Why invest in a mobile booster are a specialist supplier of a high quality range of mobile phone signal boosters; we have many satisfied customers that have experienced a significant improvement in the reliability of their mobile phone or Internet connection once they have invested in a one of our products.
If you’re considering whether or not this product is suitable for you, or if you are still not sure if buying one is a worthwhile investment, then here are some of the main reasons that people choose to purchase a signal booster.


Poor or intermittent phone connection

Whether it is for work reasons, socialising or keeping in touch with family and friends modern times mean that we all have a need to be contactable at all times, however, for a lot of people it can be difficult to get a good reception in their area and this can often cause the signal to drop-off in the middle of a conversation. In addition, if there are problems with not being able to make a phone call in some areas of the house, you have to go outside to take or make a phone call, or you are not able to get in touch with somebody when you really need to, then you’ll benefit from a signal booster.

Mobile boosters are an affordable solution

Some people don’t like the idea of spending money on a mobile phone signal booster because they are concerned about the cost, however, signal boosters make an affordable investment and prices can start from as little as 100 euros; this is a small price to pay to improve your Internet or mobile phone connection, and to reduce the frustration of not being able to use your phone or get online when you really have to.

Less Stress

If an individual needs to make sure that they can always get a good signal on their mobile phone so they can be in touch with family or with work during the day, then they will benefit greatly from investing in a mobile booster.
When a person is dependent on their phone, it can be stressful not knowing whether or not they are going to be able to get a signal when it is needed the most, however, by choosing a signal booster, it will be possible to experience a much more reliable connection, and will help to ensure that a person is able to make or receive important phone calls when they need to.

Google Internet

Extensive List of Google Now Voice Commands and Tricks

In our last post on Google Now we explained What is Google Voice and How it is so amazing and a game changing feature added by Google. The most exciting feature of Google Now is the Voice search. This voice search can perform an endless list of tasks for you only if you are familiar with the related commands. Most people who are unfamiliar with these commands are not utilizing their Android Phones to the fullest capacity. To help you get started, here we are providing an extensive list of Voice commands that can be used with Google Now to find information.

General CommandsExamples
– “Search for ”“Search for Google Doodles ”
– “What is ”“Meaning of Android”
– “Who invented ”“Synonyms of visages”
– “What is the meaning of ”“Show stocks for Samsung electronic ”
– “Who is married to”“How old is Larry Page”
– “Capacity of ”“Population of Bangalore”
– “Show me the stocks for ”“Who is the CEO of Samsung”
– “Author of ”“How tall is Kobe Bryant”
– “How old is ”
Time & Date CommandsExamples
– “What time is it in ”“When is the father’s day in 2013”
– “When is the day in ”“Show me the time and date”
– “When is the sunset in ”“When does sun set in Chennai”
– “What is the time zone of ”“What time is it in Sydney”
– “Time at home”
Weather CommandsExamples
– “Weather”“Is it raining in New York”
– “Is it going to rain tomorrow”“Will it snow today”
– “Do I need an umbrella”“What’s the weather in Colombo”
– “Should i bring a Jacket today”“Is it raining outside”
– “Will it snow this week”“Is there any rain expected for Friday”
– “What’s the weather in ”“Weather forecast for Wednesday”
– “How’s the weather on going to be”
Maps & Navigation CommandsExamples
– “Map of ”“Where is the statue of liberty situated”
– “Show me the nearby on map”“Show all hotels near me”
– “Where is situated”“Bookstores in New York”
– “ in ”“Take me to the convention center on foot”
– “Navigate to on car”“Coffee bars in Madrid”
– “How far is from ”“How far is the motorway from my current location”
“When does the next train arrive”
Calculations & Conversions CommandsExamples
– “How much is times ”
– “What is percent of ”“How much is 57 point 78 minus 22”
– “Square root of ”“65 plus 135 into 20 minus 18 equals”
– “ ….. equals”“Convert 36 degrees Celsius into Fahrenheit”
– “What is the numerical value of Pi”“How many gallons in 1 kiloliter”
– “Convert into ”“Convert 100 hours into minutes”
– “Temperature of the sun”“What is the 75 percent of 1 point 5 million”
Sports CommandsExamples
– “ points table”
– “Who won the last match between and ”“Did the real madrid win last night”
– “ scorecard”“Scorecard of last Real Madrid match”
– “schedule of games”“La Liga table”
– “”“KaKa”
Web Navigation CommandsExamples
– “Go to ”
– “Open ”“Open”
– “Show me ”“Show me”
– “Browse to ”“Take me to”
Entertainment CommandsExamples
– “Listen to ”“Play YouTube Smosh FOOD BATTLE 2012”
– “Play ”“the cast of The Avengers”
– “YouTube ”“Movies of Leonardo Di Caprio”
– “When was the first episode of ”“Who produced The departed”
– “ movies”
– “Who acted in ”
– “Who is the producer of ”
– “When was released”
– “Runtime of ”
Notes & Reminders CommandsExamples
– “Remind me to at ”“Water the plants in one hour”
– “Wake me up in ”“Set an alarm for 2 hours from now”
– “ at ”“Remind me to call Bill in 45 minutes”
– “Self note to ”“Pick up kids from school at 3 P M”
– “Set alarm for ”“Note to self ”
Contact & Communication CommandsExamples
– “Call ”“Send email to Ian, Subject, post fix, Message, BLAH,BLAH”
– “Send to ”“Send SMS to dad mobile please call me A S A P”
– “” (shows the contact card)“Call help center”
– “Call in ”“Send I cannot come right now to Erin via text”
– “Email to , B C C , Subject , message ”
Image Search CommandsExamples
– “Images/photos/pictures of ”“Photos of mars”
– “Photos of at sunset”“Images of the Earth from moon”
– “Images of ”“Pictures of Eiffel Tower at sunrise”
– “Show me the photos of at ”
– “Logo of ”
Flight Schedules & Status CommandsExamples
– “Flight Status of ”“Status of B A 215”
– “Has landed/departed”“When Is Emirates 230 going to depart”
– “When will land”“Air Canada 760”

