Facebook account not available

Facebook seems to have a hard time maintaining the infrastructure to support it’s more than 600 millions users. So in recent time people have started facing many irregularities with Facebook. Even I have experienced a few issues on my own. Issues like the online users section shown at the left side of Facebook showing multiple times or chat windows not opening when you click on  user name seems to be quite common. Moreover there are issues like messages disappearing from wall and Facebook group is a matter of concern.

I moderate 2 groups in Facebook and I have seen threads with a lot of response have suddenly disappeared from the

Facebook Groups. I inquired with other members about the issues and some of them told they are able to see and some reported as not available to them. So it seems to be issues related on per account basis.  Contacting Facebook for such things did not yield any result. So I was ignoring that thinking it will be a temporary issue and will be rectified soon. But today an extremely strange thing happened. I was chatting with the members of one of the group when I tried to post a comment to one of my friend’s status message. It did not get posted and I received an error saying not posted and try again. I tried again, but that also did not result in success. I tried refreshing my page and I was surprised to see the following message instead of my Facebook wall:

Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.

I tried refreshing my page numerous times but that did not work and I was greeted with same message. I was suddenly concerned and thought that Facebook has deleted my account or banned me. I tried to access it with another browser. I put my username and password and huh…instead of logging me in, I was greeted with a slightly different message with option to login with a  different user name and password.

Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This message looked bit relaxing as I became sure by now that my account has not been banned or deleted. And seems like a Facebook issue.

Such incidents are not new to users and Facebook is aware of it. They told to CNET long back about some internal glitch in their server which is preventing users to access their account intermittently.  But as Facebook is growing like anything and many users and enterprise are heavily dependent on Facebook for their brand promotion and connecting with their customers, such downtime will definitely hamper their business. Facebook should take care of such issues by expanding their infrastructure more aggressively. Also they need to publish any anticipated downtime or issues in a publicly available location.

By the time I am writing this, I tried again refreshing browser and Alas I am inside my Facebook profile. So it was definitely a  temporary glitch. If you had a similar experience with Facebook recently, we would love to know about it. So please share it through comment.

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259 Responses to “Facebook account not available”

  1. Tonnia Switzer says:

    The issue with certain users unable to log onto Facebook is still a MAJOR problem. I have come to the conclusion that I might as well forget about ever accessing my account. It has been so problematic, that it is beyond annoying. Many other users have this problem and there is no way to contact FB. FB has posted pretty much the same message about site maintenance and database problems, but nothing has been resolved.

  2. i m also getting the same message…wht cn i do??? plzz help…my account doent work after 10 pm….it shows the same message…”account unavailable” help me….

    • Lisa boyling says:

      Its been 4 days now that ive been trying to log into facebook. It says either one of two things. Firstly,’ sorry your account is unavailable ‘ or your account is down for site maintainence’. They say it shouldnt it shouldnt be no more than a few hours,and if its been more than 24hours to get in touch with them,i filled in a ‘bugs form,’ and thoufht I was on the road to sorting out the problem. WRONG. Ihave since filled in another bugs form,twice and they have not responded. I wouldnt mind so much but it was there idea,they asked me to change my password as it was thought my account was compromised,and now ive been having nothing but trouble since. I have been tearing my hair out over this,ive screamed and shouted at my phone to no avail. So I am now at a loss to what to do now. Has anyone got any ideas,because its driving me absolutly bonkers.

  3. Paige says:

    Having the same exact problem I have not been able to access my account since before 8:30 pm today. I have been reading about other people who say they haven’t been able to access their accounts in a month I am freaking out a little bit. haha

  4. Tushar says:

    Well, my account went offline this evening. I am scared as **** man. Will I recover my friend list, photos and other stuff ?

  5. I am also getting the message “Account Unavailable”
    “Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

    One minute I was on FB and the next minute I couldn’t access anything. Facebook really needs to take care of this issue. It’s extremely frustrating, especially when I’m in the middle of a conversation. Not to mention if someone is using FB as a marketing tool and has a business page. Very poor service, Facebook!!

  6. Resh Marie says:

    This just happened to me a while ago, i was just on my homepage, and there it was!
    you’re account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance :./ i found that was very queer! this is definitely poor infrastructure.

  7. Deanna says:

    Yeah I’m getting this message today. It started earlier around 4 or so and it wouldn’t let me log into my Facebook App on my phone, and then about an hour ago it allowed me to log in and it also allowed me to log in on the computer but now it’s down again.

    This is so ridiculous! If they’re going to schedule maintenance then they should make it a public statement or something so we’d have warning.

    Ugh, maybe it’ll be done in a few hours like it’s saying. This is STUPID. I’m not complaining too much it’s just a horrible inconvenience.

  8. Maryann says:

    I have tried to clear cookies and cache. I am down for 8 hours now. Help?

    • Ajay Meher says:

      Hi Maryann,

      Sorry to know that you have similar issues with facebook. This issue is absolutely related to facebook. And do not worry the account access will come back for sure.

      • dibyendu das says:

        I am facing the same problem, my account is not opening but I was online that time suddenly it was not working and I was asked to log in again. As I log in a message shown Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be
        resolved shortly. Please try again in a few hours.
        Please help me

        • bennie win says:

          i too recieve same comment how to change this status

          • vijay says:

            same problem yesterday i have opened facebook but today saying error Account Temporarily Unavailable

            Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.

      • kavya says:

        my id is unavialble wat can i doo ????????????? plz help

      • Ashley says:

        ok i can not get on facebook at all it says its not avaiable for some reason but will be fixed shortly well it has been over 7 hours and nothing what do i do

      • ashlee says:

        are you sure that my facebook will come back. its been down pretty much all day…please help ! thanksssss

      • cynthia says:

        I have had lots of issues lately yesterday at 8 a.m. my facebook went down they say it is site maintenance and it will be up in two hours however, it has been now over 24 hours. My husband can not see my profile when he tries it says it does not exist and no one else I know has an account that is down for site maintenance at this time. I can not directly email facebook which is really crappy that you can’t ask questions and here I sit want to cry it is my link to friends and family and now I can not get on….how long did it take those of you with this issue to get back on facebook and any words of wisdom or things I can do?

        • FaceBook Sucks says:

          Cynthia – I’ve had this same problem all day, but my family and friends can still see my profile. I just can’t log on due to site maintenance. I have filled out the report form several times – I am hoping if I blow up their inbox with complaints, they’ll get the server back up. It’s infuriating. I run a business page on Facebook and get a LOT of sales that way, and this is seriously affecting my customer service!

  9. monte says:

    Well it has happened to me and it’s hurt my love life

    you see i was going to post on there that i wanted to have a bbq w/ one of the beautiful women that i have enlisted as my friends ,, alot of flirting on POF and chatting and cute messages back and forth chipper japper and fake promises all led down to this important moment

    anyways my point is wont let me log-on says site maint
    im worried

    i need love

    help me

  10. james says:

    even i faced the same probkem today…am afraid that my account might get hacked or my poker chips might get stolen…..i want it back……..helppppppppppppppppppppp

    • Ajay Meher says:

      @James do not worry bro, account will not be hacked. It has become a major issue with FB now and it needs to find a solution fro it. You will get back access to your account after some time.

      • Barbara says:

        Getting msg that acount is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance issues for 2 days. Can’t get in. HALP!

        • Ajay Meher says:

          Hey Barbara, if you have enabled notification to email, please check if you are receiving any notification. if that works, it seems your account is safe and it will be restored soon.

