Best Mobile Phones for Gaming

Mobile phones are one of the best modern inventions as they are used by just about everyone in the world, they not only changed the way in which we are able to keep in contact with each other easily and anywhere in the world. But this is not all they can do these days as many people use their phone less for ringing people and more for all the other things they can do. This can be as simple as checking out what their friends are doing on Facebook; it doesn’t really matter as phones can do nearly anything.

This includes playing games as they are now powerful enough to have stunning graphics while maintaining a good frame rate for smooth gameplay. For many reasons online casinos have become a gaming staple on mobile phones. One type of game has become very popular on mobile phones and that is pokies online; entertaining to play and will keep you happy for hours. With games like these, gains are very easy. The most important reason is because the games can be played by nearly any phone.

But which phones should you be looking at if you want to play the latest phone games on the market? For these games you need to look at the higher end models in order to get the specs you need, but the type of phone is up to you. There are two main kinds of phones that take up most of the market, these are the phones made by Apple and Google.

If it is Apple that you are interested in then look no further than the iPhone 5, it is their latest model and so has all the best technology inside to boot. With a Dual Core 1.2 GHz CPU as well as a very powerful GPU you are sure to get lots of performance out of the phone and it will no doubt keep up for a long time.
If however you are looking to get a phone on the Google OS then you might be even more impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is because it houses a Quad Core 1.6 GHz CPU and an even more powerful GPU making it a marvel of modern technology.