The following video will give you a better idea about the unlimited potential of Google Now.

Tips and Tricks of Google Now

Change Default Voice for Better Voice Recognition

The default language in Google Voice is English (US). If you are a Non-American, Google Voice will have a hard time understanding few phrases. So if you have difficulty, you can change the default language  to your choice.

– Open Google Search Aplication and Go to Settings

– Tap on Voice And then on language

– Select the language of your choice and now you can have a better recognition

Do a Barrel Roll

The popular barrel roll easter egg also works in Google Now. To test it, open the application and say “Do a barrel Roll” and see for yourself what happens on your phone screen.

Using Google Now without tapping the speaker icon

If you are using Android Jelly Bean, you can use a phrase ‘Ok Google” to wake up the Voice Search and let it perform tasks for you. So you do not need to tap on the speaker icon every time you want to run a search or find information.


One click file converter for your Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive are definitely some of the most used online applications of today. They enable you to have your most important files available to you, no matter whether you are working from your home, office or on the go using a mobile device.

Online file conversion tools are also in very high demand and enable you to convert files to and from various formats at all times. The new Cometdocs desktop app is a tool that allows you to combine these two great types of services.

A popular online document management service itself, Cometdocs  allows its users to store and transfer files to others within the cloud. However, its most popular feature is its file conversion technology. Cometdocs allows its users to perform conversions between various formats (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, HTML, and more).

The service has released a slew of updates recently, including a new mobile app for iOS users and an API service for developers interested in using Cometdocs’ conversion technology in their own applications.

The new desktop app and Cometdocs’ recent integration with Google Drive and Dropbox are a couple more incredibly useful new features that have recently been unveiled.

The desktop app makes the process of converting files online incredibly convenient and easy. Let’s take a look at what it does.

Converts files with just one click

cometdocs 3 converted files

Once you have become a registered Cometdocs user, simply download and install the desktop app. Once the app is installed, all you have to do is locate the file you want to convert and right-click on it. Find the Cometdocs icon in the menu and select your desired conversion. Cometdocs is great for converting PDFs into more editable file formats such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and many others. You can also use it to convert these types of file formats, and many more, into PDFs. The service also supports XPS conversions, which is rare in the world of free online file converters.

It’s incredibly convenient and fast

Once you have selected the file conversion option, the file is sent to Cometdocs’ online server and is quickly converted. The newly converted file is then automatically downloaded to the folder in which the original file is located. So if you are converting a file from your Dropbox or Google Drive folder – or any other cloud service folder, for that matter – the newly converted document is immediately downloaded to that same folder and synched into your cloud storage. Most online file conversion services require you to perform the conversions through your browser and then retrieve a link for downloading the file from your email client, but not the Cometdocs desktop app. Conversions are automatic and massively convenient.

