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Web and Video conferencing and their benefits

Today technology has evolved so much that there is no need to be present physically at a location to take part in a meeting or to take classes. Everyone prefers to live in a virtual world and so do they want to work virtually. The technology that powers this kind of virtual communication is called Web conferencing.

Web conferencing is a service that allows real conference to happen virtually. People present at different locations can take part in a conference and present things as if they are physically present in the conference room. The web conference is made possible through Internet Technology with the help of TCP/IP protocols. The web conferencing technology helps in transmission of voice, text as well as video through the network across geographically distributed locations.

Video conference is another similar technology but with few limitations e.g in Video conferencing only picture and voice can be transmitted in real-time but it does not offer desktop sharing. So it is not the preferred choice in corporate conferencing. However video conferencing is used while transmitting a live event with an added advantage of 2 way communication.

In most if the situations, web conferencing combined with video conferencing gives the optimum result as it offers the best of both the technologies. For this reason many service providers like Powwownow are offering both web conferencing as well as video conferencing solutions.

Features of Powwownow video conferencing:

The video conferencing solution provided by Powwownow is customized for both desktop and mobile. It provides HD video quality with no delays and dropped calls. Main benefit of this is it does not require any additional hardware as you can use your existing PC with a microphone and web camera.

Usage of Powwownow video conferencing:

The video conferencing solutions from Powwownow can be used to deliver effective training without the need for the trainees to be physically present. It can be used to give presentation to customers and clients without you leaving your office. You can even conduct virtual interview using this.

Features of Powwownow Web conferencing:

The Powwownow web conferencing solutions is a featured packed solutions offering all the functionality offered by paid web conferencing solutions. This is absolutely free and too easy to use and set up. It offers desktop sharing so that you can have a guided tour on your computer sitting at your office and clients sitting at various different locations. Another great feature is, with Powwownow web conferencing, only the host has to download and install the software in his/her system, the viewers do not need to download anything. They just need a web browser with Internet connection.

Usage of Powwownow video conferencing:

You can use this web conferencing solutions to facilitate group training for employees situated at various office locations. You can have interactive presentations with your team members. You can use this to present company updates.

The kind of new technologies like web and video conferencing system are making our life so easy. Now executives and trainers do not need to travel places to discuss and give training to their clients and students. This can help in saving travelling time as well as money. Even people can opt for working from home and use this facility to interact with their team members. Such kind of technological improvements are boon to the society.



By Ajay Meher

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