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Expected Specs for the iPhone 5

Fans of Apple and technology enthusiasts alike are waiting with bated breath to see what the new iPhone 5 may have in store. There is much debate as to what the specs on the new iPhone will be, with some rumours seeming more plausible than others, but more and more it seems like the new iPhone is the popular showcase for all of the latest consumer technologies.

Release date for the new iPhone 5 is hotly debated with many believing it would have been June 2012. With this date having been and gone we may be left until October (the other popular theory) before we see the new version.

In all likelihood, the phone will have a quad core ‘A6’ processor, but as for all other rumours such as 4G capabilities and the like, we can only speculate. Despite this it’s in the rumours where people’s imaginations start running wild and the inevitable ‘new product’ publicity machine goes into overdrive. The anticipation feeds the advertising campaigns, and many technology devotees are whipped into a near frenzy by the potential on offer from one of the best new mobile phones to be.

This fever isn’t unwarranted, as we’ve seen Apple’s capabilities to deliver intuitive technologies time and time again. A glimpse of the new iPhone is a genuine glimpse into the future, and the technology being bandied about for the new iPhone seems to take on a more organic quality; with a possible feature being a tactile touchscreen. To make a touchscreen have definite and added responsiveness will be a leap for all technology; literally adding another dimension to the digital world.

Liquid metal glass and electronic payment possibilities all serve to add to the clamour for the phone to be released. The Samsung Galaxy S3 went some way to matching iPhone’s lofty standards so at this moment we just have to believe the rumors being surfaced and  we’ll have to wait and see how the Apple responds.