          • katya says:

            cant get on my fcbk ethier :( need help!! it have benn 2 days now my friends cant see my porfile dont know why :( pleasee need help Y.Y

    • Dereng says:

      My facebook acount is unaviable i dont know why.I just want to make it aviable.Plz help mee…

  11. king says:

    plzz help iam in same prob help me

  12. General Mcnanimous says:

    My account has been unavailable for almost 121.43 hours and counting…

    Wow, if there is just an alternative to Facebook, but sadly, there is none.

  13. Bianca says:

    It’s been 8 hours now, what do you mean FB : try again a few minutes? It really sucks, starting to get panic feelings, will I ever be able to access……

  14. northcarolina says:

    Experiencing been kicked out due to site maitnanance since i got up this morning. really pissing me off.

  15. Mahi says:

    I am facing the same problem, my account is not opening but I was online that time suddenly it was not working and I was asked to log in again. As I log in a message shown Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be
    resolved shortly. Please try again in a few hours.
    Please help me

  16. Tommy says:

    I am having this problem right now :’( . boo hoo

  17. Simon says:

    I faced the “server maintenance” problem today. Just as I logged in to Google + for the first time. Is this a coincidence or a cause for concern?

    • deb says:

      Simon, I also was looking into my new GOOGLE account while my facebook page was up just before it became unavailable. It was also freezing a lot when I was trying to work with it a few hours before it went down. I was wondering if there was a connection too. They both have similar features. Maybe this a trogan sent by Google to discourage FB users.

  18. noa says:

    same problem…oh my its my first time to encounter this…and i am so worried..:(

  19. Kap says:

    This just happened to me for the first time this morning when I tried to log in. It was working fine last night. Doesn’t work on my iPod either. Mozilla gives me one error, IE gives me the other error as Ajay stated above. Total inconvenience, hope that its back up and running by lunch!

  20. nicole says:

    this just happened to me today. has this ever happened to anyone where they could never access their account again?

    • Ajay Meher says:

      Hi Nicole, This is just a temporary glitch and be rest assured that you will get back access to your account.

      • cynthia says:

        does not seem temporary. first I was given two warnings in the last month saying I was requesting friends I did not know or had few in common with so I was not able to request friends for 7 days now I am not able to get on facebook at all says site maintenance and I am feeling so angry right now and why do we not have a number to call or a way to resolve and issue like this,.

  21. blink onek says:

    olap xfa ayudenme me akba de aparecer un mensaje en facebook dice k mi kuenta no sta disponible alguien me podria decir si se va a restaurar o se va a perder mi kuenta xfa ayuda

  22. Amy says:

    I’m having the same exact problem right now!!! Its sooo frustrating!! I hope its not like thisall day/: I thought Facebook deleted my account , but I guess not since all you are having the same problem.

    • mike secto'won says:

      Me to I thought I was deleted does anyone know how long this can last??? My Facebook is how I talk to my fam no phone :/

  23. sinead says:

    they same problem is happening with me and it never once since i joined facebook did it too me i am entering the same password and email address correctly i also taut i might have been hacked or my account might have been deleted i was thinking of setting up a new account in case it wouldn’t work tomorrow i also logged in to my cousins page and tried to check my wall and it wouldn’t even leave me check it at all and this message keeps popping up Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please help me or do i ave to set up a new account again?

  24. mike secto'won says:

    Yep my Facebook shows all those Windows since early in the am and still no way in my Facebook I thought they defeated me but friends can see my info pics Ect but not my wall I thought it was Cus its my b day and all my 1650 friends flooded my wall with b day wishes when and how long should this lock out last ? My fb name is mike secto’won look n u can see I’m still there but I can’t get in .

    • Craig says:

      If you have over 500 friends on Facebook then I think you really need to stop using it. In no way will you actually have 1650 friends in real life. My advice: abandon FB.

  25. Christian says:

    Tonight I was on Facebook when I noticed my fb-banner was missing. I completely panicked when I saw that all my pictures, except my default and tagged pictures, were gone, along with wall messages. I thought I’d been hacked or something and instantly went to change my password,but it wouldn’t even let me change that! I thought signing out, then clicking “I forgot my password” would help but it hasn’t. Then I got the “Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.” message. After doing some research, I’m still not entirely clear on a few things; Is it guaranteed that I’ll get my account back unharmed? How long does it take to be reinstated, or does it differ from person-to-person? I’ve decided to go to bed and try it again in the morning, But please help.

  26. Lolza says:

    YEAH!! ugh im the same mine has been saying that since like 1 and its sooo annoying and im really worried!! how long do you think it might take to get it back??

  27. nidz says:

    its ma birthday tomorow n my fb account is not available.i dunno wat kinda maintenance they’re doing :@ i hope i’ll get access to my account tomorrow to get my b’day wishes :( poor service huhhh

  28. My account has been unavailable due to alleged site maintenance for about 24 hours. Also, My friends can’t see my page – they get an error message that my site is no longer available. Do I need to create a new email account and create a whole new facebook profile, and find all my friends again? Or is there a way to contact Facebook?

  29. As someone who uses FB as a marketing tool, i pretty sure it will be dropped from my resources list for marketing purposes. I received the same “account temporarily unavailable” notice at 1:34pm this afternoon- it is now 8:24pm and still getting the same notice. FB you really need to do something about this so called hiccup in your structure.

  30. @Christine, I also use FB for marketing and I give my ad dollars to FB everyday. It stopped letting me logging in around the same time yesterday as you and still is down. It won’t even let me reset my password. It’s quite frustrating as it is a primary means to communicate with a lot of my customers.

  31. Sharon Lennon says:

    I have been receiving the account temporarily unavailable and site maintenance message for 25 plus hours. How long is this going to take and why can’t Facebook advise us. Pretty poor PR department or maybe they just don’t give a ……. Maybe it’s time for the twins to setup another site for us with the money they won from their lawsuit.

  32. Erin says:

    Christine the same thing happened to me yesterday afternoon. And it’s now 11am and it still won’t let me log in or reset my password. I am getting my email notifications for messages and wall posts though…

    • Ajay Meher says:

      Today there seem to be a major issue with Facebook related to this account not available. But hopefully it will be restored soon.

      At this moment all I can suggest is, you need to see if you are getting email notification for any updates in your facebook account. That way you can confirm that your account is still there.

  33. Becky says:

    I have been having the same issue with Facebook for about 24 hours now. I can not log on due to site maintenance. I tried resetting my password and it never emails me the new password. What is really annoying is I can sign onto my husband’s account on my computer just fine. Then if I’m on under his name and I click on my profile it says it is temporarily unavailable. How long will it take until I can get back on Facebook again????? It is so frustrating that there is no one to contact someone who works for the company about issues that occur like this!!

  34. Efrem says:

    Well now this “site unavailable” fiasco is now affecting me now. It was out all day yesterday, then I was able to access it late last night, then it went to the “site available” screen again this morning. Very frustrating.

  35. andrea says:

    I was able to log into fb yesterday morning at two different times. When I tried to login at 4:30pm, I received the message “account temporarily unavailable due to site issues. Please try again in a few minutes.” I am pretty sure that “a few minutes” has passed. I am still unable to login, but I am receiving e-mail notifications. I am wondering if there is an average amount of time that fb is unable? I also was wondering how to fix this but I see that it isn’t fixable. Are there any concerns I should have once fb returns? Thsi is really irritating!!

  36. Rich Green says:

    It has been 24 hrs. I cannot log in with desktop. I can with Android but I cannot post. People cannot access my wall. I have not received any email notifications for anything since this started. However, if they are losing paying advertisers over this I’m sure it has become major for them.

  37. Andrew says:

    glad to have found this site! For almost 2 days i have been unable to access my account because of maintenance issues…people don’t see my page – but I do get notified of email……So frustrating!!!

