How to Use Internet Technology to increase Business Profits

The internet is a massive resource for businesses looking to increase market share and maximize profit margins. The best advantage of the internet is that it offers an equal opportunity of growth to all businesses regardless of their market share, size or capital. This may at times even give relatively new businesses an edge over bigger market players. The manifold benefits of the internet have been realized by businesses on both global as well as local level. Here are some reasons why many businesses believe that internet technology can help them realize higher profits:


Where some businesses owners are only too keen to blame computers for encouraging laziness in the workplace, statistics clearly stands against such opinions. Computers open new frontiers of trade and new windows of opportunity for businesses. For businesses that have integrated internet technology into their system, it is much easier to forge relationships on a global level. With a host of new vendors at the businesses threshold, businesses can grow in leaps and bounds in a seemingly shorter amount of time than it world otherwise take them.


It is hard to fathom how businesses would communicate with a global audience effectively if it were not for the internet. With the advent of internet technology, marketing strategies and advertising campaigns have gone online allowing businesses easier access to international markets. This has enabled even smaller businesses with limited resources to cater to a global audience. Internet technology has also accelerated sales processes by blessing businesses with higher efficiency levels and quicker processing time.

Cost Effectiveness

It wouldn’t be controversial to say that the biggest benefit that internet technology has offered businesses is that of economy. Businesses with massive operations spread across many countries require huge investment of money and a lot of meticulous planning and yet most businesses are only able to generate small profits. This is because marketing campaigns and other costs related to business operations can have an adverse effect on the financial budget of a business. Internet technology can be of tremendous help to businesses at such a time as it allows easier and quicker communication, greater market penetration, and allows them to interact with a larger audience. This reduces costs while also stretching profit margins.

Marketing and Advertising

Simply by establishing their very own online presence, a business can greatly boost its prospects of targeting a larger market share. A website provides businesses with the opportunity to market their products to a larger audience without having to worry about operational and monetary hassles related with conventional marketing campaigns. Businesses can save costs associated with various marketing material such as print media (fliers, mailings or newspaper ads). Online means of marketing and advertising are also more focused on their approach as they can be easily customized to appeal to a specific market. Most businesses have different sections on their websites for different markets and this allows them greater flexibility in their dealings with different niches.

Larger Customer Base

Internet technology has greatly assisted businesses in their endeavors to expand their customer base. Smaller businesses have a tough time making ends meet when they are operating in a market predominantly ruled by big market players. In such a scenario, internet technology offers them a greater chance of success. A small business having its own website stands a better chance of stretching its profits beyond projected margins.

Other Advantages

Most small businesses that are newly established take the online route to evade the crippling taxes that reduce profit margins. Internet technology helps businesses reduce their tax liabilities considerably as they can benefit from tax deductions. Apart from these considerations, businesses can also save on regular traveling expenses related to product marketing and launches in new markets.


Considering the manifold benefits that internet technology offers businesses today, it is of little wonder why many businesses have integrated it into their business model. Internet technology offers a quick, cheap and highly effective way of promoting products and services. Now, smaller businesses with limited resources have an equal chance of appealing to a target market as bigger market players. In addition to this, already established businesses can put internet technology to effective use to maximize profits.

Author Bio:

Erika Jonathon is a freelance writer by profession. She has worked with internet service providers for years and is the best person to consult when it comes to any information regarding internet service providers.

Internet Social Media

5 reasons you need a social inbox

Getting involved in social media and networking can seem like a daunting task for any business or individual. Multiple networks, multiple accounts and worst of all, everything you want or need is spread out and in separate places. But not to panic, MarketMeSuite is an end to end social media management tool which helps you condense and orgainze your work into a “Social Inbox”.

This article looks at why you need to be using a Social Inbox and why you’ll wonder how you lived without one.

It’s A Familiar Concept

Everyone has and uses email. Whether it be Gmail, AOL, Mac Mail, what ever, the lay out and interfaces are all very similar. You have an “Inbox” of emails ready to be read, replied to, filtered or forwarded. You have options down the side to view your sent emails, your archived mail, important and starred mail. MarketMeSuite’s Inbox works the same way! You have your data all in one place, it’s then up to you to create your own Inboxes and filters to pull in the content you need and want. The concept is exactly the same. You have your unread tweets, Facebook updates, @mentions, DM’s, wall posts all ready to be organised and filtered however you please.

Archive And Search

Just like with email, your Social Inbox allows you to have access to Archived data. This means if someone sends you a message, you can rest easy knowing that it is stored safely away for X number of days. This means that you can rest easy knowing that important social media content is safe and easily accessible in case you need it to act upon at a later date.

Search goes hand in hand with archived data. These days, with so many tweets, Facebook updates, LinkedIn messages, it is impossibly slow to find and locate one particular piece of information. MarketMeSuite allows you to search through all content, whether it was sent by you or others in one easy step! Just use the “Search Inbox” option by writing in your chosen word or phrase with quotations, and you get all the results you need. You can also do searches outside the inbox with “Real-time” search, which has geo-targeted capabilities and is a must-have for anyone with a local business.

No Social Bias

Your Social Inbox does not favour any particular social network. Many clients (including some of MarketMeSuite’s previous versions) were built for Twitter with an after thought of Facebook and LinkedIn, but the Social Inbox simply has every feed and network in one stream which then allows you to filter for particular accounts. A good business needs to be on as many social networks as possible to ensure maximum exposure and engagement.

Goodbye Panes Hello Smart Inboxes!

A long time ago, at the beginning of  social dashboards, it was decided that vertical panes were the best way to disseminate social information. And for Twitter, it worked. But who out there has experienced the endless horizontal scroll where you need a 57 inch screen to view everything all at once.  Not anymore.

Your Social Inbox allows you to have one normal sixed screen with options to change what you are looking at by one click of a mouse button. By having inbox options down the left hand side, you simply have to click on “@mentions” or “Facebook News feed” to get that data. And, you can create smart ways to filter that data. Facebook notifications and @mentions for 2 Twitter accounts your priority? Make a “Smart Inbox” for just that. No more scrolling left and right trying to frantically locate it in a pane.

Curation and Leads

When you have so many accounts and pages to manage, it’s essential that you have a way of organizing it all and knowing what’s been replied to, which content is a worth flagging, assigning, or marking as lead. That’s powerful. Imagine you see an update you believe could get you a new customer or is of importance, you can tag it as a “Lead” so you can track that update,make sure it’s been replied to, and convert that follower or fan into a customer.

Key Take Away

A Social Inbox is an intuitive and natural progression for social media organization. It’s a interface you are used to, easy to understand and incredibly simple! It’s time to move beyond the “classic” dashboard. Set up a Social Inbox for your business today.