’s journey from 2007 till date Techie Zone has seen lots of ups and downs. The visitor count of Techie Zone increased from 20-30 in a day to 1000s and it was being featured in first page of google for many Windows related search term followed by the movement of Page Rank from PR 0 to PR 4. But destiny had something else for Techie Zone. I did the mistake of moving it from the subdomain to and that is when the downfall started. I followed all the SEO specialists recommendations, tried many tactics but nothing worked. PR went down to N/A..the earning from adsense started declining, direct advertisers withdrew themselves. In the mean time I was so much engaged in my day-to-day job that I hardly found time to update any new posts. Frankly I started loosing interest because of all the negative growth Techie Zone saw. Later on I was able to manage my time and tried fixing things to regain the status of Techie Zone, nothing worked. I was hurt and decided to sell the site and start a new tech related website. But when I thought of my journey to this blogging world and how Techie Zone played a pivotal role in it, I could not sell it nor did I dare to abandon the name. And as Techie Zone is my brain child, it will be there with me for ever.

Future Plans:

Going forward, this address will be the permanent location of Techie Zone. The original Techie Zone will still be there but I am not going to update it any more. I still get 150+ visitors a day to this blog, which is decent looking at the fact that I am not doing anything to it for couple of months.

I will be a professional blogger. Having said that I am going to dedicate more time to blogging here and some of my other online ventures.

This blog will cover topics ranging from Desktop computing, Internet, Hosting, SEO, Blogging etc..

Friends, please do not forget to share your blogging journey in comments.


By Ajay Meher

Ajay is the editor and webmaster of Techie Zone . He is also a Wordpress expert and provides Wordpress consultancy and web services. Recently he has launched his maiden start-up Qlogix Solutions. You can follow him in twitter @ajaykumarmeher

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This is great man.. I liked it.. Ihad to make a small adjustment in how my name is spelt to make it pronounce correctly… But it worked like a charm.. Ajay, you the MAN!!!

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