  38. Carrie says:

    This happened to me last night and is still going on right now..i cant access my account and i always get on facebook like everyday, and im going through a facebook withdrawl lol I NEED MY FACEBOOK BACK!!!!

  39. Liz says:

    it’s been almost a day for me. I’m getting reeeeally frustrated! I’ve emailed Facebook about the problem and they haven’t gotten back to me yet… I know it hasn’t been deleted because I’m still getting emails about people writing back on email threads but I still can’t log in! I know you’re saying it’s only a temporary problem, but how temporary is it? When will I be able to log in again? I’m so mad this is the first time it’s happened to me and I hope it never does again. Am I more prone to it now that it’s happened to me? Help!!!

  40. Kirsten says:

    Mine has been down for more than 2 hours. I guess they are working on the database that houses my account? I’m hoping it will be up tomorrow. Sent them an email, but I doubt they will get back to me. I wish they would have a help site or chat OFF of Facebook since if your account is not accessible, you can’t even get on their Facebook.com help.

  41. beckey says:

    8/11/11 facebook down all morning!

  42. Mary says:

    Having the same problem as of 7 hours ago. I have tried logging on with laptop and phone – neither work. Friends can’t access my wall, etc. I am receiving no notifications. I also have tried resetting my password, to which another error message appears. E-mailed FB help as last-ditch effort, but I am not counting on a response.

    Having something like this happen really makes me think hard about the integrity and security of the data being stored…

  43. CH says:

    I haven’t been able to access my account for over a month now. I keep getting “Sorry, something went wrong, we’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.” What the hell is going on with my account!!! I have way too much stuff to just create another account.

  44. Bushra ali khan says:

    i hav
    e same problem when i log in my account i receive your account is temporary unavailable i m so worrid plz help me plz

  45. Bushra ali khan says:

    i have same problem my account is temporay unavailable plz help me

  46. Catherine says:

    Yep, just happened to me, now, too. I live in a rural area, and FB is my connection to the world – I actually have a profile and two pages listed with them. Hope this issue doesn’t last as long as I see others have. And I agree with Kristen … there should be an off site “help” page for FB. Not that they (FB) really is much help, anyway. LOL

  47. Amanda says:

    I got home from school and took a little nap, I woke up at 7 and my facebook says It’s temporarily unavailable.. It’s really making me mad because it says try again in a few minutes and I try like literally every 20 minutes.. Does anyone know if I’ll be able to get back one ?!?! I have over 9 albums with family pictures and everything like that in it and if I can’t get them I’m going to die. FORREAL.

  48. Sara says:

    yesterday i was hving the same issue but today morning i was able to log in but after 30 minutes the same issue exist nd displaying the same message………..

  49. Carol B says:

    I have been having the same problem for 3 days. The exact same message. I run 2 business pages on Facebook and this is really affecting me. I reported it through the Facebook help center with no replies. Anyone else seeing a problem like this for such a long period of time?

  50. HOKU says:

    Yesterday I started receiving this message “”Profile Unavailable Sorry, this profile is not available at the moment. Please try again shortly”" after trying to log in.

    It’s now day 2 and still can not get into my facebook acct.

  51. Cacky says:

    I’m having trouble signing in this a.m. I was on my FB acct this earlier and was in the middle of replying to someone and I received a caution symbol stating my reply could not be posted. I was immediately thrown off FB. I received a message that my account was temporarily unavailable. I tried signing back in and I got that pink bar message (displayed on this site). At first I thought my acct. had been hacked somehow. I started researching and found your site, so my mind was put to ease – a bit. It’s very frustrating though. I use FB for business as well as pleasure. I feel ‘helpless’ when I cannot get into my acct.

  52. Wasiq says:

    My Fcaebook isnt opening due to this reason will it reopen?

  53. Natasha says:

    I am also having the same problem. Been over 4 hours now. Soooo frustrating!!

  54. mohd mohtashim says:

    i had the same problem today morning
    when i tried to logged in my account iit was also showing the same error that my account is not aailable due to site maintenance
    please tell me is it ok
    can i access my account after few hours i really so shocked to saw that error

  55. Subin says:

    Facing problem with d fb chat.. even though i’m not online it shows me online…….. help plsssssss

  56. Szalsand says:

    It’s been 12 hours now that I cannot access my account. Having read all the comments here I really fear that this is going to be much more until I can log in again. Although I fully understand that the maintenance of servers for such a high number of users can de a daunting task, nevertheless I find the way FB is dealing will all the users very disappointing and frustrating. First they say that the account will be back again in a few hours. Yes, one can say 12 is a few, but normally one would think 3-4, max 5 hrs as few. Second, the first messages upon trying login were this:

    Sorry, something went wrong.

    We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

    So there was no word about account maintenance, only couple of hours later. Therefore I tried to send a report to FB with an enquiry, but was astonished to learn that it is very difficult. It feels that they don’t want to be contacted by upset users at all. Bug report was prepared by me, but when I tried to send it, I got the same message as above. Very frustrating. I tried to send the report several times with the same result.
    Third, as the communication was unclear, there were no further explanations of any kind, I thought that I might have been banned or my account was deactivated or I don’t know. So I started to find solution in the Help Center just to find out that everything there is over complicated for security reasons, yet still one cannot find the proper answer for a very simple question: why can’t I log in?
    Still as I’am writing this short report to my fellow users I check the accessibility: again the same message as above, no word about site maintenance any more. This is a very disappointing experience for me.

  57. sept 1st I was wishing a friend when the system went down on me it said that it would be only temp but it has been 1hour and I am really mad about it because I found out that this has happen to others for months you would think that FB as big as they are they would of fix it by now . Shame on you FB Shame on you…

  58. aman dhillon says:

    y profile keeps saying…account is temporarily univailable due to maintnance! im also unable to connect to farmville!!! some 1 please help!!

  59. Nina says:

    The same story here. It gives me the same f….hing message. It’s been 4 hours now. anyone of you got you account bach yet or you still waiting?

  60. Mahesh says:

    I am also facing the same problem “site under maintenance” since last night 10pm. Can any one help me to solve this problem…The maintenance of the site is very bad and it causing a lot of disturbance for the users. It really sucks……..

  61. Jaz Cullen says:

    It also happened to me, i would just like to know how long does it last? thank you and can you answer back as soon as possible . thank you.

  62. ekai says:

    Hi,,,well just today while im typing this comment i am experiencing this site manintenance issue and im a bit afraid because i got lots of uploads in my acct,,,,this is my first time encountering this kind of problem,,,,how many hours do i have to wait for me to access my facebook acct?i can’t even view my profile using other accounts,,,,huhuhuhuhu

  63. godfrey says:

    ughhh i have the same probelm too and its been 8 hours now! f**k! im starting to dislike facebook.

  64. brandon says:

    yea i have the same problem but no one can see my profile!!!!!!!! F*CK U FB!!!!!!! i have sms on mine and it txt me Facebook Mobile confirmation code: (code)… idk whats happening… this is what it says when people try to get on my profile…
    Profile Unavailable
    Sorry, this profile is not available at the moment. Please try again shortly…
    if any one things im being hacked tell me plz so i can kill them… and does anyone know will i keep everything or lose it

  65. Justin says:

    I am having this problem as i speak here, it’s been down for almost 12 hours now -_-, can someone help me out, i am really scared

  66. KWCNIT says:

    September 12, 2011 – the problem persists…

  67. jacob says:

    I’ve had this issue for almost a week now. If there is ANY possible help for this…PLEASE tell me. I have some very important pages to look administrate.

  68. Debdatta says:

    Hi,,,Im facin the same problem form the morning…this is so disgustin!!!!Im in a new plc and fb is psbly the only way fr me to get connected to people!!!:-(

  69. Cynthia says:

    I have been having this issue since 11 am pst does anyone know if Facebook has a email address to at least bring their attention to this issue?

