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Fonts used in the logos of popular brands

A well designed logo can create a good recall value of a brand. If you look at the logos of some of the successful brands like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo all of them create a long lasting impression in our mind. Selection of proper fonts for the logo is as important as the logo design itself. Most of the time when we suffer from design block while creating a logo and we are unsure of the font to use. The following list of successful brand logos are carefully picked to give you an idea about the typefaces (fonts in layman’s understanding) the designer have selected for the logos. Some of these logos are created with free fonts where as some are based on commercial fonts.



Google logo is so simple yet so powerful. At one glass it gives a high recall value. The carefully chosen color gives more value to the logo. This uses the Catull fonts created by Gustav Jaeger. The font became popular after Google started using this in their logo in 1999. Price of this font starts from USD 99.


Yahoo primarily uses the red/violet color logo which is designed with a font by the same name. It is said that after the popularity Yahoo the font used to design the logo was named as Yahoo font. This font is created by Daniel Gauthier. Yahoo font is free for personal use.


Microsoft uses a black/white version of the logo. This is also one of the simple yet powerful logo design where the brand recall value is concerned. We have identified this font as Neue Helvetica® 96 Black Italic with some variations.  This is a commercial font priced at approximately USD 49. In all the corporate branding Microsoft uses Segoe font created by Steve Matteson.


The Facebook logo is an example of simple yet elegant logo. The white color logo behind a blue background is quite talked about among logo designer. This logo is designed using the Klavika Font created by Eric Olson. It is a commercial font available for approximately USD 75.


When the famous blue/pink logo fo Flickr was introduced to netizens, it marked the starting of web 2.0 era. The bi-color logo with a spell error suddenly became a hit and represented web 2.0 standard. This logo is designed using the Frutiger font created and named after the designer Adrian Frutiger.


Most popular micro blogging platform twitter seems to use a free font called Pico Alphabet as the font of choice for it’s logo.


Xerox did corporate re-branding after 40 years, and the logo that came up looks quite attractive with red color for the typography and the red/white combination for the mascot. This logo uses the custom designed font called Xerox Sans a uniquely designed curvaceous, modern typeface with lots of personality, Created by Fontsmith. This is an exclusive font and not available for download or purchase.


We could not find the original typeface used for the CocaCola logo, however we could find a free font called LokiCola that certainly resembles the CocaCola logo font.


The logo of Vodafone is created with a custom Vodafone font. This is an exclusive font and not available for download or purchase.

There are certainly a lot more popular logos there and can be part of this posts, howver we encourage our users to list out 1 each and share that through comment section.