Importance of Local SEO in Website ranking


Search Engine Optimization or as we call it SEO is quite important factor in ranking of a website in general. For any business that has a physical location or any brick and mortar business Local SEO plays an important role. Company like Columbus SEO does an amazing job in optimizing website for local service provider. Anyone in Columbus, Oh area must give a try to their services.

Local SEO service providers like Columbus SEO make sure that your website is visible to the searchers who are looking for respective services. For example you offer floor cleaning service in Columbus and someone nearby you is looking for a floor cleaner in Google, your website should rank higher so that the person will come to know about your site and ultimately take your service. This does not happen automatically but due to lot of best SEO practices which a local SEO provider like Columbus SEO can offer.

Salient Features of Local SEO

1. Increase your online visibility

2. Generating qualified and converting leads

3. Ranking higher on primary search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Factors responsible for Local SEO

The primary factors that Google looks for ranking a website in local search is number of citations, number of reviews and how positive are the reviews. Also proximity to City Center also plays an important role in ranking. The things that are in our direct control is the positive reviews for a business in Google places.

While aiming for ranking in local SEO the primary job is to claim your business in Google Places and make sure the listing is complete by 100% like adding images, videos etc. Do not add unnecessary key words in business listing which are not part of business.

Finally for best outcome both online local optimization and offline local optimization are important. So make sure you use the keyword on the site  in important areas like headers, footers, content and make listings on business directories and portals.