  70. CoJo says:

    So bummed – can’t access my account for the same reasons you all listed – also have an “in Memory” page I upkeep – is that all lost?

  71. TerryB says:

    Haven’t been able to acess my account now for over 24 hours. is causing me major problems with my business.

  72. Jane says:

    Account Unavailable
    Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again
    within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    What is this all about. I haven’t been able to use FB since yesterday…This is ridiculous. Who do you contact on this problem.

  73. khyree says:

    September 19 – My account has joined the wagon..

    How long does it take for these issues to be solved?

  74. Cindy says:

    I have not been able to log on to facebook for over 24 hrs now. Really annoying. Even more annoying is I can’t call anyone to find out why. To bad there is not another service to use because I would. I own my own business and customer service is kay and there is none here. I realize this is a free service but businesses advertize on facebook and if thier facebook is down it hurts them. Hopefully this problem can be fixed soon.

  75. Nompumelelo Ngubo says:

    m having the same problem, i just cant take it anymore…..how long will it take…?

  76. Amy Emke says:

    I’m also having the same problems for the first time ever since joining FB 3 years ago. Since I administrate pages for my place of employment and for a non-profit where I volunteer, and these two places both have events this week that I’m promoting, this is definitely hurting business! I was cut off for almost 20 hours the day before yesterday, and when my account was again available, it was all hinky, with posts and comments disappearing and reappearing from my wall. Now I’m cut off again, and my friends say that they are not allowed to view my profile either. I’m still not sure whether the pages that I administrate are available during this time. I followed all online advice and cleared my cache and cookies, etc., but it really just seems to be something that only FB can fix or not.

  77. Steve K. says:

    Facebook has been showing that first message when I try logging on. It’s been like that for the last couple of hours now (at least) becuase I was able to access it this morning.

  78. me. says:

    Id appreciate a little more information than “site issues…try again indefinitely as your account may or may not be completely erased.” If its truly site maintenance why is it just certain people seemingly at random? I cant get a better explanation than that? I cant even submit my own inquiry on tbe matter? Facebook is more capable than that despite its millions of users. They have mooooore than enough financial and technical resources to at least come up with a better answer than the handful of (interestingly slightly altered but basically the same) “whoops, kesp trying” messages to the people this happens to. Seems that most people experiencing this have had fairly urgent need of site usage just before this occurs. Hmmph.. Bologna.

  79. Mirul says:

    Account Unavailable
    Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience. Ooo no..

  80. Ayisha says:

    I have the same issue.

    Account Unavailable

    Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    This is what I see…been going on for over 12 hours…WOW!!!!

  81. Jayden says:

    Been roughly 14 hours, nothing other friends can log onto their profile finely on the same devices.

    I’ve got horses that need training.

  82. Kathi says:

    Mine went down approx 9 hours ago..haven’t been able to access anything. The only problem is..I was auto signed in..it won’t let me sign out. When I click on facebook I auto go to the page that says..it is temporaily unavailable….so how is anyone else in my house able to sign on their facebook????????????

  83. RandomStudent says:

    Im so scare …. Facebook suddenly did this to me….just now I gonna to check my facebook class group to know that what time my class later in the morning, becasue my class’s everything is post to the facebook group…

    Till now i still cant log in and my friends, they all didnt reply my sms…
    so i gonna absent tomorrow…

    my facebook game daily rewards must all gone… and must start from 1st day again…
    Soooooooooooooo sad…………

    next time can facebook send all of us an email to tell us that when will it maintain?
    it so suddenly and will make all of us miss many things… =(

  84. Allen says:

    I can’t login to my facebook since 11pm last night. Now is over 24 hr and still is down. I needed facebook for marketing and now I can’t get in to my site because of site maintenance. My friend can’t see my page also. This is not acceptable. They have to do something about this as soon as possible. It giving me a headache and I am very worry they will delete my site with all my friends. I hate to start all over again.

  85. kate says:

    My Facebook has been down now for nearly 8 hours just like everyone above it says Temporarily unavailable ; please try again in a few minutes i have cleared my cookies and my cache. asks me to log in and then says temporarily unavailable try again in a few hours.
    Its been like 8 Already.
    I promote my business and deal with my customers and orders online, this is a real inconvience for me as i cannot contact any of my customers regarding any orders due for delivery tomorrow.
    So now facebook is costing me alot of money(Revenue!)
    So in the niceist way possible they best hurry up otherwise they can reimburse my revenue for the inconvience.
    They should be prepaired for such things, And should deffinatly have sent an email to inform of what they are planning to do they may not have had so many people emailing asking whats going on.
    ALSO slightly worried as im not recieving anything through my emails regarding facebook?
    I have contacted them twice i got a response the first time which just basically said the same “your account is unavailable”
    please help – Katie (UNITED KINGDOM)

  86. RELAX everybody. This happened to me a few months back and it took about 48 hours to correct it self. I was freaking out like most of you as I have thousands of fans for my business that I interact with and also pay for advertising on Facebook.

    Apparently facebook’s data servers routinely go down and you can be randomly on that database and be off line for a few days at the most. Everything will be restored to normal without you doing anything. It’s frustrating but just know it’ll be fixed on it’s own.

    • Kim Nguyen says:

      Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for your share. I cannot access to my account since 6pm yesterday. I’m really panic right now because the Facebook message said that the site maintenance and it won’t last after few hours. But right now, I still cannot access to my account.
      I have read that it maybe take more than 8 days to get back to normal, but some said they have to create new account.
      You got luck Daniel (cause you can get back to your account after 2 days)
      What can I do if I still cannot get back to my account? (Facebook has no customer service phone number)

    • Shawn Coleman says:

      I just hope that you are right about that. I was on fb via mobile while on the job yesterday. And after I finished, I couldn’t log in. It is almost 9:30 am and I still cant get online. FB really needs to implement some sort of phone service for situations like these.

  87. Hope V. says:

    i was just in my FB an hour or so ago and then WHAM i got bumped off and keep getting this message. i am just sick about this. i am actively involved in FB groups and really need to keep in touch with people about some things we’re working on. what do i do if i can’t get back in tomorrow? is there any recourse? has anyone had this happen and never be able to get their account back??

    please help??

  88. pearl joy says:

    guys help me :( (
    i cant open my facebook account it says that
    Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    guys help……………:(

  89. Riche says:

    My profile says its down due to site maintnance, but yet I can still log on to my profile with my phone and see everything. That makes no sense to me at all. I’m loosing valuable time with some of the games I like to play on my free time. HA HA HA!!

  90. Raghu Varan says:

    I got the same problem since today morning !! please help me to sort out the problem without FB i feel like heel i need my account please help me. . .

  91. C.Lin says:

    This happened to me twice this week and has happened to me a total of 5 times in the past two months. It usually lasts a few hours, but it’s really inconvenient, especially because i use FB chat to converse with fellow students about homework and what not.

  92. nikkie says:

    even m facing this prob :( what do i do for that?? please help me

  93. kerry says:

    hi got a message via mobile web last night about 10pm saying the same about site maintenance. I’ve tried using mobile app, resetting password and logging in on full site but nothings working. I’m worried how long this will last. I’ve emailed facebook a few times to no avail. Have i lost everything? Even lookin for my name and profile it comes up with account unavailable help! x

  94. William says:

    I have had this same issue all day, approx 8 hours of no facebook.

  95. riya bansal says:

    i m not able to acess my account!!! the message coming id your acoount has been disaled”
    what does that mean

  96. ralph says:

    i had the same two messages, and its been over 4 hours hoe long does this usually last

  97. Becky says:

    This has been my message all day long:

    Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.