Convert large files bypassing your browser entirely

If you have ever tried converting a large file via an online conversion service, you know that it can be a tedious process. You need to keep the browser window open while the large file is being uploaded, and this process can slow down your browser and make it hard for you to work on other tasks while the conversion process is unfolding. If you have the Cometdocs desktop app installed, you don’t ever have to open your browser to perform a conversion. Upload the file directly from your desktop and continue using your browser normally while the upload and conversion are being performed. It’s a lifesaver when it comes to multi-tasking.

cometdocs 3 converted files

The app is also very lightweight and it never slows down your computer. The conversions are not being performed by the app itself; it’s simply a vessel that sends the file to the Cometdocs server, which is yet another huge benefit when it comes to convenience and perfecting your multi-tasking process.

If you are someone who regularly uses online file conversion services and are looking for the simplest and most effective way to perform these conversions, sign up for a free Cometdocs account and check out this great desktop app. It’s an excellent time-saver and a very valuable productivity tool that you can use on its own or integrate with your favorite cloud storage services.


Battle of the SmartPhone OS

Now a days there are a plethora of options when you decide to buy a SmartPhone. Some are cheap and some are priced hefty. But when you deice to buy a SmartPhone, price is not the only thing that you need to consider. The most basic thing that every SmartPhone buyer needs to pay attention to is the Platform or the SmartPhone OS. This decides the usability of the Phone. Unlike PC the OS of a SmartPhone can not be changed whenever you wish, therefore OS selection need to be done very carefully.


The operating system not only decides the user  Interface but also which apps you can run or how you can connect with your friends and a lot of other things. It’s like a boutique, where you go to buy clothes u will wear. Some boutique can have the best clothes in town with a wide range and variety, while some offer very few varieties of clothes. Some OS will offer you a wide range of apps to select from, while some offer a very small apps store, some are easily customizable while some are rigid.

Currently there are various Operating Systems available for SmartPhones like iOS(Apple), Android(Open Source and baked by Google), Blackberry OS(RIM), Windows Mobile 8(Microsoft). The basic difference in all these OS comes down to apps and customization. Android is user friendly and easily customizable while Apple’s iOS is rigid but it provides with a very varied and large app store. While these two leads the pack, Blackberry OS and Windows phone falls behind, but still they have their own personalized fun options. With introduction of Lumia range of Phone by Microsoft-Nokia partnership the Windows 8 OS is gaining some traction.

Apple iOS

iOS gives the feeling of elegance with Simplicity. The home screens come with a simple grid of icons which are moveable. The OS provides a very user friendly interface with simple, logical and consistent design. The built-in apps are a delight to use as they are really well designed, facebook and twitter integration is included in the latest version of OS, with the passbook virtual wallet, robust notifications, built-in video chats with other iOS users.

The primary delight to an iOS user will be the usage of the best app store in business. The third-party applications typically come to iOS first, it offers the best selection in books, movies or even the music store is really good. The problem with this iOS is the hardware compatibility, very few hardware can access all iOS 6.1 features. The OS though is very rigid and thus is not open to customization. The Apple’s iOS is no doubt one of the best OS currently present in the market.

Android OS

Android is Open Source and is backed by Google. Being Open Source one can find various flavors of Android like Samsung has customized it’s own version, LG it’s own. Android is the most widely used OS throughout the world, also it is one of the most compatible OS currently present in the market. This OS can be found on every range of phone; from the low-priced to the high-end phones. The most important feature of an android phone is its customization ability. The android interface offers a wide range of customizing options, you can arrange home screens, add live widgets. The Google’s play store, Android’s app store offers a wide range of apps for every mood.With introduction of Google Now in Android 4.1 it has created a new frontier.

Windows 8 Mobile

The erstwhile Windows Mobile has been replaced with Windows 8 Mobile which brings a seamless integration of Desktop and Mobile. Microsoft has partnered with Nokia and produce Lumia line of Windows 8 powered Mobile. Windows 8 has got one of the most creative interface in the market. It has the perfect balance of simplicity and customizability. The home screens consist of live tiles, which can be rearranged according to the user’s preference or priority of people or information he wants in front. It has the windows features and works brilliantly with Microsoft office, Microsoft exchange and Xbox live gaming. The drawback of Windows phone is fewer apps and hardware options, though it has its own apps and games. On the whole it is good, creatively different and fun to use OS.

Blackberry OS

Blackberry is generally regarded as n enterprise platform. So this OS has very less consumer appeal. Because of the market segment it caters to, it is the most secured OS. The most important feature of Blackberry OS is the Communication. The excellent email and Instant Messenger available in this platform are the default choice of corporate users. It is a God’s gift for those who are only interested in messaging and communication. It has a very cool interface which is easy to use and really helpful at times as everything u want is just a swipe away. Even though it has lots of apps of its own it still falls short of the big names in apps that are provided by Android or iOS.

