Effective online testing tools for PHP

Generally, we see that many PHP programmers find it quite annoying to upload their PHP script on the web hosting space for having a performance test as they don’t have an apache server. Moreover, it has also been noticed that programmers only have to insert their PHP code in IDE for checking output like various errors or recommendations to fix those errors. To make these tasks easier, all they require is a PHP code online testing tool. It will not only make the job easier, but will improve their performance. Here we have made a list of various helpful testing tools of PHP that will help programmers to enhance their work functionality and will eradicate all such hassle working for sure.

CodeRun Studio: This tool is enriched of all the IDE programming features and gives support to .Net, PHP, C#, JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Thus, users can work on various files and projects at the same time. Moreover, by this tool, users can also upload and edit online their current projects. It provides a link to share project online to users.

Codepad: It is a simple and plain tool that supports around 13 languages that include Perl, C, C++, Ruby and many more. When a user pastes a code in it, he or she gets a URL that is purely unique and this URL is allowed to share with others. Thus, with this tool, users can have results immediately. Moreover, for this, registration is not required.

Amock: It is an object mock library and in PHP five. It is said that Amock is influenced by EasyMock. For better interface, mock objects have made of source code.

Enhance PHP tool: it is another unit of testing PHP framework and is made of stubs and mocks. It is a single file of PHP which can be added into a PHP project. In this tool, you can check your PHP classes or functions.

Assertion PHP unit Framework: It is a testing framework which is about assertions to help developer or programmers of PHP to test PHP code. The reports of failing assertions can be traced by IE5, Netscape 6+, Mozilla.

PHPUnit: Basically, it is a part of the PEAR packages. These PEAR packages support especially object oriented apps development of PHP by using Agile software and concept methods, Core programming, Contract development, Development driven of Testing and more. Thus, it provides strong, elegant framework development and execution of test units.

SimpleTest Tools: It is used as unit testing, testing for framework of PHP mock objects, web testing and so forth. It has other features that include server stub generation, PHPUnit integration, PEAR testing, online documentations and tutorials.

PHP CheckStyle Spike: It is open source PHP testing tool that allows programmers in conventions of certain coding. It examines PHP input source code and also provides coding convention reports.

PHP Coverage Spike: it is another PHP open source testing tool that measures codes and makes reports of code coverage that offers suit for PHP application. On runtime, this tool can work and make PHP script report of coverage line updates.

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Apple Mobile

10 most popular games for your iOS device

An iOS device without games is like a computer without software. With release of iPod touch the demand for music has been suppressed by the demand for Games. Thanks to high quality 3D games in App Store.  There are scores of new games being launched everyday with some big brands battling on the app store. If you consider yourself an avid gamer and you are lucky to posses an iDevice, you can’t ignore the following games from App Store. Get ready to experience the iOS gaming pleasure.

Epic Astro Story

App Store user rating: 4.5
Developer: Kairosoft

The Epic Astro Story is a simulation game from the Japanese mobile games publisher Kairosoft. The game is set in space and the idea is to construct a flourishing colony in an untamed planet by building houses and roads while sending members of the team away to conquer new planets. The battle with cosmic creatures heats up the challenge. A sure buy for the strategy fans!

Beat Sneak Bandit

App Store user rating: 4.5
Develop: Simogo

Coming from the magic hat that has already created two of the most uniquely warm and compelling iOS games, Beat Sneak Bandit is a rhythm-action stealth puzzler. Your goal is to stealthily enter the mansion of Duke Clockface, the wicked clock thief, and give back the world all the timepieces he has stolen. On your way, you must dodge enemy guards and objects. Planning, working out puzzles, and predicting hazards will help you win the game. The smart design and Looney tune visuals are a definite plus.

Beat Hazard Ultra

App Store user rating: 5
Developer: Cold Beam Games

Beat Hazard Ultra is a fast arcade-style, music generated shooter game. The intense visuals and beat detection in the game are outstanding. The soundtrack in the game is based on the user’s iTunes playlist. Each track represents one stage and the arrangement of enemies depends on the song. As the intensity of the music goes up, the foes get faster and furious. If you are aching to get your hands on a pair of virtual sticks and let the bullets fly, Beat hazard Ultra is the game for you.

Pizza vs. Skeletons

App Store user rating: 4.5

Developer: Riverman Media

What can a custom-made giant pizza do? A lot of things, as you will in find out in Pizza vs. Skeletons. The three common elements for making a pizza – rolling, jumping, and pounding the ground are done by tilting your device, tapping the screen and hitting the deck by tapping again. These are also the moves that crush the skeletons and dodge their spears. The game includes a mighty 100 levels. A weird yet ridiculously entertaining game!

Spin Up

App Store user rating: 4.5
Developer: Nenad Katic

Spin Up is creative high score game that brims with brilliant graphics, plot, and music. The game is based on a clever gameplay mechanic where the user has to spin the outside rings of a rapidly deteriorating space elevator to guide their astronaut avatar climb out to safety. Adding to the fluidity and challenge, the elevator is filled with vicious, man-eating office supplies, broken ladders, and hostile machines. Spin Up joins the line of endlessly addictive games.

Bee Leader

App Store user rating: 4.5
Developer: Fightless Limited

Bee Leader is a relatively peaceful game that is simplistic and highly polished. In this game, you take up the role of an over-sized bee responsible for collecting nectar and honey for the hive. You navigate through a circular landscape and search flowers, honey pots, and even honey barrels. Filling the hive with honey will earn you points and move you up to the next level. It is humor combined with simple facts that makes the game interesting and different.

The King of Fighters – i 2012

App Store user rating: 5
Developer: SNK Playmore

The King of Fighters – i 2012, yet another fighting game on the app store, comes with some interesting enhancements over its previous version. The content-rich single player mode offers hours of never-ending gaming experience. New characters join the 2012 team and your player ranking changes depending on the number of victories and losses. With 32 playable characters, gamers can battle against the strongest players across the Wi-Fi network.


App Store user rating: 5
Developer: Touch Foo

Swordigo is an appealing side-scrolling action-RPG that includes iCloud support as a novel feature. Recalling the basic elements of established console games, Swordigo is set around genuine yet familiar characters and conventions across challenging forest, cave, and dungeon environments. Bad creatures return to cause havoc. The player takes up the sword and sets on a journey to recover powerful weapons to defeat the creatures while slashing eerie bats, crawling spiders, horned monsters, and dangerous forces on the way.

Chaos Rings II

App Store user rating: 5
Developer: Square Enix

Chaos Rings II can easily be called one of the best JRPGs available on iOS. An apocalyptic force that is threatening the world into doom pushes Darwin into the role of a nominator. Darwin’s job is to complete the Rite of Resealing task to seal away the destroyer and save the world. With an expanded battle system and amazing environment, the game is robust enough to justify its slightly high price tag.

Kitten Sanctuary

App Store user rating: 5
Developer: Clockwork Pixels

With Kitten Sanctuary, Clockwork Pixels seem to have taken a slightly new route differing from the conventional bare bone approach that most iOS puzzlers are based on. The plot of the game revolves around rescuing 50 kittens kidnapped by aliens. Progressing through a series of levels, you must play the match three game to accomplish the rescue task. The items that you will match are resources that you will collect. The well-crafted layout and attention to detail makes Kitten Sanctuary an interesting play.

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