  98. Eric Jutras says:

    I have also been seeing this message. I have been unable to access my account for about 24 hours… I love being told things will only take a few minutes when in actuality I have to wait over a day :S Unimpressed facebook, unimpressed.

  99. kandykoatedvagina! says:

    its been 19 hours……some guy up there said facin it for 3 day.and she havent said/post a thing about cummin outta black hole (T~T) were dead….digitally~OMFG!

  100. Jade says:

    I have a personal page and a business page on FB and it’s been down for 24 hrs now. Very upset. At first it said the same thing about being down temporarily due to site maintenance. I call BS on that. What are they doing on one personal account for hrs and hrs? And why are you getting notified in advanced? Today I was finally able to sign in for 10 minutes and I wasn’t able to do much or get updates for the whole down time, then my profile became unavailable, few minutes later my business page too. Can you say inconvenience?
    Right now it says “Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.” Which has been the case for the rest of the day and still remains. Can’t sign out, can’t click on help, or contact FB. My friends say they can see my business page, but my personal wall is blank.
    How long will this last???
    I need to access my business account!!!!!!!!! HELP

  101. Oscar says:

    Hi, I have the same problem and I got scared a bit that facebook deleted my account
    I have more than one or two days that I can’t get loggin.
    I am reassured that I’m not alone with this problem
    Sorry if my english is not good I don’t speak english.

  102. marco says:

    i been having this problem now for a whole day. no access on the phone either. Why cant facebook just put out a statement and make everyone feel a bit more comfortable that they are working on this problem. From the looks of it this has been going on for months now and still no statement. I guess when you have over 800 million members the disruption of a few hundreds or thousands users is not really a priority to facebook. What a shame i guess were just a number in a database for them..

  103. CJ says:

    A friend of mine is having the same problem, and has been for days. She sent me her login and password and I was able to get in on MY computer. She’s going to try again tonight from hers, and then try it on another browser. Odd.

  104. vahall says:

    well, i guess FB still has not fixed the problem because it has happened to me today – 10/28/11. Can’t log on to account via laptop or my droid. One time my droid asked me for my password and took me to the menu but still was unable to retrieve my news feed.

  105. Rudy says:

    I agree. I’m sick and tired of the same message always popping up. “Site issue, maintenance, unavailable…yatta yatta” I wish they would just explain or give you a simple answer instead of that b.s. I sent them a message and they replied with basically the same thing everyone else reads. I know now that the site will be up and running for me again but it still really frustrates me that all my friends are using their facebooks and I can’t use mine especially when they think I deactivated my account when I really didn’t. FB should announce these things for people who are part of those servers that do go down. Very unprofessional.

  106. Ashley says:


  107. DavidG says:

    My account also said it was temporarily unavailable, then later it gave me the ‘down for maintenance’ message. That started last night, and now it’s almost 2PM the next day. Still hasn’t come back. I hope it does soon.

  108. Angelica says:

    Just had this happen to me last night. I tried to report it to FB but of course I got a standard response that means absolutly nothing. Its an odd feeling to not be able to get back to my fb page. For me it has been 24 hours. I am wondering if I will ever see the page again. I have heard that friends who try to access my feed cannot do so. They get a message saying my page is not available. I wish fb was set up to get a human being to respond and do something.

  109. Sara says:

    Around 11:45 last evening I deiced to check my Facebook for one last time before bed. I had checked it the previous house and expected things to go smoothly as usual.
    Then this message popped up on my phone ( I was using FB Moblie at the time) and at first I thought it was my phone so I decided to get up and check it on my desktop.

    Sure enough that same message appeared. When I tried to log out I was STILL greeted bvy the same message.
    When I tried to log out, it wouldn’t let me the message appeared again.

    It is now 8:40 PM, Sunday and I still can’t access my account. I hope it returns back to normal within the next day or two…

  110. Sara says:

    Around 11:45 last evening I deiced to check my Facebook for one last time before bed. I had checked it the previous house and expected things to go smoothly as usual.
    Then this message popped up on my phone ( I was using FB Moblie at the time) and at first I thought it was my phone so I decided to get up and check it on my desktop.

    Sure enough that same message appeared. When I tried to log out I was STILL greeted bvy the same message.
    When I tried to log out, it wouldn’t let me the message appeared again.

    It is now 8:40 PM, Sunday and I still can’t access my account. I hope it returns back to normal within the next day or two…

    I’ve been a member of FB since March 2010, and this is the first time that this has ever happened to me.

  111. simran says:

    I haven’t been able to access my account for more than a day and I’m feeling quite anxious about it. When my account stopped working I was logged on, so now every time I am typing Facebook in the browser, its taking me to a page which says account is unavailable at the moment. But i can see my profile picture on top. I am not even able to go to the Facebook help page because its not allowing me to do ANYTHING. I think my account has been hacked. So i tried to access help using incognito window and Facebook said that the email address i provided was not registered. I really don’t know whats going on. Its been too long for this “maintenance” work to be going on!

  112. guru says:

    My account is down from the last 28 hrs and FB doesnt even attend to support request mails that I sent, pathetic…

    • simran says:

      My account has been down since yesterday morning and this is making me anxious. This has also made think about sharing information on places like facebook! The worst is facebook just shows this trite message saying please try again in few minutes. They should have the decency to email the users whose accounts are under maintenance.

      • guru says:

        exactly simran, i agree with you, the experience has been devastating, atleast Google was better in terms of services in comparisons to them.. the worst part if the automated msg which gets mailed to me when i report the problem.. hopeless.. I seriously want to move out all my personal stuff off FB as soon as they are up and running..

  113. my facebook account showing I’m getting a “Site Maintenance” error. when it will be resolved

  114. Kim says:

    having the account temporarily unavailable situation today – so far six hours and counting. i do animal rescue. this is putting lives at risk.

    • Angelica says:

      Thank you, “Kim for doing animal rescue work !!! I have a friend who does that where I live. After 36 hours my fb page was restored. I hope that by now yours was also. Wishing you best

  115. Sara says:

    YES! Finally! It’s working for me now!
    I think the reason why is because Facebook was updating thier security features.

  116. Jennifer says:

    Well this morning i was on facebook and now it sends me The site is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few hours. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. that was at 7:00 this morning and then i went back to look at my computer and i was on when i clicked on my account it logged me right back off and every time i put my ****ing password in it says that and when people go to look at my profile it’ll say this page is unavailable so does that mean my facebook was deleted or what

  117. guru says:

    Am on it finally after 30 hrs of downtime.. phew…

  118. Ashley says:

    I also am having this problem! I cannot log into or out of, for that matter! I tried another computer and got the same message as well.. But everyone else in my home is having no problems logging into their FB accounts! This is the first time I have experienced this glitch but I am VERY annoyed!! Someone definitely needs to fix this problem ASAP!! It has been about an hour now so hopefully it will come back on soon and only be temporary like you said, fingers crossed!!!