 FeaturesApple iOS AndroidWindows 8Blackberry OS
InterfaceIt has a very user-friendly interface with simple, logical and consistent design It provides very smooth and fast UI response and thus it is also very easy to useIt has one of the most creative interface. It is perfect balance of simplicity and customizabilityIt comes with a normal yet creative user interface.
Interface detailsThe home screens come with simple grid of icons which are moveable The home screens has been left to be customized by the user himself with a wide range of widgetsThe home screen is a array of live tiles, which can be arranged according to user’s preference or priorityIt comes with an universal inbox which saves all your messages and texts together and thus are made available a swipe away 
 App store optionsIt provides one of the best and very large app store. It offers the best collection of books , movies etc. It also offers wide range of apps on its store, and is just behind the apple’s iOS.It has very fewer app options as compared to the leading apple and android OS.It does not have a good range of apps and is mostly good for communication.
CustomizabilityWhen it comes to customizability the apple’s OS is very rigid and does not offer much options for it.It offers one of the best customizability options and a lot of things are left to the user to customize and use. The windows phone also offers good options for customizability.The options for customizability are very few.
CompatibilityIt is not compatible with most of the devices.It has the best compatibility with hardware in the market and is thus seen with in a lot of phones. It also offers good compatibility with hardware.It is very rigid and is not compatible with most of the devices.
Best featuresOffers a large app store and the built in apps are designed well.Very simple and smooth UI with great customizability options.Very creative interface and a good compatibilityVery good OS for messaging and communication.

Introduction of New OS like Firefox OS and Ubuntu Mobile in recent future is going to make the battle more intense and in future only the fittest with highest flexibility will survive in the long run.


Everything you need to know about Google Now

Google Now is your one stop solutions for an intelligent personal assistant. It is developed by Google and is made available within the Google search in the Android and iOS operating systems. It helps you to answer questions, recommend or perform actions by delegating requests to the web services as it uses natural language user interface. Google Now connects with your Gmail account and your search history and passively delivers information that it thinks you might want. Google Now is the close competitor of Siri on the iPhone and was thus developed as a response to it. In the future avatar of Google Now it might truly replace Siri.

Google Now in coming time will change the way we use smart phones. Google Now gets you the right information at the right time. It can wake you up, it can tell you about the traffic condition before you start your drive to office. It can fetch you results with the help of a voice command. Weather, sports, traffic or any information related to you will be provided by Google Now. In simplest terms at present Google Now  do the following for you:

– Can search and find relevant information from web and from your phone/tablet

– Can respond to your voice commands to perform actions

– Get location based personalized result

As Google Now integrates with the Google Search app, in order to launch it, just tap on the google search icon. As soon as you open it will show you relevant information in the form of cards. Below are few cards you can find on Google Now

Weather – This card will show the weather forecast of your current location or any location you choose. You can even customize the unit in which the weather data is displayed.

Sports – Either you can let Google Now know your favorite team or it can find about it with it’s intelligence based upon your search behavior to display the scores of the team. We have not had much success with this card till now.

Traffic – Depending on your recent searches, default map location and your common movement pattern, it automatically guesses your work place and guides you with the traffic you might face from your home to your work.


Google Now connects with your Gmail account to track your shopping, packages, reservations and upcoming events. Some of the new features and updates of Google Now are car rentals, event tickets and an updated public transit card and new sharing options.

Car rentals – This new addition helps you to display the reservation details and directions back to the dealer. Car information can be toggled ON or OFF by selecting the settings options in the upper right hand corner of the app.


Tickets – This card automatically display tickets, based on the data from your Gmail account and display it on your device when you arrive at your destination. It keeps track of your favorite sporting events or concerts.


Commute sharing – A little bit controversial yet very interesting feature of this card is to share location data with your friends and family.


Some Useful voice commands in Google Now

The voice recognition of Google Now is quite impressive. It can understand American, British and even Indian English pretty well when you set the default language to corresponding version of English.

