The World of Online Casino and Gaming

Since we publish our last articles, we have received many request from our users to enlighten them about Online Casino, Pokers and betting. So we have finally decided to dedicate this article to acknowledge their request.

With advent of Internet and Web technologies the Online Casinos are quite popular now a days and there is a very thin line of difference between Online and Offline casinos. The Online Casinos also known as Virtual Casinos are online versions of traditional casinos which enable the players to play via the Internet from the comfort of their home.

History of Online Casino

The online Casino has started barely 20 years ago and now has a market of 35 Billion USD. Considering the fact that the offline version started 200 years back and took so much time to popularize the online version is at par with it in just a span of 20 years. It all started when in 1994 Caribbean nations passed law to allow offering online gambling license.

The infographic below explain in detail about the history and evolution of online gambling.


Even though the technology for online casinos was present since the beginning of the internet, the actual gambling started in the year 1994. The first legally established online casinos Gaming Club and Inter Casino opened in the year ‘95 and ‘96.

Microgaming developed the first software for online gambling and Cryptologic developed the encrypted communication technology.

Gradually the software and user experience saw a tremendous growth and interest of many software firms which gave rise to booming of many online casinos. The Virtual reality has added ore fun and joy to online game playing now.

Type of Online Casino Games

Theer are various sites offering various types of online casinos and some of them like netbetcasino offer combination of all. The popular online casino games available as of now are

Slot Game

Here you place a bet and pull a virtual lever and then the drums start spinning, when they come to rest the images are lined up and based on the image configuration various prizes are paid. The progressive jackpots keep on increasing as the game progresses.

Video Poker

Video poker is a casino game based on five-card draw poker. It is played on a computerized console similar in size to a slot machine. The aim is to assemble the most powerful poker hand and get paid.


This is also known as twenty one and it is most widely played online casino game. It is played between player and dealer, a player can not compete against other player.


The internet acts as the life source of online casinos without which they cannot exist. The broadband technology has brought in users from different parts of the globe. Players can play real time poker with lively and exotic settings, they can chat with one another while they are playing, view game statistics of the various games available on the internet and they can do just about anything and everything they would do in a land-based casino.