  119. Erin says:

    This is the first time i’ve recieved this error message.. but i’m going on about 6 hours. Freaking rediculous! I realize it’s a “free” site, but with 600 million users, advertisers, and the fact that Facebook has embedded itself as my “login” to about half a dozen OTHER websites, they need to do a much better job of communication regarding downtimes. 11am on a Wednesday isn’t exactly a “normal” time to be doing updates & maintenance. They have users all over the world.. update accounts in timezones where it’s 2am.. and then update mine when it’s 2am in the U.S. It’s not that difficult…

  120. mark albert says:

    The message on system down few minutes seem to happen after I tried to tag my wifes picture- FB was giving me problems and soon after I was booted- 5 hours and counting, my friend tried to post on my wall and it would not let him

  121. danni says:

    this is fucking shit how long is this going to last for! i need to get on my inbox mail egrhhhhh

  122. Val says:

    Well, I haven’t been able to access my Facebook account now for around 4 to 5 hours. I keep getting the same message as others. FB really needs a different approach on this as it just happens out of the blue, no warning whatsoever. This really sucks that I can’t get on FB at all. I guess I’ll go hang out on Google+. At least they don’t lock you out of your account with no warning. I know if Google+ ever gets the games added there that I play on Facebook I’m going to ask all my fellow gamers to go there to play which will cut down drastically on how much time I spend on FB. I’m so sick of FB being messed up in one way or another all the time and I do mean ALL the time. There isn’t a day goes by without something being messed up where my account is concerned.

  123. Kimi says:

    I have recently encountered this. I am glad I had a second account but I don’t have all my friends on it. It is upsetting for me because I am autistic and Facebook is the only way for me to stay in touch with my friends without worrying about seeing them face to face or giving direct responses and becoming completely overwhelmed.

  124. Luna says:

    Mine has been down since 11am and it is now 9pm.

  125. Tammy says:

    Happened to me today and its still not working. Sucks

    • pothy says:

      My account isnt available more than since 36 hours…im getting angry, because im gonna have really important exams on the next week…

  126. jo says:

    having same issue , mine been down for around 11 hours now saying profile not available due to sire maintence , i see my profile pic bit not getting any notifications on email > i used my friends to check my profile ,cant access it from hers either > so annoying . fearing my account been deleted < why havenot i been informed or warned tho ?

  127. alexvoca2 says:

    It would be good time to try google +

  128. Jonathan says:

    This problem happened to me yesterday Nov. 2, 2011. it hasn’t gone away. I’m unable to log in from anywhere (mobile app, mobile site, desktop site, FB Messenger). I use FB mainly to keep in touch w/ my family who lives outside of the country. For now, i’ll stick w/ my twitter, hoping it doesn’t happen w/ them (knocks on wood).

  129. Barbara says:

    Mine is down since 26 hours now…….

  130. Heather says:

    ugh i have been down with use of my facebook for 24 hrs now :( I feel like a baby without their pacifier…i rely on my fb for things on a daily basis….. so annoyed. Praying it comes back soon and I didnt lose anything!!!

  131. I also have not been able to access since 2:00 yesterday aft. I am new to facebook and this is so bizarre! they need to change their message to say, we don’t have a clue when you will be ableto access

  132. Tracy says:

    I have been down for over 24 hours. You can’t even call Facebook b.c they don’t have a “live person” to talk to. I have talked to so many of my friends and they don’t have any problems with the site.

  133. Elaine says:

    Hello, I have not been able to get into my facebook account since yesterday morning. I have had just one response from Facebook, that the site will be back up in a few minutes. I have never had a problem with this before! How long does it take for people to get back in? I thought when it first happened that my account must have been hacked into! HELP

  134. Danvil says:

    Hi Guys and Gals, here’s the solution to your problem:

    > On the facebook log-in window fill out the sign up info spaces
    > Put in the same credentials as your old account, then hit on sign up
    > then scroll on the buttom part of the screen and you’ll see a hyperlink that has stating that the email address your using is already used
    > next window will show an option to claim the email address, clicked on it
    > just finished the next windows
    > and thats it, you’ve got your account back

  135. Kevin says:

    Keeps annoying me, My Email is “kevindoeslol@gmail.com”. If anyone find out a solution, I would really appreciate it if you could mail me. Not sure if its an account problem or the websits problem because all my friends are not having this problem. D:

    Thanks In Advance

  136. ITPanorama says:

    Down for 24 hours now. Sent off an email to FB and got a generic response.

  137. Karen says:

    My fb has been down for about 25 hours. Frustrating. Hopefully it will come back soon. i had just messaged several of my students regarding an event tommorrow. This was my only way of contacting them and now am anxiously awaiting the responses. Should be interesting if I don’t get it back before the event.

  138. Barb Purvis says:

    I cannot access my facebook account…..it says site maintenence but it has been down for 8 hours now. i cannot for the life of me figurew out what went wrong…have I been deleted because of somebodys’ mischief? I’m a grandmother who talks to her grandkids on facebook…can you please help me?

  139. Daysha says:

    I’ve had this same message appear and I was told that the issue would be fixed within a couple hours. So, understanding it’s mass amount of users, I gave Facebook a break to fix my issue. I gave the problem about a day to be resolved although it only stated that it would take a few hours. Now, a day and I half later, I go to access my account and still, I’m getting a message that says my account is down because of “Site Issues”. I’ve attempted contacting Facebook by e-mail, complaining about the wait but continuing to be patient. By this time, I’m getting a little irritable considering it’s been almost two days. I hope someone has found a solution..

  140. oooJASONooo says:

    welp, im relieved to see all yall got this same prob. i was thinkin fb prolly deleted my junk cuz some hater related issues. now seein how many of yall got the same issue, i expect itll work eventually. been 2 days tho. i was gettin hella pissed cuz it wont let me log off. then i found their phone number, but they aint got no phone support. the phone message says to click help on the bottom of any fb page, but that wasnt workin. so then i was like fb a bunch of ******* cuz i couldnt get no help and they lead me down a dead end. never thought it be good to see hella ppl havin a fb prob.

  141. Jonas says:

    I`ve been down for three days now, anybody knows how long this will take??

  142. Oceann says:

    I don’t know what to dooo! I have been denied access from my Facebook account for two days and i’m honestly scared that i’ll never get it back, despite the assurances on the Facebook Help Centre (which is a pile of shit tbh). Facebook is how i contact all my freinds, and my boyfreind doesn’t have a phone so this is my only way of contacting him. It took a lot of time and effort to create my account as well, so Facebook better get thier act together or….and theres the other problem!! How the f*** do we contact these idiots?!?!?!

  143. Candice says:

    This is the third day that my Facebook account is unavailable due to site maintenance. Have submitted four trouble reports at different times during the past few days but have received no replies from Facebook. Don’t know what to do.

  144. Yani says:

    My fb has been down since Friday morning it’s Sunday morning now is there any way I can contact fb because I can’t open fb help on my page it won’t let me do anything not even log off so I can get on with a new username help any one

  145. Ghiadaa says:

    My account is not logging in for 2 days now…. it says this : The site is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few hours. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

    am so worried that my account is hacked or closed,,, i have a fan page and i need to log in as soon as possible ! did someone face this for 2 DAYS and got this account back ???

    can someone hellppp mmme pleasee…… :(

  146. Cassidy says:

    I am having the same problem and I havent got to go on facebook for 3 days now, is there anything I can do?!

  147. mari says:

    IT is now three days that i have not been able to get into facebook,same message all the time your account unavailable to site maintanance.Facebook is my communication centre with my children in australia and england.Why is there no telephone number that one can phone,who do you contact.I am a senior citizen and no expert on how to solve the problem.Have been on facebook now three years,first time encountered this problem,i phoned my data centre,they told me that they cant help me with facebook.SO WHAT NOW,DO YOU JUST WAITE????????

  148. Nádia says:

    Fazem mais de 48 horas que não consigo acessar meu face, tentei ver meu perfil pelo face do meu irmão(que está entrando normalmente)e consta que meu perfil está indisponível no momento…

  149. Justin says:

    Heyy Man I Just Got This Today But I Dont Know Wen The Few Hours Started And I’m Worried My Fb Will Be Deleted By What Others Are Sayingg I Dont Know What To Do ;(

  150. Carla says:

    I have not been affected but my mother has not been able to login since Friday night. I cannot believe its been 48 hours going on 72 and she still cannot login. Same message “The site is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few hours. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

  151. mike says:

    Lol this same thing happend to me i thought it was the whole website but then figured out my friends could log in and could not see my profile….it says a few hours but mine has been down for over 24 hours now.