SayFollowed byExamples
“Open”App name“Open Gmail”
“Create a calendar event”“Event description” & “day/date” & “time”“Create a calendar event: Dinner in San Francisco, Saturday at 7:00PM”
“Listen to TV”Displays TV cards relevant to the TV show that’s currently being broadcastWhile a TV show is being broadcast, say “Listen to TV”
“Map of”Address, name, business name, type of business, or other location“Map of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.”
“Directions to” orAddress, name, business name, type of business, or other destination“Directions to 1299 Colusa Avenue, Berkeley, California” or
“Navigate to”“Navigate to Union Square, San Francisco.”
“Post to Google+”What you want posted to Google+“Post to Google+ I’m going out of town.”
“What’s this song?”When you hear a song, ask “What’s this song?”
“Scan a barcode”Scan a barcode or QR code to learn more about a product.“Scan a barcode” and hold barcode in front of the device’s camera.
“Go to”Search string or URL“Go to”
“Send email”“To” & contact name,“Send email to Hugh Briss, subject, new shoes, message, I bought a par of shoes period.”
“Subject” & subject text,
“Message” & message text (speak punctuation)
“Note to self”Message text“Note to self: remember the milk”
“Set alarm”“Time” or “for” & time, such as “10:45 a.m.” or “20 minutes from now,” “Label” & name of alarm“Set alarm for 7:45 p.m., label, switch the laundry”
“Listen to”Play music in the Google Play Music app by speaking the name of a song, artist, or album.“Listen to: Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Google Now soon will no longer be an app but much more than that, it will not only change the way you work on your smart phone but will also change the way you work in your life, and it will surely make your life easier but at the cost of your privacy.


Should I upgrade to Windows 8.1?

The public release of Windows 8.1 code-named Windows Blue  is around the corner (The expected release date in 17th October). This is a much anticipated release, as it is said to bring many radical changes in Windows 8. So many of us are contemplating to upgrade to Windows 8.1 as soon as possible. Those lucky few with access to MSDN and Technet has already got the privilege to test it out. Starting 17th October, Windows 8.1 will be available via Windows update for all existing users and those who want to upgrade, they can do so by going for a fresh installation of Windows 8.1, which will be available as a standalone product.

Let’s see if this new Windows 8.1 hype is how justified and you can decide if you really need this update?

Key Features of Windows 8.1

Start Button

When Windows 8 was released, the users were much surprised when they did not find the Start button, which Windows users were used to since Windows 95 days. So there was much condemnation to Microsoft as they released a Windows OS sans Start menu. Infact it is very difficult to work without a Start menu. So with Windows 8.1 everyone was expecting at least the Start menu and Microsoft disappoints again. What they did is just put the Start button which helps in navigating between Metro Interface and normal Desktop which was earlier present on the charm bar. So the only USP for Windows 8.1 for a general user is not met which is a major disappointment.

Lock Screen

The Lock Screen in Windows 8 was used by users to display the photos of their loved one. So Microsoft though to take this a step further and convert the Static lock screen photo to a full featured slideshow. Now you can choose photos from your harddrive or from skydrive to display a slideshow on your lock screen. Now when you are on lock screen, you do not need to enter a password to open the camera or answer a Skype call.


Start Screen

Windows 8.1 has got bigger tiles size as well as now you can resize the live tiles. But the tile size is specific to each app. But most of the modern mobile app tiles are resizeable in any of the four ways viz. large, wide, medium and small. The video below explain how the live tiles can be re sized in Windows 8.1

Smart(Hero) Search

The new search in Windows 8.1 is a big improvement than its predecessor. The Smart Search powered by Bing is capable of finding lot more things for you. It will now index apps, documents,web content and probably emails. What you get in search result depends upon what you are searching for. The image below shows how the smart search bring result for a search term “Bill Gates”


An indepth explanation of the Smart Search can be found at Win Supersite.

Snap View

The snap-view or split-screen as we generally know was introduced with Windows 8 for better multitasking. But this had a major flaw in Windows 8 as the screens were being divided at 70/30 ratio, making the app occupying the smaller screen virtually unusable. Now with 8.1 the screens can be resized at 30/70, 40/60 or 50/50 and for bigger resolution even 3 apps can be opened and workd on simultaneously.

Boot To Desktop

One of the major enhancement in Windows 8.1 is the ability to boot to the desktop. So every time you start your PC you do not go through the Start Screen and click on Desktop tile to go to the classic desktop view. This is useful especially in corporate environment and for those who largely use desktop mode in their windows 8/Windows 8.1 device.

Reading List

With reading list feature in Windows 8.1, you can save an article to read it later. You can use this feature to collect a repository of information or you can quickly save article to use on your research project. This is quite useful feature for those who consumes lot of information and web content.


IE improvement

The updated version of IE in Windows 8.1 now supports unlimited tabs without hindering performance. So you can open 100s of tabs in one IE window and another 100s of it in a second IE window and you will not feel noticeable performance changes.

