Mobile Apps Help Overcome Lottery Crash


Technical chaos reigned at the UK’s National Lottery headquarters at the start of February as the site’s website went down for the second time in as many days. The first crash took place on February 1 and lasted for 18 hours before Camelot Business Solutions managed to rectify the fault. Despite assurances the problem was a one-off, lottery fans were then left in the dark just two days later when the site went offline once again.

As canny punters scrambled to find the results from the latest national draw, a blank screen bearing the unfortunate news was all that greeted lottery lovers:

“Online services are temporarily unavailable. Sorry about that – we’ll get you back in the game as soon as possible.”

Fortunately, as with almost any other industry, the lottery community is connected to the mobile world and an impending unrest was averted after players managed to check the results via their phones. Over past 12 months, third-party providers have managed to collect, collate and distribute the latest numbers, euromillions jackpot results and winners’ bios through their mobile interfaces.

With the ability to automatically push results through to members’ mobiles as soon they hit the airwaves, these apps have become a convenient way for lottery players to check their numbers without having to go online.

In light of recent mishaps with Camelot’s website, the proliferation of lottery apps has helped streamline the industry and open it up to new demographics. That in turn is helping to make lotteries popular once again. In spite of any technical glitches, and because of mobile lottery apps, the UK’s lotteries have experienced an improvement in recent years. Indeed, 2014 saw Camelot improve its profits after re-launching the National Lottery and adjusting its ticket prices.

Over the coming months, gambling industry experts have predicted that these increases will likely continue as more engage with the lottery using their mobile phones.


By Ajay Meher

Ajay is the editor and webmaster of Techie Zone . He is also a Wordpress expert and provides Wordpress consultancy and web services. Recently he has launched his maiden start-up Qlogix Solutions. You can follow him in twitter @ajaykumarmeher

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