  152. Amber says:

    Well, I am currently having this problem as well. I’ve been locked out for atleast 3 days now. I decided to create a whole new account, using an alternative e-mail address, but it’s frustrating because all of my photos, friends, and information are on the other account. It will take me FOREVER to get all that stuff re-added. It’s nice to start fresh, but at the same time…. I put a lot of work into getting all of that information organized. I see some people got theirs back in a matter of hours, and for others.. over a month. Not feeling very hopeful at this point. The strange(r) thing is it also happened to my boyfriend’s account…. Why?

  153. Leo says:

    same problem for 4 days already… facebook-support totally fails!

  154. lhiz says:

    I am facing the same problem, my account is not opening but I was online that time suddenly it was not working and I was asked to log in again. As I log in a message shown Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be
    resolved shortly. Please try again in a few hours.
    Please help me…=( what should i do help me plz back my account it’s been 4 days from now but still cant work even my email cant receive any info bout my fb…………

  155. tamika says:

    mine has been down for three days now. it started on Friday night around 11 pm and hasn’t been working since. I am very angry because there were no warnings whatsoever.
    Facebook is terrible like this. if it continues to do things like this, I am certain that people will give up on Facebook all together. it is the most peculiar thing. I have family over Facebook, and cannot make contact with them unless I want my phonebill to go high.
    this is disgusting Facebook. you better work soon, it’s unexeptable!

  156. mirela says:

    Happened to me now and its still not working i hate that lol

  157. ralfy says:

    ‘lol’ this and ‘lol’ that aside, it’s just ANOTHER FACEBOOK TACTIC, you STUPID fucks. Think!
    One question: do you have your account “SAFE AND VERIFIED” with a second email address? I bet you all DON’T. Facebook WANTS YOU TO, so that it has more information about you that IT CAN SELL TO COMPANIES.
    Sorry for the caps but people need to wake the FUCK up.

  158. Larinna says:

    The same thing with me. Standard message, still cant access my account. It has been since 5:30 am this morning and it is now 8:30 pm. WTH? Reverting back to my teenage days of long ago….THIS IS LAME!!! Damn! Fix this FB!

  159. mozam says:

    Today when i am trying to login to my account it shows the following error message:

    “Facebook Will Be Back Soon

    Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few hours. In the meantime, read more about why you’re seeing this message. Thanks for your patience as we improve the site”…….Can anyone plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me is my account HACKED ?????…..But when i am trying to check my profile from my friend’s account it shows”ACCOUNT IS TEMORARILY UNAVAILABLE”…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help….:(

  160. vijay kumar dh says:

    hello , i have sent a message to one of my friends in facebook, which was not yet read by him. So, could it be possible to make the message i sent, unavailable to him, please help meeee

  161. Prasoon says:

    I still unable to login to my account… I noticed the problem has been since 8am today.. now its 8pm… so 12hrs…… I dont know… what to do next??

  162. johanna says:

    I let them in for a while and had several failed attempts and still not let me

  163. fawaz says:

    It says {Sorry, your account is temporarily unavailable.
    Please log in to http://www.facebook.com from a computer and follow the instructions given.}
    wat the hell does diz mean plp…?? plz help mee..
    has sombody blocked me??

  164. meow says:

    i just go the same message sooo scared right now :( i want my facebook back :(

  165. Sofi says:

    Hello Everyone! I To Have Had Trouble With Facebook Not Letting Me Log Into One Of My Accounts, And Thinking That It Was Banned Because I Couldn’t Get In Was Really Frustrating Me, So After My Numerous Attempts Of Logging In And Getting The Few Minute Maintenance Message Then This Pops Up! Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few hours. In the meantime, read more about why you’re seeing this message. Thanks for your patience as we improve the site.

    I’m getting a “Site Maintenance” error.
    Site Maintenance usually means that we’re making an improvement to the database that your account is stored on. While we’re doing this, you won’t be able to access your account. We’re sorry for the inconvenience! This maintenance shouldn’t last more than a few hours.

    A few notes:
    After the maintenance is over, you’ll still be able to log in with the same password
    Your account will not be affected by the maintenance
    We don’t do site maintenance on all accounts at the same time, so it’s possible that your friends will be able to access the site while your account is unavailable. If This Had Been Posted The First Time It Would Have Saved Us All A Lot Of Time! But I’m Still Not Happy Because That Is My Business Account :-/ Hope This Helps!

  166. Joe Tibbetts says:

    I have the same problem also … started at 10 am tried signing in and got the same message …. well its 10 pm now and still nothing ….. I sure hope this gets fixed very soon … Facebook is the only way i can communicate with my 2 brothers in Iraq

  167. Fiona says:

    I rely quite heavily on FB but have not been able to access my account since about 8.30 am. It is now evening and still no go. What is going on?

  168. Uni says:

    I can’t access my account for 30 hrs now and counting.. same error i got

  169. C J says:

    I checked my facebook in the morning and my profile was normal. I shut down my computer then went to chinese class. When I came back, I noticed that my facebook page was extremely slow and so i refreshed it. After I refreshed it, I couldn’t go on again and I was shown the “Your account is temporarily unavailable” message. I refreshed the page and I was able to access my newsfeed, but when i clicked my messages i got booted off again. My friend tried to post on my wall but it didn’t work. I accessed the Facebook help center and emailed them about the glitch. I asked my friend to check to see if my wall was there but she said that it said my account was “temporarily unavailable.” I tried to access the Facebook help center again but it would not let me and still said “Your account is temporarily unavailable.” I can’t even log out now to check my other account because the unavailable message still shows no matter what. HOw long will this take to fix?

  170. J says:

    I’m getting the message from my phone and its telling me to log on and follow directions from a computer. If I had a computer I wouldn’t be doing it on my phone. Duh.

  171. Clarita says:

    I logged in my fb account this morning, but in the afternoon when I was trying to log in, I couldn’t the first time, then I insisted and finally made it, after that a friend started chatting w/me and I couldn’t get through to respond to him, then I tried to send a message -didn’t work-, then tried to update my status -didn’t work-, tried to comment on other friends’ post -didn’t work, everytime I tried the page rebbots to this message “Sorry, your account is temporarily unavailable” and asks me to type fb website and follow instructions…I’ve tried two different computers, a friend of mine has no problems..I’ve tried to message after a couple of hours and finally at least sending messages is working… what can I do???

  172. Sanna says:

    Hi! Have anyone here gotten any help regards this issue? I also have the same problem with this:

    {Sorry, your account is temporarily unavailable.
    Please log in to http://www.facebook.com from a computer and follow the instructions given.}

    and I use FB in my work, I can not be shut of anymore :(

    please, any help here?

  173. Di says:

    Can log in fine via Facebook, but unable to send private messages to friends, as its been a few days now there must be something wrong, I have tried sending private messages and it comes up that I must log into facebook (yet I already am) and also states this message too…..
    Sorry, your account is temporarily unavailable.
    Please log in to http://www.facebook.com from a computer and follow the instructions given.

    It happens when posting on wall as well but not as often as when trying to send PM’s.

    Strange that!
    Have checked this out on “help” but not coming up with any solutions up to now, help is required please if anyone knows what this could be, thank you in advance.

  174. Sunil Thakur Suneder says:

    hiii Plz help;
    Since 5days i m unable to use my facebook
    error is”no notifications are curruntly available please come back later”
    And i m not visible to other users,
    My Profile Name:Sunil Thakur Sunder

    with the same mail id….