Better Skydrive Integration

Skydrive is installed by-default with Windows 8.1 and it looks like an integral part of Windows Explorer. With Windows 8.1 Microsoft has added Smart Files functionality. The Smart Files feature enables part of the files/folders to reside on the local storage and part on the skydrive there by leaving more space on local drive. With the new Skydrive app, now you can mark several files to make those available offline too.


The new features in windows 8.1 seems promising, though not a completely new operating system but the changes it incorporates are quite welcome. Things like Start button and 50% split of screen are like a boon to existing users of Windows 8. Moreover the changes in User Interface, Control Panel, Better Skydrive integration etc are desirable. However Microsoft could have brought back the most sought after feature Start Menu with Windows 8.1 and as it did not happen, it seems like Start menu is completely gone from Windows  and we will not see it ever in any of the future version of Windows. All in all Windows 8.1 is a definite yes for the upgrade.

Gadgets Laptop

All you want to know about HP ChromeBook 11

Google and HP collaboratively launched the HP Chromebook 11 for $279 very recently. This is the next in the series of Chromebook and is inspired by Chromebook pixel’s design. Google and HP collaborated on the design of the new Chromebook which can be called as a successor to last year’s Chromebook from Samsung with the same processor and other specifications. The improvement in this new Chromebook 11 is specifically about design and fine tuning, it has a very sturdier new magnesium frame. It is a beautiful device with its clean looks and portable leanings, which are really attractive points in the price of $279. The little 2.3 pound Chromebook is aiming to raise the bar as it has more refined look and feel than the previous entry level cloud based laptops and also it has worked on all the limitations of the previous iterations.



Its pearly white tent and reflective plastic body is so far the best Chromebook design in this price bracket. May it be the lid or the gaps between its Chiclets-style keys, at every angle light bounces off the Chromebook 11. A strip of Google’s trademark colors is seen on the backside of the lid; it lights up when in open position. It will certainly not blow you away but the keyboard offers adequate travel and decent spacing between its full-size keys. The matte trackpad is responsive and supports two finger scrolling and three finger tab switching. The best feature in this new Chromebook is the micro-USB slot used to charge the device.


The 11-inch sharp display with 1366×768 resolution provides wide viewing angles of 176 degrees, to be exact. The new IPS panel, provides you with deep blacks and makes colors ‘pop’. The OS’s animations or the switching from full-screen to windowed mode or the taskbar fading out are really appealing and better than previous versions. This display can be called one of the most finest display in this price range.


The new HP Chromebook is powered by a dual-core Samsung Exynos 5250 processor backed by 2GB DDR3 RAM. This specs doesn’t slowdown the system at all and works like opening apps and windows or waking up immediately from sleep mode are quiet speedy. With 2.3 pound the Chromebook is quiet portable and comes with 16GB of internal storage, though Google provides you with 100GB of cloud storage. The battery last up to 6hrs of active use as it runs on 30Wh battery. The connectivity specifications are Dual-band WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 and Verizon LTE connectivity is optional or coming soon.

chromebook specification


– You will be getting 100GB Google drive cloud storage, free for two years
– Free trial with Google Play Music All access for 60 days and after that $9.99/month.
– 12 free sessions of GoGo® Inflight Internet.
– 1 Actual storage will be less.

Overall from all the other Chromebook this one stands out, though a few compromises here and there but still a good catch for this price bracket. Keeping the compromises away you will get one of the finest display in an 11 inch laptop and many more.


10 Smart Phones in India under Rs15000

Smart Phone is a craze among today’s youth and first thing they look at while deciding to purchase a phone is the price tag, the features and specifications comes second. Today almost every company in the market has a phone that suits to every pocket and that makes our decision to buy the next phone little complex. It is difficult to choose the perfect phone within our budget. So to make your shortlisting process easier, we are presenting below a list of 10 Smart Phones for those budget conscious phone freaks.

Disclaimer: The prices shown against each phone is the latest price obtained from Internet and the price at your local store or any online store might vary.


1.Micromax Canvas HD (@Rs 13,386)

With the release of Canvas range of phones Micromax has become hugely popular and has helped pushing the adoption of Smart Phone. It has make Smart Phone affordable. The Canvas HD which is the 3rd in the Canvas series is the best phone till date from Micromax. It sports a 5-inch IPS LCD screen with resolution of 1280x720p and comes with Andriod 4.2.1. It is clocked at 1.2 GHz and powered by a Quadcore Mediatek processor, with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory, which can be expanded up to 32GB through an external microSD card. It sports an 8MP primary camera with LED flash at the back and a 2 MP front camera. Connectivity features of the phone include 2G,3G,Wi-FI, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP and microUSB 2.0. A 2000mAH battery ensures that you can run the phone extensively for a whole 24 hours and if you are an average user it can last upto 36-40 hours.

2.Nokia Kumia 620 (@Rs 12,650)

Nokia Lumia 620 has a 3.8 inch TFT screen with Nokia’s ClearBlack display    technology. It has a 246ppi and resolution of 800x480p. It is clocked at 1GHz dual core processor coupled with 512 MB of RAM and comes with 8GB in built memory and microSD support up to 64GB. It has a 5MP camera with LED flash on the back, while a VGA camera in the front. Connectivity features include 2G,3G,Wi-Fi,NFC,Bluetooth 3.0 and microUSB 2.0. It runs on a 1,300 maH battery. It operates on Windows 8 so has a very different interface than the android phones.

3.  Karbonn Titanium S5(@Rs 9,999)

Karbonn Titanium S5 has a 5 inch qHD display which comes with 220ppi pixel density and 540x960p. It is clocked at 1.2 GHz quad core QUALCOMM snapdragon processor coupled with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory which can be expanded up to 32Gb with a microSD card. It has a 8MP camera with LED flash on the back and a 2MP camera in the front. Connectivity features include 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi and microUSB 2.0. It runs on 2,000 maH battery. It operates with Andriod 4.1.

4.  Sony Xperia E (@Rs 8,899)

Sony Xperia E has a 3.5 inch TFT display with 480x320p resolution and 165ppi pixel density. It operates on android version 4.1 jelly bean. It is clocked at 1GHz processor coupled with 512MB of RAM. It has 4GB of internal memory which can expanded up to 32GB microSD card. Connectivity includes 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 and microUSB 2.0. It has a 3.5MP camera on the back and runs on 1,530 maH battery.

5.   Nokia Lumia 520 (@Rs 7,870)

Nokia Lumia 520 has a 4 inch LCD IPS display with resolution of 480x800p and              233ppi pixel density. It is powered by 1GHz dual core qualcomm processor coupled with 512MB RAM. It has 8GB of internal memory and expandable up to 64 GB through microSD card. It has a 5 MP camera on the back and runs on 1430maH battery. Connectivity includes 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, and microUSB 2.0. It operates on Windows 8 so has a very different interface than the android phones.

6.    LG Optimus L7 (@Rs 12,999)

The LG Optimus L7 has a 4.3 inch LCD IPS display with 217ppi pixel density. It is powered with 1GHz dual core cortex A-5 processor coupled with 512MB RAM. It comes with 4GB of internal storage expandable up to 32 GB using a microSD. It has a 5MP camera on back and runs with 1,700 maH battery. Connectivity includes 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, and microUSB 2.0.

7.  Micromax Ninja A91(@Rs 8,159)

Micromax Ninja A91 comes with a 4.5 inch TFT display with 218ppi pixel density. It is powered with 1GHz dual core processor coupled with 512 MB RAM . It comes with 2 GB of internal storage and expandable up to 32GB using a microSD. It has a rear camera of 5 MP and a VGA camera in the front.  Connectivity includes 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, and microUSB 2.0 and runs on a battery of 1600 maH.

8.  Samsung Galaxy Fame (@Rs 9,399)

Galaxy Fame has 3.5 TFT display with 165ppi pixel density. It is powered with 1GHz processor couples with 512 MB of RAM. It comes with 4GB internal storage and can be expanded up to 64 GB using microSD card. It has a 5MP camera with LED flash on the back and VGA shooter in front. Connectivity includes 2G, 3G,Wi-Fi, and microUSB 2.0 and it runs on 1300 maH battery.

9. Videocon A55HD (@Rs 13,499)

The Videocon A55 comes with a 5 inch HD display with 1280x720p resolution. It is powered by 1.2 GHz quad core processor coupled with 1GB of RAM. It has internal memory of 4GB and 32GB expandable memory with microSD card. It has an 8MP camera with LED flash on the back and a 3.2MP camera in the front. It operates on Android version 4.2 and runs with a battery of 2000 maH. Connectivity includes 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and microUSB 2.0

10.  HTC Desire U (@Rs 11,250)

HTC Desire U has a 4 inch display with 480x800p display. It is powered by 1GHz processor coupled with 512MB RAM. It has inbuilt memory of 4 GB and expandable memory up to 32GB using a microSD card. It has an 5 MP camera with flash on the back. Connectivity includes 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, and microUSB 2.0. It runs on a 1650 maH battery.