  175. Aneez says:

    I have the same maintenance shit issue.. and it has been more than 6 hours already.. still no luck!!!

  176. laj says:

    I can login my facebook account but i cann’t see my facebook wall,my profile,my friendlist,chat list,my picture everything last 3 days. What can i do. Please help me…

  177. Manish ab says:

    Hey plz help me
    same problem
    wat can i do ?

  178. Manish ab says:

    My account is temporarily unavilable
    any1 here
    plz help me

  179. Anjali says:

    I am facing the same problem and not understanding what to do.Hope it’ll be corrected soon.

  180. MMM says:


    Well after logging onto my fb last night as normal, it came up that for security reasons could I type my mobile number into the box and they would send me a code. I did this and received no code, so did it 2 more times. To then get a message saying my profile is temporarily unavailable and to try later. This happened at 5am this morning its now 4pm and still no luck.
    Just wondering if this is happened to anyone else lately? And how long did you have to wait??
    Its very annoying :/

  181. ossin says:

    hi , my accout is temporarly unavailable i can access for a couple of weeks an i m using facebook in mobile, could u help me pliz!!!!!!

  182. MMM says:

    I got mine back on, I just waited about 5 hours and changed the number my code went too. And it worked. Although saying that today 5 days after the first problem- it has done exactly the same thing. And I now have to wait again as it came up (you have tried to resend your code to many times, try later) wtf is going on with facebook!!!!!

  183. Oyonah says:

    Its been 12 hrs since i encountered the same problem, fb maintenance and still i cannot open my account…. Iam afraid that my fb account could not be restored. Pls help.

  184. KaylaMarie says:

    I haven’t been able to get into my account for over 24 hours and reading other posts that say this has happened to people and they have been locked out for months when the message says they will only be offline for a few hours. There is no phone support for Facebook and when I try to go to any help page that has Facebook in the url it take me back to the same “Your Facebook account is currently unavailable” I had my roommate look up what to do under help and it said to send an email from my Facebook account email when I tried I go no reply and then I tried from another email account and they sent me links on Facebook help pages that I cannot access. I am freaking out and don’t know what to do because there is literally no way I can access anything from Facebook at all!

  185. Vicky says:

    I’m facing the same problem as well. I’m kind of impatient . I’ve been waiting since yesterday morning . The “few hours” , I thought it was just gonna be a short while but it’s taking so long . I can’t live without facbook . tsk….

  186. Latrisha says:

    This is what my account is saying. I’ve never had it happen before, will it only take a few hours because I think my FB account has been down most of today (Sunday February 12, 2012) Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few hours.

  187. Ruth says:

    Seriously thought they’d have fixed this by now. >:l

  188. srikanth says:

    EVEN ME HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM FRM FEV 16 2012. when will i get my fb account back???

  189. amor says:

    The same thing is happening to me. The weird thing is my friends can see my past posts. And they can enter my games on the same level. I play restaurant city, and my friends can go to my restaurant like nothing happened. Apparently me neighbors can go to my own resto but I can’t.:(

  190. welcowe says:

    Seriously I don’t understand why my account has been shut down,its been 3 days now I can’t log in its says my account is temporarily unavailable I should log in http://www.facebook.com from my computer..plzzzzzzzz anyone with a clue on this its giving me headaches every hour..Sooooooooooooooo stressed!!!!!

  191. matt says:

    When i woke up 2 days ago, my facebook had the same message as everyone else, “Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few hours.” Now its been more than 2 full days, and i just woke up today and its still down, is there any way that i can contact facebook workers to fix this? and is there anyone that’s had the problem permanently, where they never got their account back?

  192. Donna says:

    This is happening to me right now. Has been for a while this afternoon. Others can access their account on my computer, just not me. Nice.

  193. I am facing the some problem, my account is not opening but I was online that time suddenly it was not working and As I log in a message shown in security code my 2 facebook id is sulekhsandeep@gmail.com,sandeepsulekh@gmail.com.
    Please open my id problum and information mail id is sulekhsandeep@gmail.com. pls help me thanks.


  194. This is says:

    Studying this article – the gift of your time

  195. Haseeb WDK says:

    Recently i have faced with this problem any easy tips for dissolving

  196. kelsey says:

    mines been down for almost 24 hours. and when friends try to go to my prof it says that it is unavail as well. any help?

  197. Jenny says:

    I started having the same problem last night but then the next day it let me in but about 1 minute later it went back to my log in page amd said it failed to log me in. after I was already in fb. i

  198. KT says:

    I just got this today, I use FB on my mobile as well.

    What is wierd is that after a few minutes I was able to login from the computer but on my mobile I have had messages like:

    1. Wrong password.
    2. The annoying maintenance message.

    I discovered by trying accessing http://m.facebook.com on my computer, my account is still under maintenance, which is silly because I am logged in and using facebook normally via the normal site.

    Which gives? Facebook says to wait 24hr at least in order to send them a report about this to fix.

  199. Manos says:

    I got this 3 days ago… Although it says it would only be for a few hours I have been trying to log in for 3 days and I am still not able to do so. I have contacted facebook to let them know but have got no responses back.

    The weird thing in my case is that I use the facebook app to log in through my mobile and via the app I have access to my profile, I can see the news feed and exchange messages/chat but I do not get ANY notifications or I cannot upload any photos.

    Has this happened to anyone? Isnt this 3 day delay too much?

    What should I do in this case to resolve this?
    I would be grateful if anyone that has had similar experience could let me know,.

  200. Gloria says:

    I have two Facebook accounts, one works fine but the second one when I try to log in it tells me it does not exist and it is not letting me change my password or anything. Very frusutating since it is my personal account. Any ideas on what to do?

  201. vasu says:

    heyy…m nt able to opn my f b gttin sm msg dt its undr maintenance…plzz tll me hw mch dys i hv to waitt n vil i b able to accss d sm account???

  202. vasu says:

    ohhh pllzzz hlpp mee….m 2 gettin sm msg of maintenance….its too frustratinggg….plzz let meee knw hw mch max. tym wil ol dis tk n hw mch vil i hv to waitt??? n vil i b able to continue vid d sm accountt…???

  203. facebooker says:

    am experiencing this problem from the past few days, and right now… its so annoying..
    we really cant do something about it? i mean, will i have to wait till its ok..??? i cant even read my messages :(

  204. Exel says:

    I have the same issues and it has been 5 days!!!!! i can’t access my facebook very well and it shows a message saying your account is under maintenance again and again.. i tried refreshing it but it is still the same… :( plz help me what to do…

  205. This is what is popping up ob BOTH my FB Accounts!! –>> We’re sorry, but this feature is currently unavailable. We are looking into the situation and will have it working again as soon as possible.

  206. Getting the same issue. Started yesterday afternoon (26th May 2012). Now Midday on the 27th and still no change. Can’t find anywhere that is reporting an outage.

    None of my friends are experiencing this and can access their facebook profiles ok. Friends can access my profile ok, I just can’t log in.

  207. sahil says:

    Everytym i log in my fb account,frm ma phne,it says error,en site unavailable,at frst i thght that sum1 has hckd ,it but i even changed,the pwrds,en reset it,but stll same prblm,anybdy has sme solution,m jxt pissd off by these fuckin policies.Mark zukerberg soon is gonna get gangbanged

  208. ifthi says:

    i am too facing the same problem how long will it take to recover ? Plz

  209. suwas says:

    You tried to access
    the address
    2F&refid=8 , which
    is currently
    unavailable..my fb says so while i try to login wat to do? Big problem.

  210. Arthur Dennis says:

    im experiencing it right now… so annoying!!!

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