If we consider from every aspect, than Micromax Canvas HD is a true winner and the best phone to buy in the sub 15K range. So Canvas HD is our recommendation for you.

If you have bought a smartphone recently, please let us know which one did you buy and how much you paid?


Best Mobile Phones for Gaming

Mobile phones are one of the best modern inventions as they are used by just about everyone in the world, they not only changed the way in which we are able to keep in contact with each other easily and anywhere in the world. But this is not all they can do these days as many people use their phone less for ringing people and more for all the other things they can do. This can be as simple as checking out what their friends are doing on Facebook; it doesn’t really matter as phones can do nearly anything.

This includes playing games as they are now powerful enough to have stunning graphics while maintaining a good frame rate for smooth gameplay. For many reasons online casinos have become a gaming staple on mobile phones. One type of game has become very popular on mobile phones and that is pokies online; entertaining to play and will keep you happy for hours. With games like these, gains are very easy. The most important reason is because the games can be played by nearly any phone.

But which phones should you be looking at if you want to play the latest phone games on the market? For these games you need to look at the higher end models in order to get the specs you need, but the type of phone is up to you. There are two main kinds of phones that take up most of the market, these are the phones made by Apple and Google.

If it is Apple that you are interested in then look no further than the iPhone 5, it is their latest model and so has all the best technology inside to boot. With a Dual Core 1.2 GHz CPU as well as a very powerful GPU you are sure to get lots of performance out of the phone and it will no doubt keep up for a long time.
If however you are looking to get a phone on the Google OS then you might be even more impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is because it houses a Quad Core 1.6 GHz CPU and an even more powerful GPU making it a marvel of modern technology.


Why Adding GPS Is More Than a Luxury

Vehicle tracking services like GPS can assist with improving performance and cutting costs regardless of the type of industry you serve. Whether you are looking to manage employee time or control inventory, or you are a dispatcher searching for a simple, easy way to incorporate a vehicle-tracking system, adding GPS has become a necessity in today’s automotive industries. Whether your company is maintaining surveillance of shipped cargo or monitoring staff, GPS vehicle tracking can make a big difference.

Why adding GPS is more than Luxury

Time Is Money. Each moment that your vehicle is out on the road, there are expenses involved. Your company must pay a salary to the driver and your vehicles require fuel. If a loading crew is on standby, there is cost for that redundant time. GPS vehicle tracking is a perfect means of managing the time of your convoy, right down to every single vehicle. If you’re able to maintain awareness of the goings and comings on company time, you can reorganize and make vital changes to improve efficiencies.

• GPS tracking keeps staff trustworthy. If they are being tracked with GPS technology, they will not make inappropriate stops or waste company time.

• GPS is an efficient means of creating more effective routes, saving money and time.

• Fuel costs a lot, especially today. Whenever vehicles are sitting in traffic or at specific stops, the gas gauge is going down. Decrease fuel expenditures by keeping drivers on the road and not loafing or idling vehicles at unneeded stops.

Your Company’s Standing Is at Stake

If you own a company that utilizes vehicles as part of its service, your customers and suppliers are observing the character of your company. They can identify lapses in performance, and with the Internet, can quickly size you up against your competitors. It is in the best interest of your company to maintain a “tight ship.”

• Regardless if providing onsite services or deliver goods, the clientele and businesses you assist will expect acceptable arrival times. GPS tracking allows you to improve coordination of your services.

• Assume that your customers are using the Internet, smartphones, and other gadgets to keep tabs on what they pay for. If a customer calls to ask you about their delivery, you will be equipped with a precise answer.

Better Efficiency Means More Business

The more efficiently you use your time, the more business and more revenue you will generate.

• GPS has the possibility to decrease the time required for your vehicle to get from one locale to another. You will be able to add more engagements in one day, or make additional deliveries in less time. If you are in the transportation business and your customers are satisfied, you will attract more content patrons; word of mouth works wonders.

• Impressions are important. Quick, well thought out service will keep your present customers pleased, and they will vouch for you as well. Utilize GPS tracking to decrease wait times, and develop more business for your company.


GPS tracking is not only convenient, it is practical, and a financially wise move for businesses with vehicles. With the modern world’s desire to know more about what they are getting, where it comes from, and when, GPS has become more than a luxury tool it has become a necessity.

This is a guest post by Robert J. Hall who is president of Track Your Truck, a leading provider of vehicle tracking solutions and software for small and midsized companies.